Academic Resources

  • Castro Speech Database

    Castro Speech Database

    A database of speeches, interviews and other statements by Fidel Castro sinch 1959 compiled by the Foreign Broadcast Information Service and digitized for the web by Radio and TV Marti. Read More
  • Cuba Transition Project

    Cuba Transition Project

    The Cuba Transition Project, at the Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies (ICCAS), University of Miami, is an important and timely project to study and make recommendations for the ... Read More
  • Cuba Online

    Cuba Online

    An On-Line, a full-text, searchable database that contains current economic, demographic, political, historical and business information on Cuba. Cuba On-Line is intended to be your first re... Read More
  • Cubasource


    The Canadian Foundation for the Americas (FOCAL) information system on Cuba. Read More
  • Diaspora y Desarollo

    Diaspora y Desarollo

    The website DIASPORA AND DEVELOPMENT is part of the Project "The Cuban Diaspora and the Development of the Entrepreneurial Sector [in Cuba]," of the Cuban Research Institute (CRI), at Florid... Read More
  • Florida International University

    Florida International University

    Florida International University's Cuban Research Institute. Read More
  • Havana Journal

    Havana Journal

    "The Havana Journal is an online media source featuring Cuba business, culture, politics and travel news and information along with Directories, Forums, a Marketplace and Photo Gallery. Ther... Read More
  • New Hennessy Collection Bibliographic Index

    New Hennessy Collection Bibliographic Index

    The Hennessy Collection is a unique archive of Cuban periodicals from the 1960s through to the 1990s. The searchable database is maintained by the University of Nottingham Department of Hisp... Read More
  • Organizational Chart of the Cuban Government and other Institutions

    Organizational Chart of the Cuban Government and other Institutions

    A database prouced by the University of Miami's Cuban Transition Project with organizational charts for the Cuban government and other important institutions. Read More
  • Pritzker Legal Research Center

    Pritzker Legal Research Center

    A searchable database of legal information on Cuba mantianed by Northwestern University's Law Library Read More