Blogs About Cuba

  • Along the Malecon

    Along the Malecon

    The Malecón is the famed avenue stretching for more than four miles along Havana's seawall. People go there every day: Blacks, whites and mulattoes - people of every hue. Young an... Read More
  • Cuaderno Cuba

    Cuaderno Cuba

    Alejandro Armengol nació en Cuba y vive en Estados Unidos desde 1983. Cursó estudios de ingeniería eléctrica y física nuclear en la Universidad de La Haban... Read More
  • Cuban Colada

    Cuban Colada

    From the streets of Havana to the White House. From local nightclubs to hospital rooms across the island. From radio chatter to covert documents. From the sugar cane fields to exclusive ... Read More
  • The Cuban Triangle

    The Cuban Triangle

    Philip Peters (contact: joined the Lexington Institute in April 1999. Since 1996 he has traveled regularly to Cuba to monitor and write about economic and ... Read More
  • The Havana Note

    The Havana Note

    The Havana Note is a group blog covering various corners of the cultural, political, military and economic dimensions of US-Cuba relations. The US-Cuba field has one big dividing line dow... Read More
  • On Two Shores

    On Two Shores

    Cuba and Cuban American related issues in the areas of politics, society and culture. On Two Shores seeks "to introduce a moderate, forward-thinking voice, from the heart of Miami, for Cuban... Read More