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Dissident & Human Rights Experts

Mr. Orlando Gutierrez
Directorio Cubano

P.O. Box 110235
Hialeah, FL 33011

Orlando Gutierrez is the National Secretary of the Directorio Cubano a non-profit organization that works for democracy in Cuba by way of a civic, nonviolent struggle that includes: humanitarian and material support for pro-democracy organizations in cuba; exchange of information with the Cuban people and international solidarity with the pro-democracy movement in Cuba. Mr. Gutierrez has authored numerous works on Cuban and international politics. His most recent publications include the book, La República Invisible, which takes an inside look at the Cuban exile community from the perspective of a younger generation and proposes new strategies to produce change on the island, and "Cuba and the Terror Coalition," a report exploring the ties between the Castro regime and terrorist organizations. Former Directorio president and adjunct national secretary, Orlando has spoken on Cuba at academic, government, and non-profit institutions throughout the U.S. He has also traveled worldwide lecturing on the Cuban resistance and organizing international committees in solidarity with the movement. Born in Havana and raised in Miami, Orlando has worked both as a journalist and a teacher. Currently the Directorio's program coordinator, Orlando manages the daily operations of the organization.

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Ricardo Carreras
Solidaridad Española con Cuba
Avenida Goya 2, 4B
Zaragoza, 50006
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Elizardo Sanchez
Comité Cubano Pro Derechos Humanos back to top