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August 2018
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8/13/18 Cuba charges leading dissident with attempted murder
Marc Frank, Reuters
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6/21/17 Director of U.S. office that oversees Radio, TV Martí resigns
Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
6/21/17 Former CANF President Alberto Hernandez dies at 84
Mario J. Pentón, Miami Herald
6/13/17 Don’t Reverse Cuba Policy
Human Rights Watch
6/12/17 Your Trip to Havana Might Have to Wait. What Trump’s policies for Cuba will mean for human rights.
Marselha Gonçalves Margerin, Amnesty International
6/4/17 An old affliction haunts The Cuban: Exile politics and divisions
Fabiola Santiago, Miami Herald
May 2017
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5/24/17 No USAID funds for Cuba in Trump budget proposal
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
5/14/17 LGBTQ Americans meet in Havana with fellow Cuban activists
Steve Rothaus, Miami Herald
5/1/17 Protester disrupts start of Cuba's annual May Day parade
ABC News, Michael Weissenstein
April 2017
March 2017
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3/6/17 Cuba Kills Another Dissident
Mary Anastasia O'Grady, Wall Street Journal
February 2017
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September 2016
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9/28/16 Cuba rejects Trump’s call for negotiations on human rights
Michael Weissenstein, Washington Post
9/28/16 Group: Cuban press makes strides despite controls
Michael Astor, U.S. News
9/26/16 A New Cuba
Jon Lee Anderson, The New Yorker
9/14/16 Cuba dissident: Fake site duped me into ending hunger strike
Michael Weissenstein and Andrea Rodriguez, Washington Post
9/5/16 Cuba government filtering mobile text messages, dissidents say
Marc Frank, Reuters
August 2016
July 2016
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7/27/16 Castro mediates Colombian peace deal - but won’t talk to Cuban dissidents
Andrés Oppenheimer, Miami Herald
7/20/16 Cuba’s human rights abuses worse despite U.S. ties
Andrés Oppenheimer, In Cuba Today
7/2/16 Granma deputy editor warns of protests in Cuba if blackouts return
Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
June 2016
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6/10/16 Are there political prisoners in Cuba?
AFP, Yahoo News
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August 2015
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8/24/15 Cuban Dissidents Buoyed in a New Era
Ernesto Londoño, The New York Times
8/4/15 Special Report: State Department watered down human trafficking report
July 2015
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March 2015
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3/31/15 U.S. and Cuba to face off on human rights in Tuesday Washington meeting
Mimi Whitefield, The Miami Herald
3/26/15 Cuban dissidents will head to Summit of the Americas
Nora Gamez, The Miami Herald
3/12/15 Cuba dissident leader expects to survive referendum vote
Anne-Marie Garcia, AP
February 2015
January 2015
December 2014
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12/31/14 U.S. condemns Cuba's 'practice of repressing' after activists detained
Daniel Trotta, Reuters
12/30/14 Cuba-US detente upends life for Cuban dissidents
Michael Weissenstein, AP
12/29/14 In U.S.-Cuba Prisoner Swap, Mystery Surrounds The Unnamed 53
12/29/14 Shifting Dynamics for Cuba’s Dissidents
Editorial Board, The New York Times
12/24/14 Cuba’s Promising New Online Voices
Editorial Board, The New York Times
12/19/14 Lifting the Embargo Means Cuba Can No Longer Play Victim
Jose Miguel Vivanco, Time
12/12/14 Cuban rapper denies receiving money from USAID
Nora Gamez Torres, El Nuevo Herald
12/11/14 On Human Rights Day in Cuba: Instead of Bread and Circuses, We Get Beer and Repression
Yoani Sanchez, The Huffington Post
October 2014
Date Title
10/22/14 Lech Walesa Meets Cuban Democracy Activists in Warsaw
Yoani Sanchez, The Huffington Post
10/21/14 From Havana, a Prominent Voice for Change
Miriam Leiva, The New York Times
10/16/14 Rare Independent Group Aims to Open Debate in Cuba
Michael Weissenstein, AP
10/3/14 Political arrests down in Cuba, opposition says
EFE, Fox News Latino
July 2014
June 2014
Date Title
6/11/14 Top dissidents detained in Cuba
May 2014
Date Title
5/30/14 Please Don't Call Yoani Sánchez A Hero If You Really Don't Want To Help Her
Tim Padgett, WLRN
5/27/14 The Castros in Their Labyrinth
Yoani Sanchez, The New York Times
5/21/14 Cuban blogger's news site hacked after going live
April 2014
March 2014
February 2014
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2/19/14 Cuban dissidents lay out roadmap for political reform
Fox News Latino - Español
2/3/14 More than 1,000 arbitrary arrests in Cuba last month
Fox News Latino - Español
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3/28/12 Pope prays for freedom, 'renewal' in Cuba
Peter Orsi and Andrea Rodriguez, AP
3/27/12 The pope, political prisoners and Cuba
CNN Belief Blog -
3/26/12 Cuba’s Ladies in White march without incident in Havana, but report detentions of others
Franco Ordonez and Juan Tamayo, The Miami Herald
3/22/12 Amnesty International: Short-term detentions of Cuban dissidents accelerate
Mimi Whitefield, The Miami Herald
3/22/12 Dissident Cuban Blogger Sees Opportunity in Pope Visit
VOA News
3/21/12 A Cuban's Prayer for Pope Benedict
Oscar Elias Biscet, The Wall Street Journal
3/20/12 Cuban dissident leader free after brief detention
Andrea Rodriguez, The Miami Herald
3/19/12 Cuba detains 70 Ladies in White ahead of pope visit
February 2012
January 2012
Date Title
1/17/12 Jailed Cuban dissident reported near death
Juan Tamayo, El Nuevo Herlad
1/11/12 Cuba activist: Brief detentions doubled in 2011
AP, The Miami Herald
1/9/12 Decapitating Cubans’ hope for political freedom
Jose Azel, The Miami Herald
1/3/12 Cuban prisoner dies during hunger strike
AP, The Miami Herald
December 2011
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October 2011
September 2011
August 2011
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8/31/11 Cuba Dissidents Ask Church to Stop Harassment by State
8/31/11 Grammy-winning Cuban singer Pablo Milanes, in letter, blasts attacks on dissidents in Cuba
Associated Press
8/30/11 Cuban civil society fights to be heard
By Paolo Paranagua, The Guardian
8/29/11 Cuban singer Milanes’ first Miami concert marked with emotion
By Jordan Levin, The Miami Herald
8/24/11 Blogger sends uncensored news to Cuban cell phones
By Juan Tamayo, The Miami Herald
8/22/11 Defections prompt calls for change in Cuban sports
By Anne-Marie Garcia, Associated Press
8/22/11 Ladies in White attacked in Cuba, most violent since spring
By Juan Tamayo, The Miami Herald
8/19/11 Debate in Cuba, Skeptics & Content
By Harolodo Alfonso, Havana Times
8/16/11 Cuban dissidents say cops again beat women
By Juan Tamayo, The Miami Herald
8/15/11 Singer Pablo Milanes Urges More Freedom in Cuba
8/3/11 Dissident economist says Raul Castro not serious about taking on bureaucracy
By Juan Tamayo, The Boston Herald
8/1/11 The awakening of Cuba’s resistance movement
By Otto Reich, The Miami Herald
July 2011
June 2011
May 2011
Date Title
5/13/11 Granma: Police did not beat Cuba dissident
Juan Carlos Chavez, El Nuevo Herald
5/11/11 Cuba says police did not beat dissident
Juan Tamayo, El Nuevo Herald
5/10/11 A dying dissident: Cuban cops ‘killed me’
Juan Tamayo, El Nuevo Herald
5/10/11 Cuba denies beating dissident who died after protest, accuse opposition of unscrupulous lies
AP, The Washington Post
5/9/11 Cuba dissident dies, allies allege police beating
Andrea Rodriguez, Miami Herald
5/6/11 Yoani Sánchez Forbidden by Cuba to Collect Her Award; CEPOS Freedom Prize Presented in Absentia
Thor Halvorssen, The Huffington Post
5/2/11 Man starts dissident hotline
Juan Tamayo, Miami Herald
April 2011
Date Title
4/28/11 Cuban court issues positive ruling in lawsuit
Juan Tamayo, El Nuevo Herald
4/18/11 Castro critics call term limits cosmetic
Juan Tamayo, El Nuevo Herald
4/18/11 Cuban dissidents are talking about unity
Juan Tamayo, Miami Herald
4/11/11 Oscar Elías Biscet says Cuban dissidents are willing to discuss transitional government
Juan Carlos Chavez, El Nuevo Herald
March 2011
Date Title
3/31/11 Carter meets with Fidel Castro and dissidents in Cuba
Juan Tamayo, El Nuevo Herald
3/30/11 Carter to meet with dissidents while in Cuba
Juan Tamayo, El Nuevo Herald
3/29/11 Carter to meet with dissidents while in Cuba
Juan Tamayo, Miami Herald
3/14/11 Freed dissident to speak publicly on imprisonment
Melissa Sanchez, Miami Herald
3/11/11 Cuban dissident Oscar Biscet to be released
Juan Tamayo and Juan Carlos Chavez, El Nuevo Herald
February 2011
Date Title
2/28/11 Cuba intensifies campaign against dissidents
Anne-Marie Garcia and Paul Haven, Miami Herald
2/28/11 Cuba frees another prominent political prisoner
Paul Haven, Miami Herald
2/24/11 Cuban officials detain dozens of protesters honoring Zapata
Juan Tamayo, Miami Herald
2/23/11 Dozens arrested as protest gears up in Cuba
Juan Tamayo, El Nuevo Herald
2/23/11 Dead Cuban political prisoner’s mom becomes brave activist
Frances Robles, Miami Herald
2/23/11 Rappers 'Los Aldeanos' clash with police in Cuba
Juan Tamayo, El Nuevo Herald
2/13/11 Cuba frees 2 political prisoners against their wishes
Shasta Darlington, CNN
2/10/11 My Blog Is Once Again Visible In Cuba
Yoani Sanchez, The Huffington Post
2/7/11 Cuban dissident who refused exile released
Juan Carlos Chaves, El Nuevo Herald
2/7/11 Hunger Protest Might End
2/3/11 Cuba gives OK to unusual lawsuit
Juan Tamayo, El Nuevo Herald
2/3/11 Cuba to free 4 opposition prisoners
Paul Haven, Miami Herald
2/3/11 Egypt-like riots not likely at all in Cuba
Juan Tamayo, Miami Herald
January 2011
December 2010
Date Title
12/21/10 Cardinal hopes Cuba will release 11 dissidents
AP, Miami Herald
12/15/10 EU decries no-show of Farinas for rights prize
AP, Miami Herald
November 2010
Date Title
11/14/10 Cuban political prisoner who refused exile is freed
Jeff Franks, Reuters
11/12/10 Cuba briefly delays release of 13 political prisoners
Juan Tamayo, Miami Herald
11/9/10 Dissidents vow protests to free comrades
Juan Tamayo, El Nuevo Herald
11/8/10 Deadline gone, Cuban dissident vows hunger strike
Paul Haven, AP
11/8/10 Release of 11 draws parallels to Mariel
Juan Tamayo, Miami Herald
11/2/10 Protest marchers beaten, detained
Juan Tamayo, Miami Herald
11/1/10 Cuba to release longest-held political prisoner
11/1/10 Cuba faces looming deadline for prisoner release
Paul Haven, Miami Herald
October 2010
Date Title
10/22/10 Dissident's prize another Cuba thorn
Juan Tamayo, Miami Herald
10/22/10 Cuba agrees to release five more dissidents
10/21/10 Cuban dissident Farinas wins Sakharov rights prize
10/11/10 Feeling prisoners' agony in Cuba
Mirta Ojito, Miami Herald
10/11/10 Cuba to free 3 prisoners not in church deal of 52
Will Weissert, AP
10/5/10 Cuba talks of releasing terror prisoners
Juan Tamayo, El Nuevo Herald
10/5/10 Rights leader: More Cuban prisoners to go free`
Paul Haven, Miami Herald
10/4/10 Cuba may free more political prisoners into exile
Andrea Rodriguez, Miami Herald
10/2/10 Dissidents say Cuba prepares to free more prisoners
Reuters, L.A. Times
September 2010
Date Title
9/24/10 Freed dissidents who stay in Cuba may be put under parole
Juan Tamayo, Miami Herald
9/10/10 Video shows armed Cuban police breaking up student protest
Juan Tamayo, El Nuevo Herald
9/7/10 Cuban blogger is press freedom hero
AFP, The Guardian
9/3/10 Scourge of the Castros: Cuba's Ladies Courageous
Thor Halvorssen, Huggington Post
9/1/10 Cuban court to consider suit against Ministry of Justice
Juan Tamayo, Miami Herald
August 2010
Date Title
8/31/10 Castro admits 'injustice' for gays and lesbians during revolution
8/27/10 Juan Juan Almeida's Hunger Strike Succeeds: He Is Allowed to Leave Cuba
Yoani Sanchez, Huffington Post
8/27/10 Raúl Castro urged to free 8 dissidents
Juan Tamayo, Miami Herald
8/26/10 Church helps son of ex-Cuban leader leave for US
Andrea Rodriguez, Miami Herald
8/24/10 Documentary depicts Cuban prisoners' living conditions
Daniel Shoer Roth, Miami Herlad
8/24/10 Spain says US to take Cuba prisoners
Harold Heckle, Miami Herald
8/24/10 Mom of dead Cuban hunger striker allowed to march
Andrea Rodriguez, Miami Herald
8/20/10 Cuban blogger starts digital magazine
Juan Tamayo, Miami Herald
8/19/10 Cuba frees 2 protesters
Juan Tamayo, Miami Herald
8/18/10 Amnesty: Cuba harassing dead hunger striker's mom
Will Weissert, Miami Herald
8/18/10 Five anti-Castro protesters jailed
Juan Tamayo, Miami Herlad
8/17/10 3 more Cuban dissidents arrive in Spain
Jorge Sainz, Miami Herald
8/16/10 Cuba to free 6 more political prisoners into exile
AP, Miami Herald
8/6/10 Cuba group wants parole for 69 'political' inmates
July 2010
Date Title
7/24/10 Havana Dreaming
Newsweek, Arian Campo-Flores
7/22/10 3 new Cuban dissidents arrive in Spain
Jorge Sainz, Miami Herald
7/22/10 Memories of harsh lessons
Ricardo Gonzalez Alfonso, New York Times
7/22/10 Freedom awaits more in Cuban jails
Juan Tamayo, Miami Herald
7/21/10 Relatives briefed on U.S. entry process
Juan Tamayo, Miami Herald
7/20/10 Cuba ready to free more political prisoners: parliament chief
7/20/10 Cuban dissidents claim they were misled by Spain
Jorge Sainz, Miami Herald
7/20/10 Cuba's Ladies in White vow to march on
Juan Tamayo, Miami Herald
7/18/10 Out of Prison, Still Not Free
Ricardo Gonzalez Alfonso, New York Times
7/18/10 11 Cuban prisoners, expatriated to Spain, are weary, ailing, defiant and free
Fabiola Santiago, Miami Herald
7/18/10 Spain to take 9 more Cuban political prisoners
Associated Press
7/16/10 Cuban prisoners say they shared cells with rats
7/14/10 Safe in Spain, Cuban dissidents vow to continue struggle
7/13/10 7 freed political prisoners from Cuba start new lives in Spain
7/13/10 Seven Cuban political prisoners freed; flown to Madrid
7/13/10 Fidel Castro appears on TV; 7 dissidents freed
7/12/10 Cuba prepares to fly the first freed dissidents abroad
7/11/10 Cuban Prisoner Releases Shift Focus to Dissidents
7/10/10 Cuban church identifies 12 more dissidents for release
7/8/10 Cuba dissident Farinas ends hunger strike
7/8/10 Church: Castro to free prisoners
7/7/10 Cuba Agrees to Free Third of Its Political Prisoners
7/7/10 Cuba to free political prisoners, Catholic Church announces
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