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September 2015
Dr. Marlén Sánchez Gutiérrez of the Center for the Study of the World Economy at the University of Havana analyzes the costs and benefits of Cuba's potential return to the IMF and World Bank.
For a country operating outside traditional business markets and business practices, answers to the most basic business questions aren’t so obvious.
For the Cuban economy to keep making progress on the Lineamientos adopted in 2011 by the 6th Communist Party Congress and to make good on the island's vast potential, its leaders must address some vexing challenges, including reforming its complex monetary system. Two problems stand out that will almost certainly result in a devaluation of the national peso.
When Carlos Fernández-Aballí and his fellow Cuban entrepreneurs were hatching a business plan, they knew they wanted their product to be sustainable, technology-driven and a substitute for something the island currently imports.
CUBA'S growing ranks of the self-employed will be able to apply for unsecured loans of up 10,000 pesos ($A535) under a new program devised by state-owned savings bank BPA, the official AIN news agency said Wednesday.
August 2015
Yovanni Cantillo started Ya, Cuba’s first fast-food drive-through, last year. Every six weeks since, he travels overseas to haul back suitcases full of soda cups with lids, thick straws for milkshakes, and small plastic cups for ketchup—items Cuba’s state-owned stores don’t carry.
An analysis of Cuba's system of imports by Omar Everleny Perez Villanueva of the Center for the Study of the Cuban Economy at the University of Havana.
SANTIAGO, Cuba (AP) - This 500-year-old city smells of fresh paint and varnish. Residents stroll along a recently completed harbor promenade under gleaming new streetlights, enjoying sea breezes while relaxing on newly installed metal benches.
The four surgeons in the video, masked and somber, bend over their patient, a vital-signs monitor beeping in the background. “Screwdriver,” says one. “Pliers.” Then finally, in relief, another surgeon whispers, “I think it’s good.” One more surgery with a happy ending. Except the patient is not human. It’s a cellphone...
HAVANA- Niuris Higueras jokes that her spouse calls Atelier — the Havana restaurant she started with her brother — her real husband.
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