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April 2014
(Reuters) - Cuba's slow, cautious reforms to revive its state-run economy suddenly burst into life at businesses like Karabali, a Havana nightclub owned by a 21-member cooperative.
March 2014
HAVANA, March 21 (Reuters) - Cuba announced sweeping wage increases for its 440,000 healthcare workers on Friday, including those sent abroad, citing the billions of dollars they earn for the country and the need to improve local services.
(Reuters) - Cuba is laying plans to move to a single currency, a reform that many feel is one of the toughest challenges facing President Raul Castro as he tries to kick-start the Communist country's moribund economy.
HAVANA, March 4 (Reuters) - For the third consecutive year Cuba's reorganized sugar industry is failing to perform up to expectations, increasing pressure on the government to open up the once proud sector to foreign investment.
December 2013
November 2013

Non-agricultural cooperatives in Cuba

November 7, 2013

A new way to unleash the forces of production?

University of Havana economist Yailenis Mulet explores the recent emergence of non-agricultural, urban cooperatives in Cuba.
October 2013
Alberto Trejos examines the Costa Rican development experience over the last 30 years and offers the most salient elements of its success for consideration in forming Cuban economic policy.
May 2013
HAVANA – Cuban customs authorities starting on Monday authorized individuals to import electric appliances and mopeds in a resolution eliminating the prohibition on such imports that had been in force since 2005.
April 2013
HAVANA (Reuters) - On weekend nights in Havana, young hipsters fill the sidewalks at a busy intersection near the seafront and spill into the park below, passing rum bottles between them, smoking cigarettes and playing guitars.
Change and Cuba. After 54 years the world is holding its breath. Fidel Castro said in 1959, “This time the revolution is for real.” In 2013 is change for real? Cuban blogger Yoani Sánchez’s message, delivered repeatedly during her recent presentations in the United States and Europe, is that, yes, it is true.
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