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April 2015
An analysis of Cuba's financial system by Jessica León Mundul, professor at the Center for the Study of the Cuban economy at the University of Havana.
CAF-Development Bank of Latin America plans a small overture toward Cuba later this month that could be a stepping stone toward the island rejoining the international financial community.
HAVANA — With a castoff pizza oven churning out pies, Marialena Perez aspires to be the Domino’s of Havana one day, with lofty dreams of a chain of stores, maybe even a branch in the United States.
Nico has a problem. The small, turquoise bungalow he runs as a B&B in the far east of Cuba is not getting noticed. Bought last year by Canadian benefactors for Nico and his wife to run – and the Canadians to use as a refuge from the harsh Calgary winter – the business in Baracoa needs promoting.
Dr. Julio A. Diaz Vazquez of the University of Havana's Center for the Study of International Economics analyzes Cuba's foreign investment law and its implications for worker's compensation.
March 2015
A Mexican meat processing firm has become the first international company to get approval for an investment project in Cuba's first special economic development area, Mexico's foreign ministry said on Saturday.
MIAMI — After an initial wave of enthusiasm following President Obama's decision to re-establish relations and expand trade with Cuba, American businesses are hitting the brakes.
February 2015
When the U.S. State Department announced new rules for products that independent Cuban entrepreneurs could sell in the United States, it published a broad list detailing they couldn’t sell. That left many people scratching their heads over whether much of anything now produced by Cuba’s cuentapropistas would be allowed.
HAVANA (AP) — Rolling toward customs with a 60-pound suitcase filled with clothing and electronics for friends, my stomach clenched when a female agent in a light green uniform approached. As a former longtime Cuba correspondent returning after nearly six years, I thought I knew what would come next: a search of my luggage by stoned-faced military men, a scolding, maybe even a fine.
(Reuters) - The United States on Friday eased restrictions on imports of goods and services from private Cuban entrepreneurs as part of Washington's rapprochement with Havana after more than half a century of enmity.
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