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November 2015
HAVANA — Imagine block after block of buildings as grand and historic as the Cuban Club in Ybor City, except the verandas, balustrades and high-arched windows are crumbling and boarded up from age and neglect.
Next time you start complaining about an app update taking ‘forever’ to download, consider this: in Cuba, smartphone users who want to update their Conoce Cuba app?—?an entertainment guide featuring restaurant reviews, nightlife listings and more?—?need to take their jailbroken device to a neighborhood phone shop and manually update the app in person.
Cuba is seeking $8.2 billion of foreign investment in 326 projects ranging from the production of rum to an entirely new venture creating high definition, pay-per-view television.
October 2015
On his worst days, Rafa, a Cuban taxi driver, makes $60 from all his rides. A doctor in Cuba makes around $45 in a month. The colossal disparity between these two salaries is one of the many perplexing realities of the Cuban economy.
Howard Kass, Ubaldo Huerta and Hiram Centelles already are doing business in Cuba. They hope to do more next year as relations thaw and the Communist island opens itself up to more commerce with the United States.
Low commodity prices, a drought at home and Venezuela's economic crisis have created a cash shortage for Cuba's Communist government, restricting its ability to trade just as it could be taking advantage of an economic opening with the United States.
SANTIAGO, CUBA- When the communist island began allowing citizens to buy and sell their homes almost four years ago, it was a godsend for Nieves Puig Macías.
"Necessity is the mother of all invention" goes the old proverb, and few countries in the world have tested its saliency quite like Cuba.
September 2015
Dr. Marlén Sánchez Gutiérrez of the Center for the Study of the World Economy at the University of Havana analyzes the costs and benefits of Cuba's potential return to the IMF and World Bank.
For a country operating outside traditional business markets and business practices, answers to the most basic business questions aren’t so obvious.
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