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January 2015
HAVANA, Jan 15 (Reuters) - Cuba will circulate higher-denomination peso bills starting in February as the communist-run nation works toward unifying a dual monetary system that has been in place for the last two decades, official media said on Thursday.
On a sunny day this past summer, two entrepreneurs met in South Beach to talk about artisanal soaps. They exchanged stories about how they became interested in the soap-making business and discussed their favorite places to buy supplies and how to develop their favorite scents. What makes this seemingly routine meeting between entrepreneurs different is that Ricardo is a Cuban-American with an established soap-making business in Miami and Sandra is one of Cuba’s half a million nascent entrepreneurs and sells her soap out of a storefront in Old Havana.
HAVANA — Joan Perez-Garcia has tried just about everything to find a decent-paying job in Cuba's state-run economy. He became an elementary schoolteacher, but it only paid the equivalent of $6 a month. He became a train mechanic, and that increased his salary to $10. Working as a construction worker and barber were no better.
Cuba has made some important market-oriented changes, but much remains to be done to revive the island's anemic economy.
Cuba’s dual-peso system, in place for 20 years, will soon be no more and cigar maker Brascuba is ready for the currency’s unification.
December 2014
Alfonso Morre has spent nine years studying mechanics and civil engineering in order to become -- a Havana taxi driver. Following President Barack Obama’s decision to ease the embargo on Cuba, he is hoping for something better. Driving a 26-year-old Russian-made Lada through the cobbled streets of Cuba’s capital, Morre says he needs his engineering degree just to keep the car on the road. That may be about to change.
With glasses raised, some Cuban have kept up the ritual toast “Next Year in Havana” as the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve. It has gone on for decades, ever since the 1959 Cuban Revolution brought Fidel Castro to power. Now, for the first time in a long time, things may be quite different in their homeland in the coming year — just not in the way many expected. For some, it will hardly be a cause for celebration. They had envisioned a joyous, triumphant party as the dictator died, democracy returned to the island, and the U.S. and Cuba once again became friendly neighbors...
HAVANA, Dec 24 (Reuters) - Cuba released more information on its fragile external finances this week than it has in over a decade, as it seeks foreign investment and credit following its sudden improvement in relations with the United States.
An analysis by Rafael Betancourt and Omar Everleny Perez of the portfolio of opportunities created by Cuba's new Foreign Investment Law No. 118.

Building the new Cuban economy

December 16, 2014

Just a couple years ago, tourists who wanted to sample one of Cuba’s paladares were on their own. A bus from state tour operator Havantur wouldn’t think of stopping to allow visitors to dine on roast pork or grilled red snapper at one of these small private restaurants.
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