Defending the Rights of Cuban Worker

small projects: defendingIn April of 2005, the Cuba Study Group joined over 30 organizations from 7 different countries at the first Annual Conference of the International Group for Social Corporate Responsibility in Madrid, Spain. At that conference the 35 organizations that were represented, including independent labor unions and non-profit organizations from around the world, unanimously approved a resolution condemning the Cuban regime's systematic violation of internationally recognized labor standards and agreed to form the International Group for Social Corporate Responsibility in Cuba (GIRSCC, for its Spanish acronym). The Cuba Study Group is a founding member of the GIRSCC.

The GIRSCC is a non-profit organization registered in the State of Florida that advocates for the protection of labor rights in Cuba and a socially responsible behavior by corporations with economic interests in that country. It's mission is to educate Cuban workers, foreign investors, the media, multinational institutions and other labor and non-profit organizations about the Cuban regime's systematic violations of labor rights and to call on foreign investors and the Cuban regime to respect international treaties, conventions and agreements on labor rights that they are subject to.

GIRSCC Activities

1. Media education and outreach campaign

This activity is aimed towards educating reporters and columnists about the Cuban regime’s systematic violation of labor rights and the need for Corporate Social Responsibility by foreign investors in Cuba. Through this education, we aim towards increasing media reporting on the labor rights situation in Cuba and the need for socially responsible business practices by foreign investors in Cuba.

2. Educate multi-national institutions

Representatives of member organizations meet with representatives of, testify before and file claims with, multinational organizations including: the Organization of American States, the United Nations, International Labor Organization and the Inter- American Commission on Human Rights with the goal of calling the attention of these organizations to the systematic violations of labor rights in Cuba by the regime and the role of foreign investors in order to seek their condemnation of these activities and support for Cuban worker’s rights.

3. Educate Cuban Workers

A significant percentage of the group’s efforts is directed at educating and informing independent labor leaders within Cuba about freedom of association, collective bargaining and international labor standards. This activity will be supported by the distribution of materials including ILO training manuals and handbooks as well as workshops provided by professional labor experts within Cuba organized by the GIRSCC.

4. Educate foreign investors

Representatives of the GIRSCC’s member organizations and staff participate in a campaign to educate companies with economic interests in Cuba about their complicity in the violation of Cuban worker’s rights and seek their cooperation. This campaign, which seeks cooperation and to avoid confrontation, is carried out through the distribution of correspondence, studies, facts and materials as well as meetings between GIRSCC representatives and executives of the various foreign investors.

5. Educate other non-profit organizations and independent labor unions

In an effort to continuously broaden the international nature of the GIRSCC and increase the diverse membership of the organization, the group leads an effort to inform other non-profit organizations and independent labor unions about the systematic violations of Cuban worker’s labor rights by the regime and the role of foreign investors.