Washington, DC- The Cuba Study Group today released the following statement in reaction to news of the Cuban government's commitment to release at least 52 political prisoners over the next three to four months: "We are extremely pleased by today's announcement that the Cuban government has committed to a process of freeing at least 52 political prisoners over the next three to four months. We welcome and appreciate the constructive role being played by the Catholic Church in Cuba in a process begun by members of civil society, including: Orlando Zapata Tamayo, the Ladies in White and Guillermo Fariñas. While we urge the Catholic Church to continue its role as a positive mediator, we recognize that a solution to the country's many problems requires a true national dialogue where members of Cuba's civil society are represented. In addition, we call on the Catholic Church of Cuba to continue its work to secure the release of all political prisoners, including over 100 additional individuals not addressed in today's announcement. The Cuba Study Group calls on U.S. officials to respond to the positive development in Cuba with substantive measures." The Archdiocese of Havana today issued a statement confirming that during a meeting today between Cuban President Raul Castro, Cardinal Jaime Ortega and Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos, the Cuban government had committed to releasing at least 52 political prisoners over the next three to four months, beginning with five releases in the coming hours. ###

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