Washington, DC - The Cuba Study Group today issued the following statement on the 6th anniversary of the Cuban government crackdown that resulted in the incarceration of 75 peaceful democracy advocates:

"The Cuba Study Group calls on the Cuban government to immediately release the remaining 54 peaceful democracy advocates who were unjustly imprisoned in the spring of 2003 and who remain subjected to inhumane conditions and treatment in Cuban jails. The immediate release of these democracy advocates would represent an important step by Cuban leaders and open new possibilities for the relationship between Cuba and the United States."


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3/31/09 Lawmakers push to open travel to Cuba
3/31/09 Supporters rally in Miami for Cuban hunger striker
3/30/09 Momentum Grows for Relaxing Cuba Policy
3/30/09 Cuba boosts retirement age as population goes gray
3/30/09 Fidel Castro criticizes Biden for embargo support
3/28/09 Biden says U.S. does not plan to lift Cuba embargo
3/27/09 Raul Castro presided over State Security anniversary
3/27/09 Independent journalists detained after FIU videoconference
3/27/09 Cubans embrace easier rules for visits to family
3/27/09 Brave souls from Cuba plan to meet
3/26/09 Cubans' hunger strike a desperate bid for justice, attention
3/26/09 Policy improving but could be better
3/25/09 Courting Castro
3/25/09 Dissidents ask to be imprisoned in show of solidarity
3/23/09 Cuba: US embargo 'still standing' despite new law
3/23/09 Feds: FL law interferes with regulations for Cuba
3/23/09 Executives at Miami conference forecast growing trade with Cuba
3/23/09 Money questions fuel exile-dissident rift
3/23/09 Venezuelan president questions Cuba's exclusion from Americas Summit
3/20/09 Cuban dissidents' wives denounce harassment
3/20/09 Freed Cuban dissident arrives in Miami from Mexico
3/19/09 Alleged plot against Raul Castro draws skepticism
3/19/09 Cuba says willing to discuss human rights with EU
3/19/09 Freed Cuban dissident arrives in Miami from Mexico
3/19/09 Cuba FM: Power shake-up won't alter foreign policy
3/19/09 Costa Rica reopens formal relations with Cuba
3/19/09 50-Year Streak Ends as Cuba Fails to Reach Final
3/19/09 We think: President Obama making gains in archaic policy with Cuba
3/19/09 Salvadoran Says He’ll Resume Diplomatic Relations With Cuba
3/18/09 Current Record
3/18/09 Rationale for Cuba embargo strong as ever
3/18/09 Group quietly marks anniversary of Cuba crackdown
3/17/09 Brazil president calls on US to end Cuba embargo
3/17/09 No foes, more power
3/17/09 Cuba’s Gulf of Mexico Oil Reserves Are Increasing, AFP Reports
3/16/09 The Plot Against The Castros
3/16/09 New Cuba policy . . . another fine mess
3/16/09 Russians may land long-range bombers in Venezuela, Cuba
3/13/09 For relatives, travel to Cuba just got easier
3/12/09 Raúl Castro, or the art of decapitating adversaries
3/12/09 Washington Fines Company for Commercial Ties with Cuba
3/11/09 Cubans applaud rolling back US family travel rules
3/11/09 Showdown on Cuba policy not over yet
3/10/09 Lula dice que sólo hablará del embargo 'si surge el tema'
3/10/09 Latam defense ministers urge end to U.S. embargo against Cuba
3/10/09 Congress eases trade and travel to Cuba
3/10/09 Congress votes to ease Cuba travel restrictions
3/10/09 Treasury seeks to clear Cuba hurdle in bill-US senator
3/10/09 Report: Fidel Castro suffered relapse in January
3/10/09 U.S. fugitives in Cuba wary of closer ties that could lead to deportation
3/10/09 New foreign minister expected to set new tone
3/9/09 Purge aims to halt Cuba's economic free fall
3/9/09 Cuba's economic power shift strengthens Raul Castro's bid for change
3/9/09 About Cuba's new Cabinet ministers
3/6/09 Another leading official ousted
3/6/09 Lack of technical skill has put a damper on Cuba's offshore oil rush
3/6/09 US Senate Democrats hit hurdle on $410 bln spending
3/5/09 What Lies Behind the Cuban Purge
3/5/09 Cuban influence in Venezuela spreading
3/5/09 Democratic senators oppose changes on Cuba policy
3/4/09 Power shakeup casts more doubt on post-Castro Cuba
3/4/09 Why Cuba's Dreams of Major Oil Discoveries Might Come True
3/4/09 Fidel Castro meets with Dominican Republic's president
3/4/09 Raúl Castro moves closer to full power
3/4/09 Fidel Castro says he was informed of changes
3/4/09 Fidel Castro: 2 ousted officials undone by `honey of power'
3/4/09 Cuba bill opens Obama-Menendez rift
3/3/09 Cuba shake-up raises questions about US relations
3/3/09 Cuba mulls reduction in nickel output
3/3/09 Dominican president arrives in Havana
3/3/09 Castro, With Entourage, Is Spotted on Strolls
3/3/09 Cuban government undergoes massive restructuring
3/2/09 Who's in and who's out in Cuba government shakeup
3/2/09 Cuba replaces top Cabinet ministers
3/2/09 Analysis: Cuba waiting and watching Obama
3/2/09 Debate heating up again over U.S. policies toward Cuba
3/1/09 Cuba awaits deep-sea oil boom