The Cuba Study Group is a non-profit, non-partisan organization comprised of business and community leaders of Cuban descent who share a common interest and vision of a free and democratic Cuba. Our mission is to facilitate peaceful change in Cuba leading to democracy, a free and open society, respect for human rights and the rule of law, a market-based economy and the reunification of the Cuban nation.

On multiple occasions the Cuba Study Group has publicly and privately voiced its support for the unilateral lifting of restrictions on travel and remittances by Cuban-Americans to Cuba. We believe that such a move would be consistent with American and family values and in the best interests of the United States and the Cuban people. The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights protects the rights of families to visit and send assistance to each other. In addition, such a move would be more consistent with U.S. policy given that the United States does not restrict travel to any other country on the list of State Sponsors of Terrorism. Given the crisis created by hurricanes in Cuba it is more important than ever for Cubans to be able to assist their families on the island who directly or indirectly are suffering the devastation of these storms.

Furthermore, it is our belief that contact between Cubans from across the Florida straits not only helps further U.S. goals of assisting civil society and breaking the information embargo, but that it is also the most efficient way to do so. Similarly, we believe that the ability of Cuban-Americans to assist their families on the island through cash remittances helps lessen their dependence on the Cuban government. While it is true that the Cuban government benefits from the excessive taxes it imposes on these cash remittances, we believe the benefits to the Cuban people far outweigh the benefits to the Cuban government.

For these reasons, the Cuba Study Group wishes to express its support for the bi-partisan Humanitarian Relief to Cuba Act offered by Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) and Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN), Acting Chairman and Ranking Member, respectively, of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

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9/30/08 Cuba freezes agricultural prices after hurricanes
9/29/08 U.S. Coast Guard reports illegal Cuban migration down this year
9/28/08 Florida vote may affect U.S.-Cuba policy
9/27/08 Despite storms, Cuba expects tourism to grow
9/27/08 Battered by Storms, Cuba Uses Ideological Zeal to Lift Spirits and Direct Anger
9/26/08 Cuban Government launches crusade against theft and corruption
9/25/08 Castros' arrogance gets in the way of help
9/24/08 Help for Cuba
9/24/08 Hurricanes Shift Debate On Embargo Against Cuba
9/23/08 Cuba silent on latest U.S. aid offer
9/23/08 Brothers to the Rescue to sell plane to help Cuba
9/23/08 Cuba's vice president warmly welcomed in N.Y.
9/22/08 U.S. offers storm-hit Cuba $6.3 million more aid
9/22/08 Shortages hamper attempts to rebuild after Hurricane Ike
9/22/08 Venezuela's Chavez arrives in Cuba ahead of global tour
9/19/08 Talk of lifting Cuba restrictions renewed
9/19/08 Miami nuns put politics aside to help storm-battered Cuba
9/18/08 Differences set aside to help Cubans
9/18/08 Hurricanes devastate Cuba's tobacco industry
9/17/08 Cubans line up for chance to use idle state land
9/17/08 Current Record
9/17/08 Russia to help Cuba build space center
9/16/08 US gives green light to food sales to hurricane-hit Cuba
9/16/08 Cuba accepts political dialogue with EU
9/16/08 Senador demócrata ofrece medidas que flexibilizan restricciones a Cuba
9/16/08 Cuba says entire sugar crop effected by hurricanes
9/16/08 U.S. Urges Cuba to Accept Aid
9/16/08 Cuba's ambitions for growth laid to waste
9/15/08 Cuba storm recovery goes on without U.S. aid
9/15/08 Cuba pushes for production of idle land
9/15/08 US regrets that Cuba rejects five million dollars in US hurricane aid
9/15/08 New Study Reveals Reform Views of Average Cubans
9/15/08 Cuba rejects U.S. aid, asks embargo rules be lifted
9/15/08 Cuba again refuses US disaster aid in storms' wake
9/12/08 Cuba says sugar cane damaged across country
9/12/08 Raul Castro keeps out of sight as storms hit Cuba
9/12/08 Hurricanes hit hard and hurt Cuba's citrus industry
9/12/08 Dispute delaying U.S. aid to Cuba
9/12/08 Help for Cuba and Haiti
9/11/08 In Wake of Storm Damage, Calls to Ease Cuba Embargo
9/11/08 Raul Castro keeps out of sight as storms hit Cuba
9/11/08 Cuba's aging buildings tumble down in Hurricane Ike's wake
9/10/08 CANF gets new license to send money to Cuba
9/10/08 Cuba's Katrina
9/10/08 Cuba to restart nickel production halted by Ike
9/10/08 Ike a chance to show our compassion
9/10/08 Hurricane Ike reignites call for easing Cuban embargo
9/9/08 Suspend travel, remittance restrictions on Cuba to assist island's post-hurricane recovery.
9/7/08 Rice: Not wise to end Cuban economic embargo now
9/7/08 U.S. tops Cuba 1-0 in 1st soccer trip to island in 61 years
9/6/08 Cuba offers alternatives to U.S. hurricane relief
9/6/08 Cuba declines US disaster assessment after Gustav
9/5/08 Washington offers aid to hurricane-blasted Cuba
9/5/08 At least 7 babies died from hospital bacteria
9/5/08 S. Florida launches effort to aid islanders
9/3/08 Dissidents Work for Racial Integration
9/2/08 US men's soccer prepares for historic game in Cuba