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March 2015
Soon after Fidel Castro came to power, his government seized the refineries, hotels and sugar plantations that were the most visible signs of the American hold on the island’s economy.
March 29--TAMPA -- Before Tampa became "Cigar City," it was a cattle city, sustained by the profits local businessmen earned selling to Cuba when the island nation's herds fell into decline.
HAVANA- Cuban opposition leaders and activists Manuel Cuesta Morúa, Guillermo Fariñas, and Berta Soler will take part in civil-society events at the Summit of the Americas in Panama, according to the Miami-based Cuban Soul Foundation.
Venezuela has cut in half its subsidized shipments of crude oil to Cuba and Petrocaribe member nations to 200,000 barrels per day, down from 400,000 shipped in 2012, a Barclays report says.
The December breakthrough that upended a half-century of U.S.-Cuba enmity has been portrayed as the fruit of 18 months of secret diplomacy.

Giving Cubans a chance

March 23, 2015

As the president moves to implement new policies toward Cuba, and as some leaders continue to block those changes, a number of personal experiences and memories come to my mind.
Cuba is using the internet to experiment with toning down its political censorship in a sign that a glimmer of glasnost has arrived on the Communist-run Caribbean island.
It has been a strange few days for U.S.-Cuba relations that are meant to be on the mend.
Relations between the United Statesand Venezuela are not at a high point. Shrill cries of Yankee imperialism and secret meddling are emanating from Caracas.
NEW YORK -- The first direct charter flights between New York City and Cuba are now taking off.
NEW YORK (AP) — The first direct charter flights between New York City and Cuba are now taking off.
Havana, Cuba (CNN)So what has U.S. State Department subcontractor Alan Gross been up to since he was released from a Cuban prison exactly three months ago?
Cruise lines are looking to send their ships to Cuba as soon as general tourism is allowed, executives said Tuesday at the industry's biggest annual convention in Miami Beach.
President Barack Obama’s attempt to mend relations with Cuba while turning the screws on Venezuela, Havana’s closest ally, is making for some fascinating triangular diplomacy.
North Korea and Cuba share the same struggle against US aggression, Pyongyang's foreign minister said Monday as Washington and Havana held new talks on restoring diplomatic ties.
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