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April 2015
HAVANA: Cuban officials and New York business executives are exploring ways for companies to do business on the communist-run island despite the longstanding U.S. embargo that makes most trade and investment illegal, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday.
Gov. Cuomo is set to depart Monday morning on a whirlwind, one-day trade mission to Cuba he says is a step toward bringing change to the communist country.
CAF-Development Bank of Latin America plans a small overture toward Cuba later this month that could be a stepping stone toward the island rejoining the international financial community.
The first opposition candidates to stand in a Cuban election for decades have conceded defeat. Hildebrando Chaviano is an independent journalist and lawyer, and Yuniel Lopez a member of an outlawed political party, the Independent and Democratic Cuba Party.
Taking Cuba off the list of nations that sponsor terrorism is the latest development that will attract foreign companies to the island. So who wants in? These five stats explain which industries present the most opportunities as Cuba opens for business.
At the Summit of the Americas, President Obama took the next crucial steps in his quest to normalize relations with Cuba. Not only did he have a cordial meeting with Cuban leader Raul Castro, he announced that Cuba would be removed from the U.S. list of states that sponsor terrorism. Both actions have been long overdue.
WASHINGTON—A group of heavy-hitting political operatives are setting up a new campaign to press Congress to repeal the long-standing trade and travel embargo with Cuba.
Taking advantage of the headway provided by decades of doing business in Cuba, Spanish businessmen want to make sure they are well-positioned in the Caribbean island by the time the United States decides to lift its more than 50-year-old trade embargo.
Washington, DC- The Cuba Study Group released the following statement today following news of Cuba’s removal from the list of State Sponsors of Terrorism:
First on the agenda will be determining whether to remove Cuba from a list of state sponsors of terrorism, after the State Department sent its recommendation to the White House last week.
PANAMA CITY, PANAMA (Reuters) - The U.S. and Cuban foreign ministers met in Panama on Thursday, a U.S. official said, in the highest-level meeting between the two sides since the earliest days of the Cuban revolution more than half a century ago.
(Reuters) - President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro shook hands on Friday at a summit in Panama, a symbolically charged gesture as the pair seek to restore ties between the Cold War foes.
A legal analysis of the legal restrictions resulting from the SSOT designation, the process for lifting the designation and the impact that removing the designation would have on trade with Cuba prepared by Hogal Lovells at the request of the Cuba Study Group.
The U.S. State Department's recent recommendation that U.S. President Barack Obama take Cuba off the list of state sponsors of international terrorism removes a major roadblock to the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between Washington and Havana.
PANAMA CITY (Reuters) - One of the most influential pro-business lobbyists in Washington said on Wednesday he is optimistic the U.S. Congress might lift the trade embargo against Cuba before the next presidential election in 2016.
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