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August 2015
HAVANA-Julio Hernandez is a telecommunications engineer, but like almost anyone else in Cuba who wants to get on the Internet, to do so he must crouch on a dusty street corner with his laptop, inhaling car exhaust and enduring sweltering heat.
With the year-long drought in Cuba forecast to worsen in the coming months, some residents are harboring what may seem like an unusual hope.
Carnival CCL +2.13% newest cruise line is sailing in a new direction; Fathom’s destination is social impact. Initially sailing with one vessel, the Adonia, Fathom passengers will visit the Dominican Republic and Cuba to work alongside locals as volunteers on water and other projects.
Critics of President Obama’s decision to normalize relations with Cuba have accused him of abandoning dissidents on the island, a marginalized group that had been at the heart of American policy toward Havana.
As U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry spoke at the U.S. embassy in Havana last week, just a few rows to Kerry's left sat Pedro Freyre, waiting for the U.S. flag to rise over Cuba for the first time in 54 years.
HAVANA- In the shadow of a giant image of Argentine Che Guevara, workmen are in the final stages of building the altar where Argentina-born Pope Francis will celebrate mass in the Plaza de la Revolución during his four-day visit to Cuba next month.
Yovanni Cantillo started Ya, Cuba’s first fast-food drive-through, last year. Every six weeks since, he travels overseas to haul back suitcases full of soda cups with lids, thick straws for milkshakes, and small plastic cups for ketchup—items Cuba’s state-owned stores don’t carry.
While members of Congress wring their hands over whether to end the Cuban trade embargo, exporters in Latin America, the EU, Russia and East Asia are descending on Cuba and making deals left and right.
After 54 years, an American flag now flies over an American embassy in Havana. We hope this diplomatic opening will foster economic and political reforms for the long-suffering Cuban people that never took root under decades of U.S. isolation. But we also anticipate benefits for the American people.
As we stepped outside of Jose Marti Airport amidst the humidity and frenzy of locals eagerly awaiting relatives, we were greeted by our driver, a 45-year-old Czech expat who arrived to Havana five years ago. Having missed out on the capitalist transformation after the 1989 fall of the USSR, our "man in Havana" was determined to "strike gold" this time around but in Cuba.
Aug 18 (Reuters) - There is no timeline for reestablishing U.S. commercial air travel to Cuba, the State Department said on Tuesday following media reports that Washington was working to begin scheduled flights between the two countries as soon as December.
The new Havana embassy is the last big move left for the White House to make. Any progress after this won't be so easy.
White House aims to loosen travel restrictions for individual U.S. travelers despite congressional ban
Aug. 17--HAVANA -- At a recent international conference on environmental protection, a Cuban official stressed that her nation's treasures would not be polluted, bulldozed or otherwise sacrificed by invading American tourists.
MIAMI (WSVN) -- After several hours of prepping their work over hot stoves, several Cuban chefs will be offering exciting dishes to guests inside a South Florida restaurant on the same day the U.S. flag was raised in Havana.
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