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September 2014
For the United States, the last Summit of the Americas was a fairly regrettable experience. That 2012 event is probably best remembered for the prostitution scandal that embarrassed the Secret Service, its agents' reputation for steely discipline wilted by the tropical heat of host city Cartagena, Colombia.
The son of a Canadian automobile executive who has been sentenced to 15 years in jail in Cuba on corruption charges said Monday his dad maintains he's innocent and is determined to fight for his freedom.Raffi Tokmakjian said during an emotional news conference on Monday that the claims against his father Cy Tokmakjian, who owns the Ontario-based automotive company Tokmakjian Group, are "completely false."
View video of all presentations at the Third Conference on Reconciliation and Change: The Importance of Dignity, by visiting the Reconciliation Project homepage.
(Reuters) - Cuba offered to free jailed Canadian executive Cy Tokmakjian in return for $55 million and company assets, his company said on Monday, but the deal fell through because the firm didn't have the money and the businessman wanted to clear his name.
HAVANA (AP) — Cuba's state-run tourism industry is increasingly doing business with the country's new class of private entrepreneurs, trying to improve quality of food and lodging while maintaining a grip on the sector's biggest sources of foreign exchange.
A Miami-based publication says it is launching a new effort to measure Cuba’s economic pulse. The Cuba Standard Economic Trend Index, compiled by a team of Cuba-born economists, will offer a monthly outlook on Cuba’s economy by using an “independent measurement,” according to a statement released last week.
MIAMI — A third annual conference on Cuban reconciliation is taking place in Miami. The conference Friday at Miami Dade College will feature academics and U.S. diplomats.
The United States reaffirmed Friday its opposition to Cuba's participation in the Americas Summit, on grounds that only "democratic" countries should attend, but did not specify whether it would skip the regional conference if Panama goes forward with its intention to invite the Cuban government.
The Cuban Domestic Trade department put the number eateries being privatized at 9,000 -- compared with 1,261 private family-run restaurants already operating. The state will still own the land the restaurants sit on.
An attorney for a Maryland man who has spent over four years imprisoned in Cuba will argue before a federal appeals court that he should be allowed to sue the U.S. government over his imprisonment.
The Cuban government approved 498 non-agricultural cooperatives since the first 124 were created a year ago as a new model of economic enterprise, Cabinet secretary Homero Acosta said.
New speakers added, including keynote speaker Ambassador Tom Pickering, former Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs. This conference will explore the role that dignity plays as a central element in facilitating reconciliation and consider how this knowledge may be applied to an eventual process of reconciliation among cubans.
U.S. policies toward Cuba are anachronistic and perplexing. The embargo is a Cold War relic that has long ago stopped serving its intended purpose. It was adopted after the now-defunct Soviet Union tried to establish nuclear bases on the island, bringing the two superpowers to the verge of nuclear war.
(Reuters) - U.S. economic sanctions against Cuba have cost the island nation $3.9 billion in foreign trade over the past year, helping to raise the overall estimate of economic damage to $116.8 billion over the past 55 years, Cuba said on Tuesday.
After five years in a Cuban prison, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) employee Alan Gross reports that he is losing his will to live. Gross, a U.S. citizen arrested in April 2009, was involved in a project that purported to open web access on the island, but his arrest warrant indicted him for attempts to destabilize the Cuban government.
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