For half a century Fidel Castro seemed to be everywhere in Cuba — inspecting factories, farms and offices, expounding to the press and zooming to the scenes of natural disasters to direct the minutest details of the response.

His brother Raul was a military man who operated from behind the scenes, rarely making speeches and going long stretches without appearing in public, even as he attempted historic reforms of Cuba's economy and foreign policy.

Recent Articles

Date Title
5/30/18 As Cuba enters the post-Castro era, its ballet company seems stuck in the past
Sarah L. Kaufman, Washington Post
5/30/18 New Cuba leader praises Maduro in 'solidarity' visit to Venezuela
Vivian Sequera, Reuters
5/30/18 Got minutes? A new currency is making its rounds in Cuba.
Mario J. Pentón, Miami Herald
5/29/18 Cuba to update Soviet-era constitution, adapting to reforms
Andrea Rodriguez, ABC News
5/29/18 Cuba calls on US and Canada to investigate 'sonic attack' claims
Ian Sample, The Guardian
5/28/18 U.N. members offer 339 suggestions on how Cuba can improve human rights record
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
5/28/18 Cuban immigrants are no longer 'privileged' in the United States
Sarah Moreno, Miami Herald
5/28/18 68 of its residents were killed in Cuba plane crash. Now Holguín is filled with grief
Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
5/24/18 Disastrous Cuban sugar harvest may force imports - and reform
Marc Frank, NASDAQ
5/24/18 Tragic Cuba plane crash shows that new Cuban government can't afford to cover up news
Fabiola Santiago, Miami Herald
5/24/18 Cuba's new leader just faced his first crisis. It gave us a glimpse of his governing style
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
5/23/18 Pompeo Says Mysterious Sickness Among Diplomats in Cuba Has Spread to China
Gardiner Harris, New York Times
5/23/18 Havana Cruise Terminal to Triple in Size as Cuba Chases Tourists
Christopher Jasper, Bloomberg
5/23/18 Anti-Castro militant Posada Carriles is dead at 90
Nora Gámez Torres and Glenn Garvin, Miami Herald
5/23/18 After 737 Crash, Some Cuban-Americans Say US Should Lease Cuba Planes And Parts
Tim Padgett, WLRN
5/22/18 'Massacre' in central Cuba raises questions about violence against women on the island
Mario J. Pentón and Justo Mora, Miami Herald
5/22/18 Current Record
5/21/18 American LGBTQ advocates visit Havana for Cuban pride events
Steve Rothaus, Miami Herald
5/21/18 Boeing to join Mexico in probe of deadly Cuba plane crash
Santiago Perez and Anthony Harrup, MarketWatch
5/20/18 Company Behind Cuba Plane Crash Was Subject of 2 Previous Performance Complaints
Michael Weissenstein and Bert Wilkinson, Time
5/17/18 State Department postpones event on Cuba after Sen. Rubio protests
Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
5/17/18 Cuba's Ladies in White win $250,000 prize for advancing liberty
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
5/16/18 New leadership offers a chance for a US-Cuba reboot
Michael Czinkota and Lisa Burgoa, The Hill
5/16/18 The United States and Cuba clash over human rights at U.N. meeting
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
5/15/18 Exclusive: As Venezuelans suffer, Maduro buys foreign oil to subsidize Cuba
Marianna Parraga and Jeanne Liendo, Reuters
5/13/18 Cubans show LGBTQ pride with flags and dancing in Havana parade
Orlando Matos, Roberto Leon, and Kalhan Rosenblatt, NBC News
5/11/18 With new a president, we have an opportunity to begin the process of re-establishing relations with Cuba
Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-ALA.), The Hill
5/10/18 Trump’s Cuba Crackdown Brings Surprising Windfall to Cruise Lines
Chris Palmeri, YAHOO Finance
5/10/18 In Cuba, longtime baseball fans now wild for European soccer
Jorge Ebro, Miami Herald
5/9/18 A Cuban cornucopia at the Kennedy Center
Anne Midgette, Washington Post
5/9/18 U.S. trade embargo has cost Cuba $130 billion, U.N. says
5/8/18 Cuba in drive to attract foreign investment
Marc Frank, Financial Times
5/8/18 Cuban biologist turned farmer becomes target of Castro regime
Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
5/7/18 Can Cuba's Miguel Díaz-Canel Complete Raúl Castro's Economic Revolution?
William M. LeoGrande, Newsweek
5/6/18 Raul Castro’s daughter to push for gay marriage in Cuba
AP, Washington Post
5/6/18 Politics collides with art as Kennedy Center prepares for Cuban culture festival
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
5/3/18 The Kennedy Center is bringing Cuba’s top musicians, dancers and other artists to D.C.
Sadie Dingfelder, Washington Post
5/3/18 Barzee Flores switches races, challenges Mario Diaz-Balart
Marc Caputo, Politico
5/1/18 Rubio recommends onetime Trump critic for Cuba broadcast job
Marc Caputo, Politico
5/1/18 In show of continuity, Castro flanks new Cuban leader at May Day rally
Sarah Marsh, Reuters