HAVANA (AP) - Twenty-two percent of Cuban workers were employed in non-governmental jobs last year, up from 16 percent in 2010, according to statistics released Thursday.

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8/31/12 Cuba growing less food than 5 years ago despite agriculture reforms
Reuters World News
8/31/12 Cuba registra dispositivo para detectar el cáncer de colon
El Nuevo Herald
8/30/12 Cuba reports mixed results of labor reform
Reuters World News
8/30/12 Cuba says 22 percent of jobs private last year, up from 16 percent in 2010
The Washington Post
8/30/12 Current Record
8/30/12 Gas station blast injures 31 in Cuba; 5 'grave'
Miami Herald
8/29/12 Presidential Candidates Largely Ignore Travel Industry Despite Job And Economic Growth Potential
The Huffington Post
8/29/12 Cuba says cholera outbreak over
Miami Herald
8/29/12 Aunt says the daughter of Cuba’s vice president defected for love
Miami Herald
8/29/12 Romney and Ryan are now on the same page - the wrong one - on Cuba
New York Daily News
8/28/12 Cuba says cholera outbreak over
8/28/12 Cuba declara superado el brote de cólera tras 417 casos
El Universal
8/27/12 Cuba busca hacer más eficiente su sistema de salud
América TeVe
8/23/12 Number of women in Cuban gov't posts increasing
8/23/12 U.S. puts the brakes on American trips to Cuba
Laura Bly, USA Today
8/22/12 Fidel Castro at work on book with Chavez: blogger
Jeff Franks, Reuters
8/22/12 Cuban dissident's widow does not buy accident story
8/22/12 Female Cuban players defect
Jorge Ebro, Miami Herald
8/21/12 Terabytes... Slipping the Bonds of Censorship in Cuba
Yoani Sanchez, Huffington Post
8/21/12 Cuba convicts 12 of corruption in nickel industry
Peter Orsi, Miami Herald
8/21/12 Cuba's Changing Government Examines Asia Model
Nick Miroff, NPR
8/20/12 Republican platform doesn't abandon Cuba after all
Paul West, Sun Sentinel
8/19/12 Venezuelan state governor: Cuba inefficient at managing ports, food distribution
Antonio Maria Delgado, Miami Herald
8/18/12 Getting at the truth of car crash that killed Oswaldo Payá
Editorial Board, The Washington Post
8/17/12 Unleashing music’s power for political change in Cuba
Joe Cardona, Miami Herald
8/17/12 Cuba asks islanders’ help against booming mosquito population; rumors of dengue, yellow fever
Associated Press
8/16/12 Cuban police detain 3 dissidents handing out leaflets demanding human rights
Juan O. Tamayo, Miami Herald
8/16/12 Cuba prosecutors seek seven years for Spain's Carromero
BBC News
8/14/12 Moya, other dissidents, detained after confrontation
8/13/12 Sanctions: A popular weapon with mixed results
Bloomberg Businessweek
8/13/12 Does Ryan Pick Help or Hurt Romney's Chances In Florida?
NPR: Blogs
8/13/12 Ryan's Cuba embargo stance examined
Journal Sentinel
8/12/12 Fidel Castro to turn 86, but out of view since June
Reuters Top News
8/12/12 Freedom fireworks set off near Cuba
8/10/12 Report: Swede involved in Cuba dissident car crash concerned about fate of Spanish driver
Associated Press
8/9/12 Cuba reports revenues rose 12.8 percent last year in tourism, key source of foreign income
Associated Press
8/8/12 Navigating humanitarian deliveries to Cuba is tricky for Miami terminal operator
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
8/8/12 Cuban migrants reach Florida in engine-powered wooden boat
Reuters World News
8/8/12 Cuba's ban on anti-Castro musicians quietly lifted
Sarah Rainsford, BBC News
8/7/12 As Cuba goes gray, aging population poses a challenge for Raul Castro’s economic agenda
Associated Press
8/6/12 Cuba says another offshore well is not successful
8/3/12 Key political risks to watch in Cuba
Jeff Franks, Reuters
8/3/12 Epidemia de cólera se propaga en el oriente de Cuba
Café Fuerte
8/2/12 Cuba still searching for economic model that works
Juan O. Tamayo and Mimi Whitfield, Miami Herald
8/2/12 Cuba Should Stop Detaining Opponents, Rights Group Says
Fox News Latino
8/2/12 Research and Markets: Travel and Tourism in Cuba: Key Trends and Opportunities to 2016 - Total Number of Domestic and Outbound Trips Undertaken By Cubans Increased From 5.2 Million In 2007 To 5.8 Million In 2011
8/2/12 US-bound Cubans pour into Panama through Colombia
Juan Zamorano, Associated Press
8/2/12 Cuban dissident’s family insists another car was involved in fatal crash
Juan O. Tamayo, Miami Herald
8/1/12 Cuban opera singer challenges "jealous" bureaucrats over closed theater
Marc Frank, Reuters
8/1/12 Cuba car crash fallout turns focus on dissidents' funds
Sarah Rainsford, BBC News