Cuban small businesses, most of which work with goods that arrive with travelers or in shipments from the United States, are experiencing higher import fees from the government, which the businesses intend to pass along to customers.

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7/31/12 Spaniard charged with vehicular manslaughter in highway crash that killed dissident Paya
Associated Press
7/31/12 Cuban bank deposits abroad plummet from $5.65 to $2.8 billion
Juan O. Tamayo, Miami Herald
7/30/12 European survivors of crash that killed Cuba dissident deny rumors of 2nd vehicle involved
The Washington Post
7/29/12 Payá’s death leaves leadership gap in Cuba dissident movement that’s hard to fill
Juan O. Tamayo, Miami Herald
7/28/12 Granma abre sección para detallar costes de la salud pública en Cuba
El Nuevo Herald
7/27/12 Cuba: Driver error to blame for dissident's death
7/27/12 US Tells Cuba to End Authoritarianism, Then We'll Talk
7/27/12 Navy chief: Russia talking to Cuba, Vietnam and Seychelles about naval bases
The Washington Post
7/27/12 Cuba broadens economic reforms, plans new measures
Marc Frank, Reuters
7/26/12 U.S. conditions talks with Cuba on end to authoritarianism
Fox News Latino
7/26/12 Raul Castro reiterates willingness to sit down with US as Cuba marks Revolution Day
Associated Press
7/26/12 Cuban police told Paya widow he died from a head trauma in single-car accident
Juan O. Tamayo, Miami Herald
7/26/12 Raul Castro: Cuba willing to sit down with US
Peter Orsi, Miami Herald
7/25/12 U.S. tourist ordered to pay $6,500 fine for illegal Cuba trip
7/25/12 Cuba criticized over brief detentions at funeral of dissident who died in car crash
Associated Press
7/25/12 Romney should heed Payá’s message
Andres Oppenheimer, Miami Herald
7/25/12 Dozens reported arrested on way to Cuban dissident's funeral
Patrick Oppmann, CNN
7/24/12 At Owaldo Payá's Funeral, His Daughter Honors Him: "We Do Not Seek Revenge, But We Thirst for the Truth"
The Huffington Post - Blog
7/24/12 Florida appeals Miami federal judge ruling blocking law prohibiting hiring of companies tied to Cuba
7/24/12 Cuban activists pay tribute to Oswaldo Paya
BBC News
7/24/12 Cuba Plans $100 Million Fund to Aid Worker-Run Businesses
Eric Sabo, Bloomberg
7/23/12 Details of crash that killed Cuban dissident disputed International
7/23/12 Cuba economy czar says cooperatives by year-end
Peter Orsi, Miami Herald
7/23/12 Cuban lawmakers meet to consider Castro's reforms
7/23/12 Cuba economy czar: 222 experimental non-state cooperatives to be launched by year’s end
Associated Press
7/22/12 Cuban activist Oswaldo Paya dies in car crash, fellow dissidents say
The Washington Post
7/22/12 Statement by the Cuba Study Group following news of the untimely passing of Oswaldo Payá
Cuba Study Group
7/21/12 Leaving Cuba: The difficult task of exiting the island
BBC News
7/20/12 Cuban doctors treated private patients in public hospitals
7/20/12 Cuba's Parliament prepares for meeting
7/20/12 Airline Brokers seeks to fly to 3rd Cuban city
Juan O. Tamayo, Miami Herald
7/18/12 Cuban journalist who wrote exposé of bungled aqueduct project reportedly faces espionage charges
7/17/12 Current Record
7/17/12 Health Care Quality in Cuba
Healthcare Economist
7/17/12 Cuba decrees steep increase for import tax
7/17/12 Cuba sharply hikes tax on imported goods in blow to small business owners, other islanders
The Washington Post
7/16/12 Palestinian president urged Raúl Castro to free Alan Gross
7/16/12 Cuba cholera cases now stand at 170 confirmed and eight more suspected
7/16/12 Old Havana quietly experiments with renting prime real estate to private entrepreneurs
The Washington Post
7/16/12 Cuba Hits Wall in 2-Year Push to Expand the Private Sector
Victoria Burnett, The New York Times
7/12/12 Washington company fined for Cuba sanction violations
7/12/12 Government says cholera cases jump from 85 to 110, but outbreak remains under control
7/11/12 Cuban government: Cholera outbreak under control
7/10/12 Congress considers ban on U.S. military contracts for companies doing business in Cuba
7/10/12 Regular maritime shipments of humanitarian goods for Cuba begin from Miami
7/10/12 Should the U.S. raise a fist or offer a hand to Cuba?
Yoani Sanchez, CNN
7/9/12 Cuba's Raul Castro winding down Vietnam visit
The Huffington Post
7/8/12 Cuba's Raul Castro welcomed to Vietnam
7/8/12 Cuban President Raul Castro visits Vietnam, sees socialism and capitalism working together
The Washington Post
7/8/12 Lessons for Cuba from Hungary
7/6/12 Cuba, USA Baseball begin 5-game series in Havana after 16-year hiatus
The Washington Post
7/5/12 Cuban President Raul Castro signs deals in China
BBC News
7/5/12 Raul Castro's long trip to China raises questions about a secret stopover
7/5/12 Cuban bank assets in a foreign bank system drop
7/5/12 Cuban bank assets in a foreign bank system dropped from $5.65 billion to $4.1 billion in three months
7/5/12 Cuba's small-scale successes with solar, wind energy yet to make a nationwide impact
The Washington Post
7/4/12 Navy plans $40 million fiber-optic link to Guantánamo base
7/4/12 Cuba's Raul Castro visits key trading partner China; will meet Hu, other leaders on 4-day trip
The Washington Post
7/3/12 Rare cholera outbreak kills 3 in eastern Cuba
7/3/12 Jailed Cuban dissident rushed to hospital after long hunger strike
7/2/12 Anti-malaria products from Cuba meet some resistance in Africa
7/2/12 Letter from NGOs to technology executives
Cuba Study Group et al.
7/2/12 CSG joins other NGOs in urging technology companies to make products available in countries where civil society faces isolation and repression
Cuba Study Group
7/1/12 Cuba, Russia, and China Shut Down UN Human Rights Discussion About Venezuela
The Huffington Post - Blog
7/1/12 Castro: 'Let them eat trees'