Today, Cuba begins an important transition: Raúl Castro steps down as Head of State. While he will continue as First Secretary of the Cuban Communist Party through 2021, Castro’s retirement from an executive position portends the ultimate passing of the Revolution’s “founding generation” from power.

Cuban officials have spoken of the need for “continuity,” but this transition can and should also catalyze a new era of change. Over the next five years, Cuba’s leaders must re-energize stalled economic reforms. Officials can no longer delay addressing complex issues such as currency reform while the future of the island’s private sector—on hold since new licenses were frozen in August—awaits resolution. Cuba must deal with these concerns in an unfavorable external environment. By any stretch, the challenges are immense.

Rather than engaging at this critical juncture in Cuba’s future, however, the United States remains on the sidelines. Due to the withdrawal of most diplomatic personnel, the U.S. embassy in Havana currently operates with a skeleton crew. Not since before the establishment of the U.S. Interests Section in 1977 has our presence and influence on the island been so diminished. While working-level discussions between both governments continue on issues of mutual concern, changes in travel regulations for U.S. citizens, combined with the difficulty Cubans now face in acquiring visas to visit the United States, have exacerbated an already difficult situation for Cuba’s economy and private sector. Furthermore, an aggressive tone and toughened sanctions strengthened the hand of those on the island who are most opposed to internal economic and political change.

At this historic pivot point, Cuba’s leaders have an opportunity to re-galvanize moves toward greater economic and political openness. The United States, meanwhile, should once again position itself as a partner, not antagonist, of this process. An endless bilateral standoff is a very familiar script that Cubans know does not benefit them. As a new government takes office in Havana, we call on both Cuban and U.S. officials to take rational steps to improve the lives of the Cuban people, and not retreat to familiar policies and rhetorical trenches.

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