Money starts to talk

July 22, 2013

AT 9.01am one morning earlier this month, Marino Murillo, a member of Cuba’s ruling Politburo, strode on to the stage at the International Press Centre in Havana, gave a concise account of the government’s economic plans, and took questions for 45 minutes. What would have been routine elsewhere was remarkable in communist Cuba, for three reasons. 

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7/31/13 Phony rum kills seven in Cuba, dozens hospitalized
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7/31/13 Cuba reports highest outflow of citizens since 1994
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7/28/13 Leadership, for Today... and Tomorrow's Cuba
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7/28/13 Fidel Castro: 'Slander' over case of seized arms
7/28/13 Fidel Castro complains of manipulation, 'slander'; over seized weapons shipment to North Korea
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7/27/13 Coast Guard returns 23 Cubans to their homeland
7/26/13 Andres Oppenheimer: Cuba celebrates 60 years of involution
7/26/13 People-to-people trip by ship to Cuba canceled
7/26/13 Cuba marks 60th anniversary of revolution's start
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7/25/13 Uruguay president says Fidel Castro mentally sharp
7/25/13 As Communist Cuba Reforms, Capitalism Slowly Takes Hold of Its Real Estate Market
7/24/13 Bid for Cuban baseball players, both revolutionaries and defectors, to play in Miami goes awry
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7/24/13 Cuban Missiles to North Korea: Did Raul Castro Want to Get Caught?
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7/24/13 For Cuba, a Harsh Self-Assessment
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7/24/13 Cuban Missiles to North Korea: Did Raul Castro Want to Get Caught?
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7/23/13 Issue #18: Microfinancing and Microloans for Cuba Files
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7/22/13 American Express agrees to $5.2 million settlement with Treasury Department over Cuba travel
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7/22/13 Cuba still allergic to private property as reforms creep forward
Reuters US News
7/22/13 Set the farmers and shopkeepers free
The Economist
7/22/13 Current Record
7/22/13 Crítica situación del servicio de ambulancias en La Habana
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7/21/13 Cuba desarrolla esperanzador medicamento contra el cáncer
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7/20/13 Cuba renovating Havana airport terminal
7/20/13 Cuba le dijo a Panamá que barco norcoreano llevaba donación de azúcar: funcionario
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7/19/13 Panama finds more containers of Cuban war materiel on North Korean ship
7/19/13 Cuba's '1 percent' is not who you think it is
7/18/13 Americans Can Travel To Cuba By Boat With New People-To-People Trip
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7/17/13 Analysis: Ship seizure shows dire straits of Cuban military rather than threat
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7/17/13 U.S., Cuba restart migration talks after two-year break
Reuters US News
7/17/13 Senators push for action on Cuba over North Korean arms ship
Reuters US News
7/17/13 U.S., Cuba resuming migration talks
CBS News
7/17/13 Cuba calls equipment seized on North Korean ship obsolete weaponry it had sent for repair
The Washington Post
7/16/13 Cuba pushes ahead on reforms but insists island not for sale
Financial Times
7/16/13 Panama detains N. Korean-flagged ship, seizes weapons
The Washington Post
7/16/13 Cuban hotel guests complain of prostitution
7/15/13 Cuba steps up reform efforts but insists that the island is not for sale
Financial Times Print Edition (USA)
7/15/13 Cuban, US diplomats increasingly allowed to travel
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7/15/13 Cuban athletes and artists get in on capitalism
7/15/13 Cuba shows beginnings of free enterprise—sort of
7/15/13 Cuba Libre: Entrepreneurs Make Most of New Freedom
7/12/13 New Battle Over the Bay of Pigs Invasion
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7/12/13 Cuba Announces Financial Reforms, Opens Up To Foreign Investment
International Business Times
7/11/13 Issue #17: Cuba today: walking new roads? Files
Roberto Veiga González, From the Island
7/11/13 Raúl Castro se reunió con directora de la OPS de visita en Cuba
El Nuevo Herald
7/10/13 Congressional Subcommittee Reacts To Beyoncé, Jay-Z Cuba Trip With New Proposed Restrictions
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7/10/13 La libreta de racionamiento cumple 50 años en la Cuba comunista
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7/9/13 Op-ed: Now It Is Not the Time to Change the 1966 Cuban Adjustment Act
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7/9/13 Cuba economy czar: Reforms entering critical phase
Bloomberg Businessweek
7/8/13 Cuba to embark on deregulation of state companies
Reuters News
7/8/13 Slowly, Cuba Is Developing an Appetite for Spending
The New York Times
7/8/13 Cuba backs Snowden asylum offers from allies
Bloomberg Businessweek
7/6/13 Tampa looks to capitalize on tomorrow's Cuba
7/5/13 Cuba to Help Jamaica on Manufacturing of Solar Panels
Caribbean Journal
7/4/13 Cuba: Flap over late cultural figure's estate
7/4/13 Cuban government, family of deceased cultural luminary, at odds over sudden home search
The Washington Post
7/3/13 Cuba denounces U.S. pressure over Snowden's fate
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7/3/13 Why This Summer Offers Hope For Better U.S.-Cuba Relations
7/3/13 Cuba removes ex-parliament chief Alarcon, others from Communist Party central committee
The Washington Post
7/1/13 Cuba state TV airs 1st MLB game in 52 years, but islanders disappointed by no Cuban players
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7/1/13 Op-ed: Shakur, Snowden And State Department: Is Cuba State Sponsor Of Terrorism?
Eurasia Review
7/1/13 Cuban Evolution