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4/30/13 Leader of Dissident Group 'Ladies In White' Uses Trip To Denounce Cuba's Regime
Fox News Latino
4/30/13 Organizers: Mariela Castro will visit Philadelphia
4/30/13 Despite hurdles, Cuba real estate market buzzing
Bloomberg Businessweek
4/29/13 Ladies in White leader wants U.S. to maintain hard-line on Cuba
4/28/13 Dissident says she expects a free Cuba soon with support from exiles
4/28/13 Cuba's young see bleak future, many want to leave
Chicago Tribune
4/28/13 Globe-trotting Cuban activists sway world opinion
4/27/13 Cuba Still Struggling To Recover Six Months After Hurricane Sandy
Fox News Latino
4/26/13 Cuba ends half-century ban on pro boxing
4/26/13 Cuba joins World Series of Boxing, ending half-century ban on professional pugilism
The Washington Post
4/26/13 Cuban official says parliament to return to historic Capitol building after 5 decades
The Washington Post
4/26/13 Cuba's Diaz-Canel, in Haiti, Urges Accelerated Regional Integration
Caribbean Journal
4/26/13 U.S. Denies Raul Castro's Daughter Request To Travel Here To Accept Award
Fox News Latino
4/25/13 Rosa María Payá: What Cuba does to its own people
New York Daily News
4/25/13 Cuban biotech industry expected to double in five years
Yahoo! News India
4/23/13 Cuba's Ladies in White collect Sakharov Prize
4/23/13 Cuban dissidents pick up EU prize, 8 years later
Bloomberg Businessweek
4/23/13 Cuba and Saudi Arabia Sign Agreement on Water Supply Project
Caribbean Journal
4/23/13 Cuban opposition group Ladies in White to collect prize
BBC News
4/23/13 Fire at TV Marti causes damage to central newsroom
4/21/13 Number of Cuban migrants to U.S. believed to be rising
4/19/13 Yoani Sanchez and Cuba's black-market politics
4/19/13 Sustainable Farming In Cuba Ideal Job In An Isolated Country
The Huffington Post
4/19/13 Blue Scorpion Venom: Cuba's Miracle Drug
Miami New Times
4/19/13 Bahamas Expects to Strike Oil Even After Cuba Exploration Failed
4/18/13 Secretary of State: No swap of Cuban spies for Alan Gross
4/18/13 Ron Paul: Why Can't We All Travel To Cuba?
Eurasia Review
4/18/13 How Cubans' Health Improved When Their Economy Collapsed
The Atlantic
4/18/13 Cuba's Ladies In White Claim EU Prize 8 Years Later
Fox News Latino
4/18/13 Cuba and Vietnam Sign Agreement on Educational Cooperation
Carib Journal
4/17/13 Cuba's 'Ladies' to pick up EU prize 8 years later
4/17/13 Cuba's Ladies in White due in Brussels to receive 2005 human rights award
The Washington Post
4/17/13 Cuba no retirará médicos de Venezuela
El Nuevo Herald
4/17/13 Venezuela forces Cuba's pace of change
Financial Times
4/16/13 Cuba sends "heartfelt condolences" to United States, condemns "all acts of terrorism"
The Washington Post
4/16/13 Companies abandon search for oil in Cuba's deep waters
4/15/13 Pitbull Defends Beyonce, Jay Z In New Version Of "Open Letter"
Fox News Latino
4/15/13 Diego Maradona visits Fidel Castro in Cuba - CNN
4/15/13 Cuba relieved as Chavez heir wins in Venezuela
Bloomberg Businessweek
4/15/13 View Cuba beyond the Castros
Boston Herald
4/15/13 Why American Business Needs to Follow Beyoncé to Cuba
Bloomberg Businessweek
4/15/13 Opposition candidate demands recount in Venezuela
Bloomberg Businessweek
4/15/13 Opposition candidate demands recount in Venezuela
Associated Press
4/14/13 Companies abandon search for oil in Cuba's deep waters
Sun Sentinel
4/12/13 Geraldo Rivera: Tourism Is Not Terrorism
Fox News Latino
4/11/13 Jay-Z address Cuba trip with Beyonce and criticizes politicians in new song 'Open Letter'
The Washington Post
4/11/13 US couple in jail after fleeing to Cuba with kids
Associated Press
4/11/13 Current Record
4/10/13 Cuba gives reporters rare tour of island lockups
4/10/13 Cuba gives reporters rare prison tour, seemingly seeking to counter criticisms of conditions
Fox News
4/10/13 Under the radar, Cuba and US often work together
Associated Press
4/10/13 Legacy of Yoani Sánchez visit: Seize the moment
Carlos Saladrigas, The Miami Herald
4/10/13 America's flawed Cuba policy: Bey and Jay edition
Foreign Policy
4/9/13 America's flawed Cuba policy: Bey and Jay edition
FP Passport
4/9/13 Oswaldo Payá's Daughter: Fatal Car Wreck Was Second Suspicious One in Two Months
Fox News Latino
4/9/13 Cuba to turn over Florida couple and children
Bloomberg Businessweek
4/9/13 Beyonce and Jay-Z Cuba Trip Reignites Debate on U.S. Travel Ban To The Island
Fox News Latino
4/9/13 3D Finally Comes to Cuba
The Huffington Post - Blog
4/8/13 What Beyonce and Rep. Castor have in common: neither cares much about Cuba human rights, says Rep. Diaz-Balart
Miami Herald Blog
4/8/13 Beyonce and Jay Z's Cuba Trip was Approved by Treasury Department, Report Says
Fox News Latino
4/8/13 Miguel Diaz-Canel: The man tipped to lead Cuba
BBC News
4/8/13 U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor: Lift Cuba embargo, travel restrictions
4/8/13 Cuban-American U.S. Representatives Mario Diaz, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Decry Jay-Z, Beyonce Cuba Visit
The Huffington Post
4/8/13 Freed Cuban spy seeks return for father's death
4/7/13 Cuba and the Beyonce Effect
The Huffington Post
4/6/13 Jorge Mas Santos: Uniting what Castro has divided
4/6/13 Cuban Official Demoted For Op-Ed Published in United States
Fox News Latino
4/6/13 Venezuela's Capriles Wants Better Ties With U.S. If Elected President
Fox News Latino
4/6/13 Republican lawmakers seek details on Beyonce, Jay Z Cuba trip
Reuters Politics & Political News
4/5/13 Blogger Yoani Sánchez gets by with a lot of help from her friends
4/5/13 Glimmer of Cuban reconciliation in activist's trip
4/5/13 Fidel Castro llama a Corea del Norte y a EEUU a evitar una guerra nuclear
El Nuevo Herald
4/5/13 Winds of change
The Miami Herald
4/4/13 Beyonce, Jay-Z Celebrate Wedding Anniversary With Cozy Trip to Havana
Fox News Latino
4/4/13 Beyonce, Jay-Z In Cuba: Couple Spends Fifth Anniversary In Havana
The Huffington Post
4/3/13 Yoani Sánchez's tweetup lures 250 people to Arsht Center
The Miami Herald
4/3/13 Cuba gears up for first free trade industry zone
4/1/13 Yoani Sanchez: technology will help bring democracy to Cuba
4/1/13 Cuban Dissident Yoani Sanchez Receives Rock Star Welcome In Miami
Fox News Latino
4/1/13 Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez gets joyous Miami welcome
The Miami Herald
4/1/13 Cuba says U.S. gov't enabling theft of Cuban brands
4/1/13 Yoani Sánchez visit invites debate on U.S.-Cuba policy
Ricardo Herrero - The Miami Herald
4/1/13 Cubanos consumen 3.4 millones de condones al mes
Café Fuerte
4/1/13 New Breed of Cuban Dissident Finds Changed Miami
The New York Times