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12/30/13 Flight from Key West to Cuba ends 50-year dry spell
Associated Press
12/30/13 Former Cuban political prisoner Antonio Augusto Villareal dies at 63
El Nuevo Herald
12/28/13 Cuba Eases Rules for Small Business Lending
Associated Press
12/19/13 The Handshake Redux: Cuban Leader Told President Obama, 'Mr. President, I'm Castro'
Fox News Latino - Español
12/19/13 Cuba lifting restriction on purchase of cars
The Washington Post
12/16/13 Obama Needs More Than a Handshake With Cuba
Bloomberg View Editorial
12/15/13 Current Record
12/13/13 Give capitalism a chance to change Cuba
Fareed Zakaria, CNN's Global Public Square
12/13/13 Normalization with U.S. still years away, Cuban diplomat says
Fox News Latino - Español
12/13/13 Lift the Cuban Embargo
The New York Times Editorial Board
12/13/13 Cuban police free the last of the dissidents detained on Human Rights Day
12/12/13 Cuban pastor says he was denied permission to travel abroad
12/12/13 Obama's gesture trumps Putin's money in Cuba
12/12/13 Obama Reaches Out to Cuba’s Leader, but the Meaning May Elude Grasp
The New York Times
12/11/13 Cuba crecerá un 3 por ciento en 2014 y mantendrá la tendencia de años anteriores, según la Cepal
12/11/13 Up to 150 arrested in Cuba on global Human Rights Day
Fox News Latino - Español
12/11/13 The U.S. Cuba Embargo: Making Diplomacy Impossible
The Huffington Post
12/11/13 RBS to Pay $100 Million to Settle U.S. Sanctions Violation Probe
Bloomberg Businessweek
12/11/13 No high-five
The Economist
12/10/13 Obama-Castro redux: Image of a handshake, but a speech with a backhanded slap
Naked Politics -
12/10/13 Obama shakes hands with Cuba's Raul Castro
The Washington Post
12/10/13 Obama shakes hand of Cuba's Raul Castro at Mandela memorial
Reuters US News
12/10/13 Obama, Cuban President Raul Castro Shake Hands at Nelson Mandela Memorial
ABC News
12/10/13 CSG Statement on the 20th Anniversary of Human Rights Day Files
Cuba Study Group
12/9/13 In Cuba’s Press, Streets and Living Rooms, Glimmers of Openness to Criticism
The New York Times
12/9/13 Cuba temporarily reopens consular services in U.S., still seeks bank
12/7/13 Cuba reforms seen as changing ideals, values
Bloomberg Businessweek
12/5/13 Cuban Jewish leaders visit jailed U.S. man for Hanukah
Fox News Latino - Español
12/5/13 Statement on news of the passing of Nelson Mandela
Cuba Study Group
12/3/13 US man marks 4 years in Cuban prison, writes Obama
The Washington Post
12/1/13 U.S.-Cuba money transactions could get more complicated
12/1/13 Downpours in Havana collapse 49 buildings
Fox News Latino
12/1/13 Cuban doctors tend to Brazil's poor, giving Rousseff a boost
Chicago Tribune
12/1/13 Cuba expects slight rise in HIV cases
Fox News Latino - Español