Southcom general: Cuba policy needs a fresh look

May 26, 2006

Miami Herald- Pablo Bachelet

WASHINGTON - In unusually frank criticism of U.S. policy on Cuba by a top military officer, the outgoing head of the Miami-based Southern Command said Thursday he favors a top-to-bottom review of the policies, including a long-standing ban on most contacts between the U.S. and Cuban militaries.

The comments by Army Gen. Bantz J. Craddock came just days before President Bush is to receive a major report on U.S. policies toward the island, coordinated by the State Department but with input from other agencies, including the Department of Defense.

'One of the things that we as a government probably don't do well is to review our policies and our laws routinely, based upon the conditions in the world changing,' Craddock said in response to a question about Cuba during a briefing for a small group of reporters.

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