(Reuters) - The U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday voted overwhelmingly for the 22nd time to condemn the U.S. economic embargo against Cuba, whose foreign minister said the American policy in place since 1959 was barbaric and amounted to genocide.

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10/31/13 Cuban dissident blogger draws crowd at Valencia
Sun Sentinel
10/31/13 Economic Growth and Restructuring Through Trade and FDI: Costa Rican Experiences of Interest to Cuba
Alberto Trejos, Brookings Institute
10/30/13 Cuba legalizes rent-a-toilets in its effort to expand private business
10/30/13 Current Record
10/30/13 Key West-Havana flights resuming for first time since 1962
10/30/13 3-D Movie Theaters And Gaming Parlors Quietly Open In Cuba Thanks To Eased Restrictions
Fox News Latino - Español
10/29/13 UN General Assembly votes against US Cuba embargo
Bloomberg Businessweek
10/29/13 U.N. urges end of U.S. embargo on Cuba for 22nd year
Reuters World News
10/29/13 Soaring Number Of Cubans Are Entering The United States Through Mexican Border
Fox News Latino
10/28/13 Cubans traveling abroad in record numbers, officials say
Reuters Lifestyle News
10/28/13 Colombian guerrillas release American hostage
10/28/13 President of Cuba's National Assembly Visits Haiti
Carib Journal
10/27/13 Cuba y China crean grupo de intercambio en biotecnología y farmacéutica
El Nuevo Herald
10/26/13 Cuba: Two Currencies, Two Realities
The Huffington Post - Blog
10/25/13 29 years later, militant who hijacked plane to Cuba optimistic he can go home soon
The Washington Post
10/25/13 U.S. vice president receives leader of Cuba's Ladies in White
Fox News Latino - Español
10/25/13 Cuban city struggling to recover a year after Hurricane Sandy
10/24/13 Cuba trabaja en dos vacunas contra el cólera, una en fase de ensayos clínicos
El Nuevo Herald
10/22/13 Communist-run Cuba announces move toward currency unification but provides no details
Associated Press
10/22/13 Google Unveils Tools to Access Web From Repressive Countries
10/22/13 Cuba's top U.S. diplomat visits Chicago this week
Crain's Chicago Business
10/22/13 Be "rational" and end embargo, Cuba urges U.S.
10/21/13 US envoy meets with late Cuban activist's daughter
10/20/13 Blogger: Cubans use creativity to get info online
10/19/13 Dissident blogger Yoani Sanchez says Cubans using creative ways to access, spread info online
The Washington Post
10/18/13 North Korean ship carrying Cuban arms to be freed; two officers held
Chicago Tribune
10/18/13 Americans traveling to Cuba in record numbers
Reuters News
10/18/13 Cuban Ban On Import Sales Leaves Entrepreneurs With Uncertain Future
The Huffington Post
10/17/13 Cuban dissidents plant a hoax to trap government spies
10/16/13 Cuban dissident's widow thanks Spain for support
Fox News Latino - Español
10/16/13 Cuba's Justice Minister says the government fights prostitution
10/15/13 Issue #21: Reconciliation in Cuba: bringing down walls, building a peaceful coexistence
Dagoberto Valdés, From the Island
10/13/13 New Year's in Havana?
The Washington Post
10/13/13 Cuban government supporters 'repudiate' the Ladies in White
10/13/13 Oscar Hijuelos Dead: Pulitzer-Winning Novelist Dies At 62
The Huffington Post
10/12/13 Rep. Joe Garcia, district are at center of Cuba clashes, policy changes
10/12/13 Tighter rules threaten Cuba's independent clothes sellers
BBC News
10/11/13 Cuban daily blasts teachers who charge fees for tutoring
Fox News Latino
10/11/13 Cuban Americans split on diplomatic relations with Cuba
Al Jazeera America
10/11/13 Panama: Cuban weapons aboard North Korean ship part of 'major deal'
McClatchy Washington Bureau
10/9/13 Cuban Communist Party appoints new editor for Granma
10/9/13 Cuba OKs law letting state tourism entities deal with private renters, restaurants, guides
The Washington Post
10/9/13 Cuban merchants defy ban on sale of imported clothes
Agence France-Presse
10/8/13 In Cuba, connecting to the Internet costs four times the average annual salary
WorldViews - Washington Post
10/8/13 Rep. Garcia’s push for Cuba drug trial tests support for embargo
The Miami Herald
10/7/13 Conflict brews in Cuba over ban on sales of imported goods
10/6/13 Cuba: Worshiping Individual Mediocrity Generates a Mediocre Society
The Huffington Post
10/6/13 63 Cuban migrants returned to island homeland
10/6/13 Cubans leaving island in rising numbers, fueling clash of new and old in Miami
The Washington Post
10/5/13 New Cuba dissident group asks gov't for "real" changes
10/5/13 Buscan en Cuba enfrentar envejecimiento poblacional
El Universal
10/4/13 12 Sets Of Cuban Twins Live On Consecutive Havana Blocks
The Huffington Post
10/4/13 Cuban-Americans hold conference on reconciliation
Associated Press
10/3/13 Reconciliation among Cubans is needed, will be difficult
10/3/13 Cuba’s Stroll Toward Change: A View from the Streets
Brookings Institute
10/1/13 Cuba faces challenges in push to end dual currency
Bloomberg Businessweek