After five years in a Cuban prison, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) employee Alan Gross reports that he is losing his will to live. Gross, a U.S. citizen arrested in April 2009, was involved in a project that purported to open web access on the island, but his arrest warrant indicted him for attempts to destabilize the Cuban government.

Gross's imprisonment is yet another dispute that impedes the reestablishment of diplomatic ties between the United States and Cuba, after a 50-year embargo. His tragic story is an opportunity to reexamine the U.S.-Cuba diplomatic crisis, which has raged on for far too long -- with much misunderstanding, overreaction, secrecy, and paranoia along the way.

U.S. officials are reluctant to negotiate with the Cubans, who arrested one of their citizens on grounds that run counter to U.S. rights to free speech and a fair trial. On the other hand, Cuban officials doubt U.S. intentions -- in light of the USAID controversy that leaked in April...

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