Miami Herald Cuban bank assets deposited in foreign financial institutions that belong to an international reporting system showed a stunning plunge of $1.

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7/31/12 Spaniard charged with vehicular manslaughter in highway crash that killed dissident Paya
Associated Press
7/31/12 Cuban bank deposits abroad plummet from $5.65 to $2.8 billion
Juan O. Tamayo, Miami Herald
7/30/12 European survivors of crash that killed Cuba dissident deny rumors of 2nd vehicle involved
The Washington Post
7/29/12 Payá’s death leaves leadership gap in Cuba dissident movement that’s hard to fill
Juan O. Tamayo, Miami Herald
7/28/12 Granma abre sección para detallar costes de la salud pública en Cuba
El Nuevo Herald
7/27/12 Cuba: Driver error to blame for dissident's death
7/27/12 US Tells Cuba to End Authoritarianism, Then We'll Talk
7/27/12 Navy chief: Russia talking to Cuba, Vietnam and Seychelles about naval bases
The Washington Post
7/27/12 Cuba broadens economic reforms, plans new measures
Marc Frank, Reuters
7/26/12 U.S. conditions talks with Cuba on end to authoritarianism
Fox News Latino
7/26/12 Raul Castro reiterates willingness to sit down with US as Cuba marks Revolution Day
Associated Press
7/26/12 Cuban police told Paya widow he died from a head trauma in single-car accident
Juan O. Tamayo, Miami Herald
7/26/12 Raul Castro: Cuba willing to sit down with US
Peter Orsi, Miami Herald
7/25/12 U.S. tourist ordered to pay $6,500 fine for illegal Cuba trip
7/25/12 Cuba criticized over brief detentions at funeral of dissident who died in car crash
Associated Press
7/25/12 Romney should heed Payá’s message
Andres Oppenheimer, Miami Herald
7/25/12 Dozens reported arrested on way to Cuban dissident's funeral
Patrick Oppmann, CNN
7/24/12 At Owaldo Payá's Funeral, His Daughter Honors Him: "We Do Not Seek Revenge, But We Thirst for the Truth"
The Huffington Post - Blog
7/24/12 Florida appeals Miami federal judge ruling blocking law prohibiting hiring of companies tied to Cuba
7/24/12 Cuban activists pay tribute to Oswaldo Paya
BBC News
7/24/12 Cuba Plans $100 Million Fund to Aid Worker-Run Businesses
Eric Sabo, Bloomberg
7/23/12 Details of crash that killed Cuban dissident disputed International
7/23/12 Cuba economy czar says cooperatives by year-end
Peter Orsi, Miami Herald
7/23/12 Cuban lawmakers meet to consider Castro's reforms
7/23/12 Cuba economy czar: 222 experimental non-state cooperatives to be launched by year’s end
Associated Press
7/22/12 Cuban activist Oswaldo Paya dies in car crash, fellow dissidents say
The Washington Post
7/22/12 Statement by the Cuba Study Group following news of the untimely passing of Oswaldo Payá
Cuba Study Group
7/21/12 Leaving Cuba: The difficult task of exiting the island
BBC News
7/20/12 Cuban doctors treated private patients in public hospitals
7/20/12 Cuba's Parliament prepares for meeting
7/20/12 Airline Brokers seeks to fly to 3rd Cuban city
Juan O. Tamayo, Miami Herald
7/18/12 Cuban journalist who wrote exposé of bungled aqueduct project reportedly faces espionage charges
7/17/12 New import fees to hammer Cuba's small businesses
7/17/12 Health Care Quality in Cuba
Healthcare Economist
7/17/12 Cuba decrees steep increase for import tax
7/17/12 Cuba sharply hikes tax on imported goods in blow to small business owners, other islanders
The Washington Post
7/16/12 Palestinian president urged Raúl Castro to free Alan Gross
7/16/12 Cuba cholera cases now stand at 170 confirmed and eight more suspected
7/16/12 Old Havana quietly experiments with renting prime real estate to private entrepreneurs
The Washington Post
7/16/12 Cuba Hits Wall in 2-Year Push to Expand the Private Sector
Victoria Burnett, The New York Times
7/12/12 Washington company fined for Cuba sanction violations
7/12/12 Government says cholera cases jump from 85 to 110, but outbreak remains under control
7/11/12 Cuban government: Cholera outbreak under control
7/10/12 Congress considers ban on U.S. military contracts for companies doing business in Cuba
7/10/12 Regular maritime shipments of humanitarian goods for Cuba begin from Miami
7/10/12 Should the U.S. raise a fist or offer a hand to Cuba?
Yoani Sanchez, CNN
7/9/12 Cuba's Raul Castro winding down Vietnam visit
The Huffington Post
7/8/12 Cuba's Raul Castro welcomed to Vietnam
7/8/12 Cuban President Raul Castro visits Vietnam, sees socialism and capitalism working together
The Washington Post
7/8/12 Lessons for Cuba from Hungary
7/6/12 Cuba, USA Baseball begin 5-game series in Havana after 16-year hiatus
The Washington Post
7/5/12 Cuban President Raul Castro signs deals in China
BBC News
7/5/12 Raul Castro's long trip to China raises questions about a secret stopover
7/5/12 Current Record
7/5/12 Cuban bank assets in a foreign bank system dropped from $5.65 billion to $4.1 billion in three months
7/5/12 Cuba's small-scale successes with solar, wind energy yet to make a nationwide impact
The Washington Post
7/4/12 Navy plans $40 million fiber-optic link to Guantánamo base
7/4/12 Cuba's Raul Castro visits key trading partner China; will meet Hu, other leaders on 4-day trip
The Washington Post
7/3/12 Rare cholera outbreak kills 3 in eastern Cuba
7/3/12 Jailed Cuban dissident rushed to hospital after long hunger strike
7/2/12 Anti-malaria products from Cuba meet some resistance in Africa
7/2/12 Letter from NGOs to technology executives
Cuba Study Group et al.
7/2/12 CSG joins other NGOs in urging technology companies to make products available in countries where civil society faces isolation and repression
Cuba Study Group
7/1/12 Cuba, Russia, and China Shut Down UN Human Rights Discussion About Venezuela
The Huffington Post - Blog
7/1/12 Castro: 'Let them eat trees'