The GIRSCC will appear before this organization in an attempt to prevent foreign investors from continuing with their abusive exploitation of the Cuban workers.

The GIRSCC, entity created in 2005 in Madrid, Spain, shall appear before the International Human Rights Commission to present the issue of the violation of labor rights and the breach of numerous aspects of the international labor norms pursuant to the conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO). The Cuban government has signed 80 conventions of the International Labor Organization and is bound by them to respect the basic rights of Cuban workers, as provided in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations.

These claims shall be supported by documents generated by the independent labor unions in Cuba, by the Committee for Labor Union Freedom of the International Labor Organization and by the International Confederation of Free Labor Unions. The Commission shall also receive the testimonies of the relatives of independent labor union activists currently in prison, and for the first time shall hear the testimony from Cuban writer Manuel Vázquez Portal, who only recently was released from a Cuban prison, where he was jailed for his activities as a non-violent dissident.

Other participants before the Commission will be Ms. Luz Modroño, member of the Red Eurociudadana de España, and Ms. Sandy Acosta, member of the organization Freedom House. The presentation before the Commission shall include the participation of Mr. Aníbal Cabrera, as representative of the Central de Trabajadores de Venezuela, Mr. Tomás Bilbao, representing the Cuba Study Group, and other representatives of non governmental organizations and the media. Joel Brito, President of the GIRSCC, will present the case before the Commission

The GIRSCC is integrated by independent Cuban and Latin American labor leaders, and members of non governmental organizations, and seeks to increase awareness in the general public with regards to the systematic violations of the International Labor Organization’s conventions by the Cuban regime, and to expose the responsibility of foreign investors in Cuba with regards to their workers. Foreign investors are mandated by Cuban legislation to hire workers through the state-run employment agency, which receives the salaries of these workers in the respective foreign currencies and in turn pays them a fraction of these salaries in local currency. These practices represent a flagrant violation of the agreements of the International Labor Organization ratified by Cuba.

The Cuba Study Group ( is a founding member of the Grupo Internacional por la Responsabilidad Social Corporativa en Cuba.

WHAT: International Group for Social Corporate Responsibility in Cuba to denounce labor violations before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

DATE: Friday, October 14

TIME: 5:15pm

LOCATION: Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
Salon Padilha Vidal (B)
1889 F Street, NW
Washington, DC 20006


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