In October 2012, Cuba’s state-run media announced a long-awaited migratory policy that represents the first real political reform implemented by Raul’s government. The announcement follows a steady stream of economic reforms that legalized independent business, the purchase and sale of homes and vehicles, and the lease of idle land for farming, among other things.

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1/31/13 Obama: Relaciones con Cuba pueden progresar
Fox News Latino - Español
1/31/13 Cuban dissident Yoani Sánchez receives passport but Angel Moya told he could not
1/31/13 Hagel's views on Cuba are in sync with leading democracy advocates
Ricardo Herrero - The Hill
1/31/13 Raúl Castro y Lula visitaron las obras de ampliación del puerto de Mariel
1/30/13 Cuba dissidents approved, denied for passports
Bloomberg Businessweek
1/30/13 Cuban pitcher Contreras receive hero's welcome in visit to island after new migratory law
The Washington Post
1/30/13 Clinton lamenta la 'dictadura' existente en la isla
El Nuevo Herald
1/29/13 Anti-Castro bill would ban medical licenses for American doctors trained in Cuba
Naked Politics -
1/28/13 Raúl Castro takes over CELAC presidency amid criticism
1/28/13 Cuban travel reform sets up a home run for baseball star who defected International
1/28/13 Cuba's Raul Castro to take over presidency of bloc of Latin American and Caribbean countries
The Washington Post
1/27/13 Cuba realiza prueba para verificar preparación de próximos comicios generales
El Nuevo Herald
1/27/13 Travel to Cuba: Will Obama ease restrictions?
Sun Sentinel
1/27/13 Could John Kerry and Chuck Hagel Reboot Ties Between the US and Cuba?
Fox News Latino
1/27/13 Payá, Cepero's human-rights legacy in Cuba
1/26/13 Cuban comrade now a house-flipping capitalist savant
1/26/13 Chavez starting more cancer treatment in Cuba
USA Today
1/26/13 Sloppy Joe's Bar Reopens in Havana's Historic District
Fox News Latino
1/25/13 Arrival of Cuba's Raul Castro in Chile summit angers far
The Washington Post
1/25/13 Cuba confirms a fiber-optic cable from Venezuela is being tested
1/23/13 Cuban human rights group: Number of political prisoners has doubled
1/23/13 What Does Obama's Second Term Hold for U.S.-Cuba Relations?
Matthew Aho, Inter-American Dialogue's Latin America Advisor
1/22/13 Telefonica: 'No involvement' with Cuba cable
Bloomberg Businessweek
1/22/13 Cuba's subterranean fiber-optic link through Venezuela opens only 'inbound' connection
USA Today
1/21/13 Report: Cuba using undersea fiber-optic cable
Bloomberg Businessweek
1/21/13 Report: Cuba subsea data cable enters use after 2 years; satellite still handling some traffic
The Washington Post
1/21/13 'Curious' Cuban net cable has activated, researchers say
BBC News - Technology
1/20/13 Opening to Havana
Ted Piccone - Brookings Institute
1/19/13 Marco Rubio: Ley de Ajuste tendrá que discutirse en Congreso de EEUU
Café Fuerte
1/18/13 Cuba presiona para traer a Chávez y que designe a Maduro
El Universal
1/18/13 Venezuelan Election Would Follow Chavez Departure, Maduro Says
1/17/13 What's behind Cuba's new travel policy?
1/17/13 Chavez reportedly at exclusive Cuba hospital
Associated Press
1/17/13 Scammers to be sentenced for selling fake Cuban birth certificates to people seeking U.S. residency
1/17/13 Cuba speeds up reforms but not internet
Al Jazeera
1/16/13 New Cholera Outbreak in Cuba Calls Countries to Restrict Travel
Fox News Latino
1/16/13 Gobierno cubano reporta brote de cólera
El Universal
1/16/13 Hagel’s Common Sense on Cuba
Cato Institute blog
1/15/13 Cuba critics look to test government on travel law
Bloomberg Businessweek
1/15/13 Cuba Starts New Travel Rules, Could Create New Class of Binationals in U.S.
Fox News Latino
1/15/13 Cuba battling Havana cholera outbreak
Yahoo! News
1/15/13 Cuba Loosens Travel Curbs for Citizens
Wall Street Journal
1/14/13 Long lines as Cubans seek passports on first day of new migration policy
1/14/13 Cuban dissidents cleared for travel under new law
Sun Sentinel
1/14/13 Castro Travel Rule Changes Face Test as Cubans Seek to Go Abroad
1/14/13 Current Record
1/12/13 Lauderdale may resume Cuba charter flights
Sun Sentinel
1/12/13 Oppenheimer: Cuba's role in Venezuela may grow - for now
1/11/13 Brave new world of Cuba travel begins Monday
1/11/13 Cubans Eager to Try New Law Easing Travel Restrictions
Fox News Latino
1/11/13 Flights from Tampa to Cuba scaled back
Bloomberg Businessweek
1/11/13 Miles de cubanos han hecho terapias con células madre
El Universal
1/11/13 Cubans eager to try new law easing travel rules
Bloomberg Businessweek
1/11/13 Cubans upbeat on eve of liberalized travel, though some may still be barred or priced out
The Washington Post
1/11/13 Cubans line up for passports as travel reform deadline nears
Sun Sentinel
1/10/13 Cuban Biscet calls for public defiance of "illegitimate" Cuban government
1/10/13 The growing minority: readings from the Cuban elections Files
Armando Chaguaceda y Dayrom Gil, From the Island
1/9/13 In Chavez's absence, U.S. works to open communication with Venezuela
The Washington Post
1/9/13 Richard Blanco Becomes First Latino and Gay Selected as Inaugural Poet
Fox News Latino
1/8/13 Chávez will miss inauguration amid heightened tensions
1/8/13 Venezuela Opposition Warns of Anarchy If Chavez Misses Oath
1/8/13 UN report calls on Cuba to release American
The Huffington Post
1/8/13 UN report calls on Cuba to release American held in prison for more than 3 years
The Washington Post
1/8/13 In Latin America, Creative Focus Could Pay Off
World Politics Review
1/7/13 Cuba to free doctors from onerous travel rules
Associated Press
1/7/13 Cuba targets racy reggaeton in lyrics crackdown
Associated Press
1/7/13 Sen. John Kerry reportedly met with Cuban officials over Alan Gross
1/7/13 A New Era’s Filmmakers Find Their Way in Cuba
The New York Times
1/6/13 Cuban dissidents, exiles provide toys to kids for Three Kings Day
1/4/13 Engaging Cuba without the passion
1/4/13 Human rights activist says dissident arrests in Cuba up in 2012
1/3/13 Cuban group says political detentions rose dramatically in 2012
Reuters World News
1/3/13 Chavez still has "severe" respiratory problem: Venezuela government
Sun Sentinel
1/3/13 Cuba helps U.S. Navy find a way to pay Guantánamo retirees
1/3/13 New year brings new faces to lead on U.S.-Cuba policy
Sun Sentinel
1/3/13 Escasez de condones en Cuba
Café Fuerte
1/3/13 Midnight in Havana
Yoani Sanchez - Foreign Policy Magazine
1/2/13 Chavez Cancer Imperils $7 Billion Caribbean Oil Funding: Energy
1/2/13 Can Kerry make friends with Cuba?
1/2/13 Spanish newspaper ABC says Hugo Chavez in induced coma, on life support; Maduro affirms president's 'strength'
1/1/13 Científicos cubanos desarrollan segunda vacuna contra cáncer de pulmón
El Nuevo Herald
1/1/13 Cuba presenta nueva vacuna contra el cáncer
El Nuevo Herald