Raúl 'the terrible' or 'the compassionate'?

October 9, 2005

Excerpt from "After Fidel" by Brian Latell

aúl Castro, Fidel Castro's brother, is expected to become Cuba's next leader when Fidel dies. The new book After Fidel: The Inside Story of Castro's Regime and Cuba's Next Leader speculates what Raul's new regime may be like.

The author, Brian Latell, was the National Intelligence Officer for Latin America from 1990-1994, and the top analyst for Cuba and the Caribbean region for all the American intelligence agencies. He has tracked and written about the Castros since the 1960s. (Information in brackets has been added for clarification.)

How will Raúl try to lead in the dangerous vacuum after Fidel? Will the compassionate Raúl or 'Raúl the Terrible' predominate? Most of the populace will expect the latter.

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