The state of Florida has conceded it will not enforce a law — ruled unconstitutional by federal courts — that tried to prohibit the state and local governments from hiring companies with business ties to Cuba.

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9/30/13 Jackson ends Cuba trip without Gross meeting
9/27/13 Cuba moves to safeguard monopoly on imported goods
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9/26/13 Cuba Further Opens Private Economy
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9/24/13 Spanish judge throws out Payá family lawsuit
9/24/13 Dissident Cuban pastor says change is inevitable
9/23/13 Spanish court rejects case against Cuba over dissident's death
9/23/13 Cuba bids to lure foreign investment with new port and trade zone
Reuters US News
9/23/13 Prominent Cuban dissident economist Oscar Espinosa Chepe dead at 72
Reuters News
9/23/13 Statement regarding the passing of Oscar Espinosa Chepe
Cuba Study Group
9/22/13 Cuban Receiving Non-Immigrant Visas, Traveling To Miami Rises
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9/22/13 Cubans granted visas under eased travel laws back home get a taste of tourism in foreign land
The Washington Post
9/20/13 India Offers Credit to Cuba to Set Up Renewable-Energy Projects
Bloomberg Businessweek
9/19/13 Cuba to accept majority of recommendations from U.N. rights council
9/18/13 Cuban troubadour: Singer's concert ban lifted
9/17/13 Cuba's Silvio Rodriguez criticizes gov't "repression" of musician
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9/17/13 ¿Se enfrían las relaciones entre la Iglesia Católica y el gobierno cubano?
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9/16/13 Miami's shadow Cuban intelligence service
9/16/13 Cuba, US discuss re-establishment of direct mail service in 2nd round of talks in Havana
The Washington Post
9/16/13 Cuban bishops say demand for change is constructive
Fox News Latino
9/16/13 U.S. and Cuba resume talks on direct mail service
Reuters News
9/15/13 Havana Sees New Life For Seedy Industrial Port
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9/14/13 Former FBI informant now living posh lifestyle in Cuba
9/14/13 Cuba: When "The Bad Guys" Carry Calculators
Yoani Sanchez - The Huffington Post
9/13/13 Cuba's iconic Capitolo gets a facelift
9/13/13 Judge permanently bars Fla. law on Cuba business
9/13/13 Havana abuzz over singer's bold concert lyrics
9/12/13 Spanish prosecutor recommends dismissal of lawsuit by Oswaldo Payá family against Cuban security
9/11/13 Amnesty names Cuban dissident a 'prisoner of conscience,' a month after recognizing 5 others
The Washington Post
9/10/13 American documentary filmmaker Saul Landau dead at age 77
Chicago Tribune
9/10/13 Coast Guard repatriates 46 Cuban migrants
9/10/13 Low prices take toll on Cuban nickel revenues
Reuters US News
9/9/13 Fabiola Santiago: Cuba sets up shop here, and U.S. yawns
9/9/13 Cuba OKs private growers to supply hotels, restaurants directly, cuts out state-run middleman
The Washington Post
9/7/13 Coast Guard repatriates 50 Cuban migrants
9/7/13 Angling for a better relationship with Cuba
9/6/13 Experts urge Caribbean nations to prepare for climate change or risk fresh water scarcity
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9/5/13 Fidel Castro's son challenges Olympic Committee for the return of baseball-softball
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9/5/13 Current Record
9/4/13 Cuba launches yellow-ribbon campaign for spies held by U.S.
9/4/13 The long, strange trip of Aero Marti
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9/4/13 A business-friendly Cuba gets a hand from Canada
Globe and Mail
9/3/13 Cuba Sees Slight Drop in Tourist Arrivals
Caribbean Journal
9/3/13 Former U.S. envoy: Obama should return Guantánamo base to Cuba
9/3/13 Nyad makes 1st Cuba-Fla. swim without a shark cage
9/3/13 Diana Nyad First to Swim Without Shark Cage to Florida From Cuba
9/1/13 Grounded TV Marti plane a monument to the limits of American austerity
The Washington Post