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10/31/13 Cuban dissident blogger draws crowd at Valencia
Sun Sentinel
10/31/13 Economic Growth and Restructuring Through Trade and FDI: Costa Rican Experiences of Interest to Cuba
Alberto Trejos, Brookings Institute
10/30/13 Cuba legalizes rent-a-toilets in its effort to expand private business
10/30/13 U.N. urges end of U.S. embargo on Cuba for 22nd time
10/30/13 Key West-Havana flights resuming for first time since 1962
10/30/13 3-D Movie Theaters And Gaming Parlors Quietly Open In Cuba Thanks To Eased Restrictions
Fox News Latino - Español
10/29/13 UN General Assembly votes against US Cuba embargo
Bloomberg Businessweek
10/29/13 U.N. urges end of U.S. embargo on Cuba for 22nd year
Reuters World News
10/29/13 Soaring Number Of Cubans Are Entering The United States Through Mexican Border
Fox News Latino
10/28/13 Cubans traveling abroad in record numbers, officials say
Reuters Lifestyle News
10/28/13 Colombian guerrillas release American hostage
10/28/13 President of Cuba's National Assembly Visits Haiti
Carib Journal
10/27/13 Cuba y China crean grupo de intercambio en biotecnología y farmacéutica
El Nuevo Herald
10/26/13 Cuba: Two Currencies, Two Realities
The Huffington Post - Blog
10/25/13 29 years later, militant who hijacked plane to Cuba optimistic he can go home soon
The Washington Post
10/25/13 U.S. vice president receives leader of Cuba's Ladies in White
Fox News Latino - Español
10/25/13 Cuban city struggling to recover a year after Hurricane Sandy
10/24/13 Current Record
10/22/13 Communist-run Cuba announces move toward currency unification but provides no details
Associated Press
10/22/13 Google Unveils Tools to Access Web From Repressive Countries
10/22/13 Cuba's top U.S. diplomat visits Chicago this week
Crain's Chicago Business
10/22/13 Be "rational" and end embargo, Cuba urges U.S.
10/21/13 US envoy meets with late Cuban activist's daughter
10/20/13 Blogger: Cubans use creativity to get info online
10/19/13 Dissident blogger Yoani Sanchez says Cubans using creative ways to access, spread info online
The Washington Post
10/18/13 North Korean ship carrying Cuban arms to be freed; two officers held
Chicago Tribune
10/18/13 Americans traveling to Cuba in record numbers
Reuters News
10/18/13 Cuban Ban On Import Sales Leaves Entrepreneurs With Uncertain Future
The Huffington Post
10/17/13 Cuban dissidents plant a hoax to trap government spies
10/16/13 Cuban dissident's widow thanks Spain for support
Fox News Latino - Español
10/16/13 Cuba's Justice Minister says the government fights prostitution
10/15/13 Issue #21: Reconciliation in Cuba: bringing down walls, building a peaceful coexistence
Dagoberto Valdés, From the Island
10/13/13 New Year's in Havana?
The Washington Post
10/13/13 Cuban government supporters 'repudiate' the Ladies in White
10/13/13 Oscar Hijuelos Dead: Pulitzer-Winning Novelist Dies At 62
The Huffington Post
10/12/13 Rep. Joe Garcia, district are at center of Cuba clashes, policy changes
10/12/13 Tighter rules threaten Cuba's independent clothes sellers
BBC News
10/11/13 Cuban daily blasts teachers who charge fees for tutoring
Fox News Latino
10/11/13 Cuban Americans split on diplomatic relations with Cuba
Al Jazeera America
10/11/13 Panama: Cuban weapons aboard North Korean ship part of 'major deal'
McClatchy Washington Bureau
10/9/13 Cuban Communist Party appoints new editor for Granma
10/9/13 Cuba OKs law letting state tourism entities deal with private renters, restaurants, guides
The Washington Post
10/9/13 Cuban merchants defy ban on sale of imported clothes
Agence France-Presse
10/8/13 In Cuba, connecting to the Internet costs four times the average annual salary
WorldViews - Washington Post
10/8/13 Rep. Garcia’s push for Cuba drug trial tests support for embargo
The Miami Herald
10/7/13 Conflict brews in Cuba over ban on sales of imported goods
10/6/13 Cuba: Worshiping Individual Mediocrity Generates a Mediocre Society
The Huffington Post
10/6/13 63 Cuban migrants returned to island homeland
10/6/13 Cubans leaving island in rising numbers, fueling clash of new and old in Miami
The Washington Post
10/5/13 New Cuba dissident group asks gov't for "real" changes
10/5/13 Buscan en Cuba enfrentar envejecimiento poblacional
El Universal
10/4/13 12 Sets Of Cuban Twins Live On Consecutive Havana Blocks
The Huffington Post
10/4/13 Cuban-Americans hold conference on reconciliation
Associated Press
10/3/13 Reconciliation among Cubans is needed, will be difficult
10/3/13 Cuba’s Stroll Toward Change: A View from the Streets
Brookings Institute
10/1/13 Cuba faces challenges in push to end dual currency
Bloomberg Businessweek