The barriers to founding a tech startup in Cuba are high. For starters, hardly anyone has access to internet connections faster than dial-up.

But that’s not stopping a generation of young entrepreneurs on the island, where a nascent tech community is challenging the idea that tech innovation has to come from places like Silicon Valley.

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Nora Gámez Torres, In Cuba Today
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Mario J. Pentón, In Cuba Today
6/21/16 Cuban doctors stranded in Colombia seek alternatives to reach the U.S.
Abel Fernández, In Cuba Today
6/21/16 Russia to develop production facilities in Cuba
6/20/16 Cuban coffee to be sold in the U.S.
Alan Gomez, USA Today
6/20/16 FedEx Downsizes Cuba Ambitions in Amended Flight Request
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6/19/16 What Does American Tourism Mean for Cuba
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6/16/16 Texans Enlisting With Pro-Cuba Trade Group
Julián Aguilar, The Texas Tribune
6/16/16 Senate panel approves lifting Cuba travel ban
Melanie Zanona, The Hill
6/16/16 Cuban TV programming to be broadcast in U.S.
Alan Gomez, USA Today
6/15/16 Current Record
6/15/16 Cuba Hopes Detente Will Finally Break Curse on Investment
Michael Wessenstein, Associated Press
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6/14/16 The U.S. Awards Airlines Routes to Cuba: The Big Prize Is Still Up for Grabs
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6/14/16 Bank issues first US credit card for use in Cuba
6/13/16 US announces health collaboration with Cuba; will coordinate on diseases, R&D
Dan Mangan, CNBC
6/13/16 In rare move, Cuba buys U.S. soyoil as South American supplies tighten
Michael Hirtzer, Reuters
6/13/16 Cuba sees nickel output steady at 56,000 tonnes; low prices bite
Sarah Marsh, Reuters
6/12/16 Cuba Watch: Six Airlines To Soon Fly There From U.S.; New Survey Shows Surprising Trends
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6/10/16 Are there political prisoners in Cuba?
AFP, Yahoo News
6/10/16 US fugitives say Cuba has reassured them they are safe
Michael Wessenstein, Associated Press
6/9/16 Growing Pains for Fathom Cruises to Cuba, Dominican Republic
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6/9/16 Opening to Cuba is ‘irreversible,’ senior Obama aide says
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Arlene Satchell, Sun Sentinel
6/8/16 Speculation rises over possible swap of Cuba spy for American fugitive
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6/8/16 CSG Announces New Executive Director Files
Cuba Study Group
6/7/16 Panama Papers show Cuba used offshore firms to thwart embargo
Nora Gámez Torres, The Miami Herald
6/7/16 You Can’t Promote Freedom In Cuba By Denying It To Americans
Ricardo Herrero, The Huffington Post
6/6/16 Rich Nations Use Cuba Debt in Hopes of Prying Open Opportunities
6/6/16 US and Cuba in Talks to Bring Cop-Killer Back to America
6/6/16 Japan's Trading Houses Knocking on Cuba's Door Amid U.S. Opening
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6/6/16 S. Korea, Cuba Hold First Ministerial Talks
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