Editor's note | What will drive Cuba in a post-Castro world?

October 17, 2005

Miami Herald- Lisa Gibbs

After Fidel Castro is gone, two men who'll be on the first Miami-Havana flight are brothers Lombardo and Lomberto Perez. Their business: Selling cars.

Before the revolution, Cubans demonstrated a huge appetite for automobiles; in all of Latin America, the country was second only to Venezuela in the number of cars per person, according to Robb Report. Lombardo, owner of Metro Ford in Miami, and Lomberto, owner of Autocity of Pinecrest, both believe that hunger will return.

Over the years, study after study has attempted to evaluate potential opportunities in a democratic Cuba. Everyone realizes it's a guessing game. Too much uncertainty, too many questions. Will the new government be stable? How bad is the economy? How long will it take to modernize?

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