Fidel Castro's passing marks the end of an era that divided and separated the Cuban people. His death is deeply personal -- both for Cuban exiles in the United States and for Cubans on the island. Supporting policies that promote continued engagement between the United States and Cuba becomes even more important now.

True, Castro has not formally been at Cuba's helm for a decade. But his ever-present influence was felt through public appearances, grand speeches and in the landmark moments of Cuban politics, even attending Cuba's Communist Party Congress deliberations as recently as April. And his presence is physically all around you walking the streets of Havana. From signs and billboards, to painted slogans on the sides of concrete walls and buildings.

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    12/15/16 U.S., Cuba explore renewable energy options
    Daniel J. Graeber, UPI
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    12/15/16 Cuba wants to pay off some of its Cold War debt in rum
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    12/15/16 Trump a big question mark for people in Cuba
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    12/14/16 Cuba and Venezuela’s Ties of Solidarity Fray
    Anatoly Kurmanaev, Wall Street Journal
    12/14/16 Cuba Gets Back in Action as Big Film Shoots Return
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    12/13/16 Cuba, in Clothes
    Chavie Lieber, Racked
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    Lawrence Norman, Wall Street Journal
    12/11/16 Powerful anti-embargo Cuban Americans split over how close is too close to Castro regime
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    The Guardian
    12/8/16 Cuba’s Surge in Tourism Keeps Food Off Residents’ Plates
    Azam Ahmed, New York Times
    12/8/16 Make space at Havana Harbor: Pearl Seas Cruises joins the cruise frenzy to Cuba
    Chabeli Herrera, Miami Herald
    12/7/16 Businessman Trump urged to keep U.S.-Cuba detente going
    Matt Spetalnick and Patricia Zengerle, Reuters
    12/7/16 Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Lines Launch Cuba Service
    Justin Bachman and Christopher Palmeri, Bloomberg
    12/7/16 Will doors close on travel to Cuba?
    Christopher Muther, Boston Globe
    12/6/16 Cuban oil program accelerating
    Daniel J. Graeber, UPI
    12/6/16 Cuba, U.S. to discuss detente in wake of Trump election
    Sarah Marsh and Matt Spetalnick, Reuters
    12/5/16 "Raúl Castro at Fidel’s final homage: ‘We vow to defend the homeland and socialism’"
    Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
    12/5/16 Dissident artist jailed in Cuba beaten and fed sedative-laced food, family says
    Elizabeth Llorente, Fox News
    12/4/16 Cuba tries to figure out political standing in Trump era
    Patricia Mazzei and Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
    12/4/16 Fidel Castro Laid to Rest in Cuba, Ending Nine Days of Mourning
    Reuters, Fortune
    12/1/16 Current Record
    12/1/16 American Airlines Cutting Number of Flights to Cuba After Weak Demand