Cuba's state-run telecom company ETECSA plans to begin offering in-home Internet connections by late 2014, a director of the company told Efe.

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6/30/13 Cuba's non-farm co-ops debut this week amid move toward markets
Chicago Tribune
6/29/13 U.S. says the number of visas issued in Havana increased significantly
6/27/13 Two groups of Cuban balseros arrive in Honduras and Cayman Islands
6/26/13 Why Cuba might not be safe for Snowden
The Washington Post
6/26/13 Padre Conrado: La situación en Santiago es muy grave
El Nuevo Herald
6/25/13 Cuba quiere incrementar exportación de médicos
El Universal
6/25/13 Why Cuba might not be safe for Snowden
WorldViews - Washington Post
6/25/13 Médicos cubanos trabajarán temporalmente en Arabia Saudita
El Nuevo Herald
6/24/13 No sign of Snowden as Aeroflot plane lands in Havana
Chicago Tribune
6/24/13 Cuba, home of the world’s oddest property market
Financial Times
6/24/13 Cuba's Diaz-Canel Concludes Asia Tour
Caribbean Journal
6/24/13 Russian plane leaves for Cuba, source says Snowden not on board
Reuters US News
6/23/13 EEUU insta a Ecuador, Cuba y Venezuela a no otorgar asilo a Snowden
El Universal
6/21/13 Current Record
6/21/13 Cuba corruption case Britons Fakhre and Purvis freed
BBC News
6/21/13 Cuba, US take cautious steps toward rapprochement, but long, complicated path lies ahead
The Washington Post
6/20/13 State Department confirms resumption of migration talks with Havana
6/19/13 Cuba sentences Canadian businessman to nine years in prison
6/18/13 Los 66 países donde trabajan los médicos cubanos
El Nuevo Herald
6/18/13 Cuba cites drop in U.S., European arrivals as tourism sags
6/18/13 U.S.-Cuba mail talks spark speculation of wider outreach
The Washington Times
6/18/13 Dissident's family to discuss leaving Cuba
6/17/13 U.S., Cuba to discuss renewal of direct mail service
Fox News Latino
6/17/13 AP sources: US, Cuba to resume talks on direct mail service despite deadlock over detainees
The Washington Post
6/16/13 Cuba plans to build first biofuel power plant
Fox News Latino
6/15/13 Dissidents say they are returning to Cuba reenergized
6/15/13 Cuban Ballerinas Defect And Seek Work In U.S.
Fox News Latino
6/14/13 Toronto man convicted of tourist sex crimes in Cuba
6/14/13 Cuba, Bolivia Hold Business Forum
Caribbean Journal
6/14/13 Cuban migrants in Mexico demand freedom after 3 months in a lockup
6/12/13 Cuba looks to undo decades of poorly planned coastal development, fend off rising seas
The Washington Post
6/12/13 Cuban Blogger Who Reveres Castro Pushes for Reform
The New York Times
6/12/13 Buscan que Cuba capacite a médicos
El Universal
6/11/13 Australian woman to brave sharks on swim from Cuba to U.S.
Chicago Tribune
6/11/13 Colombian peace talks to resume in Cuba
BBC News
6/8/13 Widow, children of Oswaldo Payá seek political refuge in Miami
6/8/13 Cuba rains leave severe crop losses, 1,900 homes damaged
Fox News Latino
6/8/13 Cancer the primary cause of death in Cuba in 2012
Fox News Latino
6/7/13 Mirta Ojito: Chipping away at Cuba's totalitarian state
6/7/13 Cuba registra su segunda vacuna terapéutica contra el cáncer de pulmón
Reuters América Latina
6/5/13 Cuba to U.S.: Ball in your court on Alan Gross case
Fox News Latino
6/5/13 Internet access to expand in Cuba – at a price
The Christian Science Monitor
6/4/13 Cubans try out new public Internet centers
Bloomberg Businessweek
6/4/13 Tampa Chamber Delegation Returns from Historic Trip to Cuba
Reuters US News
6/4/13 Cuba: 22 percent of water received at home is wasted
6/3/13 Cuba losing 22 pct of its potable water to leaky pipes
Fox News Latino
6/3/13 Cuba says "distortions" hamper efforts to boost farm output
6/3/13 Raul Castro turns 82 in reminder of aging leadership; has said this will be last term
The Washington Post
6/3/13 Rubio: Cuba belongs on the 'state sponsors of terrorism' list
The Cable - Foreign Policy
6/3/13 Back in Cuba With the Gift of Solidarity
Yoani Sanchez - The Huffington Post
6/3/13 A specter is haunting Cuba
6/2/13 Berta Soler proposes broadening the Ladies in White movement in Cuba
Fox News Latino
6/2/13 Cuban priest moves to new parish, says it's not punishment
6/2/13 Cuba says Venezuela's spat with Colombia could hurt peace talks
Reuters World News
6/1/13 Jay-Z and Beyoncé tour stokes desire to visit Cuba
Sun Sentinel