Aid for Cuba

September 9, 2008

Miami Herald- Enrique Sosa

It is still early to determine the full magnitude of damage Gustav and Ike have caused in Cuba. One thing is certain though -- the storms were catastrophic.

The Miami Herald's Sept. 8 article, Rice: Cuba embargo stays, quoted Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice saying that, in spite of what is going on in Cuba, the Bush administration is holding firm in its position on restrictions on travel to Cuba, commerce and aid. What a missed opportunity to not only put the Castro brothers on the defensive, but, more important, to also show the Cuban people how caring a nation we are and how important it is for them to have strong ties with the United States.

I also have read that Russian planes filled with aid are landing in Havana. They certainly know better how to fill a political and humanitarian vacuum.

It is time for the United States to take the moral high ground and make it possible for unconditional U.S. aid to reach Cubans in desperate need. It is in our national interest.

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