The Russian newspaper Tass has reported that Russia will be sending to Cuba two large cargo planes filled with tents and other humanitarian supplies for the Cuban victims of hurricanes Ike and Gustav. This presents the United States with an important opportunity to reclaim the moral high ground in our 48 year-old battle with Cuba's communist government. More importantly, the U.S. can save thousands of lives in Cuba without a dime of tax payer money being spent. All this can be done by having the U.S. government temporarily lift restrictions on family remittances and travel to Cuba.  Why wait until the media saturates us with pictures of Cuban devastation and the Florida Straits become filled with desperate Cubans fleeing impossible human conditions?  The time to act is now. In addition to donating money to the US licensed charities below, every Cuban-American needs to set aside political dogma and write to their representatives in Congress as well as The White House and demand the right to allow families in the United States to aid their relatives on the island for at least the next 90 days. Another Katrina  is unfolding 90 miles from our shores. History will judge harshly our failure to help the Cuban victims of hurricanes Ike and Gustav.  

Friends of Caritas Cubana- 81 Washington Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140

Catholic Relief Services - P.O. Box 17090, Baltimore, MD 21203-7090.  Checks should be marked:  “For Cuba Hurricane Relief”.

JEWISH SOLIDARITY,  attention: Maricusa, 100 Beacon Boulevard, Miami, FL 33135.  Check should be marked “humanitarian relief”.

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