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October 2018
Date Title
10/19/18 Trump takes aim at Cuba, holds Havana responsible for Venezuelan crisis
Franco Ordóñez, McClatchy DC Bureau
September 2018
August 2018
July 2018
June 2018
Date Title
6/28/18 Trump administration extends ban on lawsuits over confiscated property in Cuba
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
6/28/18 Cubans are flocking to Guyana for economic reasons — but there's a twist
Doreen Hemlock, Miami Herald
6/28/18 Senate passes farm bill, setting up food stamp battle with the House
Catherine Boudreau and Liz Crampton, Politico
6/27/18 Senate farm bill stalled by Rubio's Cuba crusade
Liz Crampton and Catherine Boudreau, Politico
6/26/18 United States urges Cuba to release two 'prisoners of conscience'
6/20/18 These Americans suffered severe neurological disorders in Cuba. Now they have a lawyer.
Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
6/18/18 Havana could see cruise arrivals triple as Cuba's tourism boom continues
Claire Boobbyer, The Telegraph
6/17/18 Reaction mixed on first anniversary of Trump's Cuba policy
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
6/14/18 US renews call for Cuba to probe cause of health ‘attacks’
Matthew Lee, Boston Magazine
6/14/18 Has President Trump's year-old Cuba policy helped the Cuban people?
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
6/14/18 Trump is willing to negotiate with North Korea — but not Cuba
Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
6/14/18 Rubio's Hypocrisy On Trump, North Korea – Call It Rubiocrisy – Is Bad For Latin America
Tim Padgett, WLRN
6/13/18 U.S.-Cuba Bilateral Commission to meet for first time since U.S. withdrew embassy personnel
Carmen Sesin, NBC News
6/13/18 Pennsylvania businesses join effort to loosen Cuba trade restrictions
Benjamin Mikek, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
6/13/18 Trump’s tougher Cuba policy having little impact on Tampa area
Paul Guzzo, Tampa Bay Times
6/13/18 The Trump-Rubio politics of hypocrisy: Cuba, no deal. North Korea? 'Has great beaches.'
Fabiola Santiago, Miami Herald
6/12/18 Did he try to smuggle $33,000 in electronics to Cuba? The question is in federal court
David Goodhue, Miami Herald
6/12/18 Rick Scott, vocal Cuba deal critic, mostly mum on North Korea deal
Gray Rohrer, Orlando Sentinel
6/12/18 Let's Talk About This Cuban-Russian-Chinese Conspiracy
Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone
6/11/18 US pulls two more from Cuba amid puzzling health cases now affecting China
Beth Mole, ARS Technica
6/10/18 Cuba says it can't uncover cause of 'sonic attacks' on US diplomats
Alessia Grunberger, CNN
6/7/18 Black boxes in fiery Cuban airline crash being analyzed in Washington
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
6/7/18 The U.S. Is Still Clueless About the Creepy 'Sonic' Attacks in China and Cuba
Joe Pappalardo, Popular Mechanics
6/6/18 In sign of tougher policy shift, Trump appoints Cuba 'hardliner' to lead Radio and TV Martí
Marc Caputo, Politico
6/6/18 Why African-American Doctors Are Choosing to Study Medicine in Cuba
Anakwa Dwamena, The New Yorker
6/6/18 A Medical Mystery Grows as U.S. Consulate Workers in China Fall Ill
Steven Lee Myers and Jane Perlez, New York Times
6/6/18 Google and Cuba close to finalizing agreement to expand internet access on the island
Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
6/5/18 U.S. sets up task force to investigate diplomatic health incidents in Cuba and China
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
6/4/18 Cuba's new president meets with US senator, Google exec
AP, The News & Observer
6/3/18 Cuba ‘sonic attack’ conspiracy theories and flawed science
The Guardian
6/3/18 U.S., Cuba decide to make direct mail service permanent
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
May 2018
April 2018
Date Title
4/25/18 Sharp decline in U.S. travel to Cuba spurs overall drop in tourism for the island
Carmen Sesin, NBC News
4/24/18 How one Republican held up the U.S. Senate over Cuba travel policy
Alex Daugherty, Miami Herald
4/23/18 Yes, Americans Can Still Travel To Cuba
Alexandra Talty, Forbes
4/22/18 President Trump should engage Cuba’s new president, not leave policy to Marco Rubio
Fabiola Santiago, Miami Herald
4/19/18 Cuba heads toward a post-Castro future, with or without Trump
Ishaan Tharoor, Washington Post
4/19/18 Cuba after the Castros
Michael Bustamante, Washington Post
4/17/18 Trump's Cuba rollback leaves U.S. out in the cold for island's future
Alan Gomez, USA Today
4/17/18 FBI making 'a lot of progress' in finding answers on health attacks in Cuba
Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
4/17/18 Statement on Cuba's Historic Leadership Transition Files
Cuba Study Group
4/16/18 The Dangers of U.S. Withdrawal from a Post-Castro Cuba
Gabrielle Jorgensen, Engage Cuba
4/16/18 CSG Published White Paper on the Challenges Cuba Will Face Following its 2018 Leadership Transition Files
4/15/18 OAS secretary general: 'We cannot allow the Cuban people to continue to be oppressed'
Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
4/15/18 Washington and Cuba butt heads over Venezuela at heated Americas summit
Jim Wyss, Miami Herald
4/12/18 Think you can do business in post-Castro Cuba? Sorry, but it'll still be tricky
Rick Jervis, USA Today
4/12/18 The US has fallen silent over its sonic attack theory in Cuba
Anhana Ahuja, Financial Times
4/12/18 Pompeo says embassy in Cuba should represent 'finest of American diplomacy'
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
4/10/18 U.S. condemns Cuba for keeping dissidents away from Peru summit
Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
4/8/18 Cuba, once bustling with heavy-spending Americans, sees steep decline in U.S. travelers
Rick Jervis, USA Today
4/8/18 U.S. Embassy in Cuba: Diplomatic population 10
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
March 2018
Date Title
3/26/18 Cuban officials focus on President Trump's recent nominees
Hatzel Vela, WPLG
3/26/18 Cuban immigrant who was focus of deportation fight is free
Thomas Peipert and Colleen Slevin, Washington Post
3/18/18 In Cuba, let’s get back in the game
Emily Mendrala, The Hill
3/5/18 Statement on Permanent Havana Embassy Staff Rollback Files
February 2018
January 2018
Date Title
1/30/18 American visitors aren’t flying in droves to Cuba now. Tour operators: Please come back
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
1/29/18 19 American citizens report symptoms suffered by diplomats in Cuba
Steve Dorsey, CBS News
1/28/18 Trump casts pall on inauguration of U.S. statue of Marti in Cuba
Marc Frank, Reuters
1/21/18 Tourism booming in Cuba despite tougher new Trump policy
1/21/18 Desperate Cubans seek U.S. visas in Colombia after Havana embassy cutbacks
Nelson Acosta, AP
1/17/18 U.S. tour groups call warnings about travel to Cuba baseless; vow to continue taking Americans to island
Elizabeth Llorente, Fox News
1/11/18 As U.S. Accuses Cuba of Sonic Attacks, Canada Keeps Diplomats in Country Despite Mystery Illness
Chantal Da Silva, Newsweek
1/10/18 State Department softens travel warning to Cuba, recommends ‘reconsidering’ trip
Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
1/10/18 U.S. and Canada baffled by health ‘attacks’ on diplomats in Cuba
Abigail Williams and Tracy Conners, NBC News
1/9/18 Experts still confounded by source of attacks against U.S. embassy staffers in Havana
Alex Daughtery, Miami Herald
1/9/18 US Havana embassy: New inquiry into Cuba staff sickness
1/9/18 Despite policy changes, many opportunities remain for U.S. businesses in Cuba
Ana Landau French, The Hill
1/8/18 Rubio To Hold Hearing On ‘Sonic Attacks’ On U.S. Diplomats In Cuba
CBS Miami
1/8/18 Tillerson tells AP Cuba still risky; FBI doubts sonic attack
Josh Lederman and Matthew Lee, AP
1/7/18 Their cheeky T-shirts are designed in Cuba — but they found a way to sell them here
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
1/7/18 Rubio calls Cuba sonic attacks a “documented fact” after GOP colleague questions evidence
Franco Ordoñez, The News and Observer
1/4/18 How paying for a Cuban sandwich with Venmo could get your account frozen
Alex Harris, Miami Herald
1/4/18 Top EU diplomat upbeat as she ends Cuba visit
Marc Frank, Reuters
1/4/18 If your parents are Cuban, you may be eligible for citizenship — but there’s a catch
Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
1/2/18 Report: N.D., Minn, farmers vulnerable to Cuba policies
Mikkel Pates, Ag Weekly
December 2017
Date Title
12/21/17 How Trump Is Sabotaging Cuba’s New Private Sector
Benito Albisa Novo, The Nation
12/21/17 Common-sense next steps for US-Cuba agricultural trade
Rep. Rick Crawford, The Hill
12/19/17 More than 37,000 Cubans face deportation orders
Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
12/17/17 U.S. deports twice as many Cubans in 2017 vs 2016
Franco Ordoñez and Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
12/14/17 Cuban women trying to run business in Communist island have message for Rubio
Hatzel Vela, WPLG
12/14/17 Cuba exports medicine to dozens of countries. It would like the U.S. to be one of them
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
12/14/17 Cuban researchers hope to join forces with U.S. in biotech field
Emily Michot, Miami Herald
12/14/17 This Cuban industry began with 6 scientists, a tiny lab — and Fidel Castro’s obsession
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
12/12/17 Cuba tells U.S. suspension of visas is hurting families
12/12/17 U.S. policy is hurting Cuba’s entrepreneurs
Niuris Higueras, Yamina Vicente, Julia de la Rosa Quesada, and Marla Recio, Miami Herald
12/11/17 What's the result of new Cuba restrictions? Lots of confusion
Catharine Hamm, Los Angeles Times
12/11/17 US Embassy in Cuba should not be a foreign relations pawn
Ralph Patino, Sun Sentinel
12/11/17 Raúl Castro’s economic reforms were supposed to make life better in Cuba. Didn’t happen
Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
12/10/17 Cold War: Can a New President in Cuba Win Over Trump and End the Castro Era?
Nicole Rodriguez, Newsweek
12/7/17 Cuba’s leaders are trapped between the need for change and the fear of it
The Economist
12/6/17 Doctors find brain abnormalities in victims of Cuba mystery
Josh Lederman, AP
12/6/17 Long-distance U.S.-Cuba couples have flourished — but Trump’s new policy keeps them apart
Allison Yates, Washington Post
12/5/17 Exclusive: Trump names career diplomat to head Cuban embassy
Marc Frank, Reuters
12/4/17 Royal Caribbean to add more cruises to Cuba
Gene Sloan, USA Today
November 2017
Date Title
11/29/17 United States bans most government scientists from travel to Cuba
Richard Stone, Science
11/29/17 Nestle, Cuba Lay First Stone for $55 Million Coffee and Biscuit Factory
Sarah Marsh, Reuters
11/29/17 Cruise ship executives want US and Cuba to 'work out their differences'
Hatzel Vela, WPLG
11/28/17 Uzbekistan incident raises suspicions of Russian involvement in Cuba attacks
Steve Dorsey, CBS News
11/26/17 One year later, Fidel Castro’s death met with tributes in Cuba — and a shrug in Miami
Mimi Whitefield and Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
11/26/17 'The Highlight Of My Career': Diplo On Major Lazer Performing In Cuba
Michel Martin, NPR
11/21/17 Cuba flights getting scarcer, but MIA still the premier gateway to get there
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
11/20/17 U.S. Tour Operators Optimistic About Cuba Travel Because They’re Even More Essential
Dan Peltier, Skift
11/19/17 Amid growing isolation, North Korea falls back on close ties with Cuba
Adam Taylor, Washington Post
11/19/17 Yes, you can still travel to Cuba — but make sure you know the new rules
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
11/16/17 Cuba takes to the web for ‘scientific exchange’ on acoustic attacks on U.S. diplomats
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
11/15/17 Alaska Airlines to halt flights to Cuba
AP, Washington Post
11/15/17 Trump’s Cold-War Politics Are Hurting Ordinary Cubans
Sujatha Fernandes, The Nation
11/13/17 Cuba: Trump regulations a ‘serious setback’ in U.S.-Cuba relations
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
11/13/17 Cuba Tour Operators Relieved as State Department Spells Out New Hotel Restrictions
Stanley Jones, Travel Market Report
11/12/17 Under Trump, new rules for Cuba, yet again
Emiliy Mendrala, The Hill
11/12/17 Cuba attack mystery may be Cold War flashback, officials say
Ali Watkins, Politico
11/12/17 It’s your Cuba policy, Miami Republicans. You can’t blame Obama now.
Fabiola Santiago, El Nuevo Herald
11/8/17 Rubio and other Miami Republicans blame ‘bureaucrats’ for softening Trump Cuba policy
Patricia Mazzei, Miami Herald
11/8/17 What Trump’s Cuba crackdown will look like
Patricia Mazzei, Nora Gámez Torres, and Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
11/7/17 Cuban government claims more tourists visiting island than ever before
Hatzel Vela, WPLG
11/2/17 Cuba’s Cultural Sector Slammed By Partial Closure of US Embassy
Isabel Albee, Huff Post
11/1/17 Caterpillar dealer to open shop in Cuba special development zone
Marc Frank, Reuters
11/1/17 U.S. and Israel only nations to vote no on U.N. resolution condemning embargo against Cuba
Mimi Whitefiled, Miami Herald
October 2017
Date Title
10/31/17 Trump administration expected to defend embargo on Cuba in United Nations vote
PBS News Hour
10/31/17 Cuban-American lawmakers call for inquiry on U.S. government response to sonic attacks
Franco Ordoñez, Miami Herald
10/30/17 U.S. planned a 261,000-troop invasion force of Cuba, newly released documents show
Ray Locker, USA TODAY
10/29/17 Cuba quietly reveals names of sonic attack victims — but some are wrong, U.S. says
Patricia Mazzei, Nora Gámez Torres, and Daniel Chang, Miami Herald
10/26/17 Scrappy Cuban clothing line exemplifies ingenuity with U.S. online store opening
Sarah Marsh, Reuters
10/26/17 US appoints new chief for embassy in Cuba
Julia Manchester, The Hill
10/24/17 Cubans Forcefully Reject Blame for U.S. Diplomats’ Mystery Ailments
Andrea Mitchell and Mary Murray, NBC News
10/24/17 Cuban Art Outshines Politics
Abby Ellin, New York Times
10/24/17 Republican Sen. Jeff Flake won't run for re-election
Eric Bradner, CNN
10/23/17 Mariel is Cuba’s big industrial gamble. Could U.S. companies be among investors?
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
10/22/17 Two more U.S. officials confirmed injured by mysterious attacks in Cuba
Carol Morello, Washington Post
10/19/17 Tourist fears he was hit by mystery attack in Cuba, years before diplomats
CBS News
10/19/17 Punishing Without Evidence: The Trump Administration’s Gratuitous Steps To Roll Back Progress Between The United States And Cuba
Senator Patrick Leahy, Huff Post
10/18/17 At war court, lawyer cites sonic attacks in Havana to bolster sleep-deprivation claim
Carol Rosenburg, Miami Herald
10/18/17 Florida officials travel to Cuba despite attacks that sickened U.S. diplomats
Hatzel Vela, WPLG
10/16/17 Trump blames Cuba for mysterious attacks on US diplomats
Zachary Cohen, CNN
10/15/17 'Star Wars' fantasy? Cubans doubt US sonic attacks claims
Associated Press, Miami Herald
10/12/17 The sound in Havana: What Americans heard in Cuba attacks
AP, Miami Herald
10/12/17 White House says Cuba could stop attacks on Americans
Josh Lederman, Washington Post
10/11/17 A Cuban Theatre Group's U.S. Premiere Canceled After Visa Complications
Ryan Mcphee, Playbill
10/11/17 Trump winds up to hit Cuba’s economy - twice
Melanie Zanona, The Hill
10/11/17 The Trouble With Cuba’s New Economy
William M. LeoGrande, Americas Quarterly
10/10/17 America should strengthen, not abandon, relationship with Cuba
Mark Feierstein, The Hill
10/9/17 Cuba’s vice president says U.S. reports of sonic attacks against diplomats is a ‘tall tales’
Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
10/9/17 Diplomats court Cuba to act as broker for Venezuela transition
John Paul Rathbone, Financial Times
10/9/17 Does Cuba Know Who Is Behind ‘Attacks’ On U.S. Diplomats?
William M. LeoGrande, Huff Post
10/8/17 Reckless hostility toward Cuba damages America's interests
Harold Trinkunas and Richard Feinberg, The Hill
10/8/17 What you need to know about travel to Cuba in the new Trump era
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
10/5/17 Prices halved for holidays to Cuba as island feels impact of Trump and Irma
Claire Boobbyer, The Telegraph
10/5/17 Investigation into mysterious Cuba attacks "back to square one"
Steve Dorsey, CBS News
10/4/17 Lawmakers Demanding More Answers About Who & What Sickened Diplomats At Cuban Embassy
CBS News
10/2/17 U.S. to expel two-thirds of Cuban diplomats amid sonic attack probe
Franco Ordoñez, Miami Herald
10/2/17 US spies in Cuba were among first victims of mysterious sonic 'attacks'
AP, The Guardian
10/1/17 What the State Department Warning on Cuba Means for Travelers
Victoria Burnett, New York Times
September 2017
Date Title
9/28/17 U.S. plans major withdrawal of staff from embassy in Cuba
Steve Dorsey and Kylie Atwood, CBS News
9/27/17 Trump’s effort to roll back ‘misguided’ Cuba policy stalls
James Rosen, Fox News
9/24/17 US diplomats, families in Cuba targeted nearly 50 times by sonic attacks, says US official
Patrick Oppmann and Elise Labott, CNN
9/24/17 Cuba sets up hurricane relief bank account. U.S. citizens should be wary of contributing
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
9/20/17 U.S.-Cuba commission meets for first time during Trump administration
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
9/19/17 Trump threatens Venezuela and puts Cuba on notice
Franco Ordoñez, Miami Herald
9/19/17 Cuba Embassy ‘Attacks’ Baffle U.S., Frustrate Victim
Tracy Connor, Mary Murray, and Abigail Williams, NBC News
9/18/17 Our Men and Women in Havana
William M. LeoGrande, Huff Post
9/18/17 US warns would-be Cuba travelers: Consider the risks following Hurricane Irma
Carol Rosenburg, Miami Herald
9/18/17 US to press concerns over incidents in meeting with Cubans
Josh Lederman, ABC News
9/17/17 U.S. considering closing its embassy in Cuba
Carol Morello, Washington Post
9/4/17 JetBlue is open for business in Cuba with two Havana ticket offices
Chabeli Herrera and Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
August 2017
Date Title
8/30/17 Cuba’s private sector faces internal, external pressure
Andrew Otazo, Sun Sentinel
8/29/17 Partnership with Cuban institutes is necessary for widening US–Cuban relations
Ryan Steinberg, The Miami Hurricane
8/24/17 Cuba's Elián González says he wants to reconcile with his Miami relatives
Patrick Oppmann, CNN
8/24/17 Sixteen US staff in Cuba hurt in 'acoustic attack'
8/23/17 Group of men from Cuba intercepted off Dania Beach
Linda Trischitta, Sun Sentinel
8/23/17 Diplomats in Cuba suffered traumatic brain injuries, records show
Rafael Bernal, The Hill
8/23/17 Elián González documentary to air Thursday on CNN
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
8/23/17 Group of men from Cuba intercepted off Dania Beach
Linda Trischitta, Sun Sentinel
8/20/17 Sonic attacks in Cuba hit more diplomats than earlier reported, officials say
Patrick Oppmann and Elise Labott, CNN
8/20/17 Marriott International sees promising future in Cuba
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
8/17/17 Carnival Cruise Line adds more sailings to Cuba for 2018
Gene Sloan, USA Today
8/15/17 Cuba's Castro faces tough choices on the island's fledgling economy
John Caulfield, The Hill
8/14/17 Cuba celebrates Fidel Castro’s birthday with what the late leader most enjoyed
Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
8/10/17 Hearing loss of US diplomats in Cuba is blamed on covert device
Matthew Lee and Michael Weissenstein, Boston Globe
8/9/17 U.S. Expels Two Cuban Diplomats After Incidents in Cuba
AP, NBC News
8/8/17 Changing tides of U.S. policy may sink Cuban tourism hopes
PBS Newshour
8/2/17 Port authorities from Houston sign deal with Cuba
Hatzel Vela, WPLG
8/1/17 Kentucky leaders form state council to lift Cuba embargo, boost local exports
Joe Sonka, Insider Louisville
July 2017
Date Title
7/31/17 Going 'Home' To A Place They've Never Been: Cuba
Isabella Cueto, WSVN
7/30/17 More than 1,300 Cuban migrants are being held in detention centers across the U.S.
Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
7/26/17 VOICE It’s More Than Cigars and Rum: Why Cuba Matters
James Stavridis, Foreign Policy
7/26/17 Treasury says more travel could be affected by Trump’s new Cuba policy
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
7/26/17 In Cuba, Obama policies only went so far
Melanie Zanona, The Hill
7/24/17 Tourism lifts Cuban economy but overall outlook is cloudy
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
7/23/17 Cuba's public face of diplomacy with US leaving post
Michael Weissenstein and Andrea Rodriguez, ABC News
7/23/17 As Trump writes new Cuba rules, anti-embargo politicians present a compromise
Alex Daugherty, Miami Herald
7/23/17 New White House communications director has traveled to Cuba to scout investment opportunities
Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
7/20/17 'They threw us into the street': Cubans tell of struggles to enter US
David Agren, The Guardian
7/20/17 U.S.-Cuba diplomatic ties: What a difference two years and a new president makes
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
7/19/17 As Trump writes new Cuba rules, anti-embargo politicians present a compromise
Alex Daugherty, Miami Herald
7/19/17 To tell more ‘authentic stories’ of Cuba, 10 writers will tour the island with a poet
Connie Ogle, Miami Herald
7/19/17 In Cuba, Trump’s policy shift casts dark shadow
Melanie Zanona, The Hill
7/19/17 State Department drops Cuba entirely from annual detail of terrorist activity
Teresa Welsh, Miami Herald
7/18/17 In Cuba, Trump’s policy proving hard to follow
Melanie Zanona, The Hill
7/18/17 To beat Trump restrictions, Americans rush plans to visit Cuba
Annika Hammerschlag, USA Today
7/17/17 Trump to suspend lawsuit provision of Helms-Burton
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
7/16/17 Cuba’s Raul Castro dismisses harsher US tone under Trump
7/16/17 Cuba courted in diplomatic push on Venezuela crisis
John Paul Rathbone, Financial Times
7/13/17 Eight Things You Need to Know about President Trump’s New Cuba Policy
William M. LeoGrande, Huff Post
7/12/17 Cuban Jewish Leaders Pen Open Letter In Support of U.S.-Cuba Relations
Carmen Sesin, NBC News
7/12/17 Has Travel to Cuba Been Trumped? A ‘Nation’ Forum
Peter Kornbluh, The Nation
7/11/17 U.S. names interim charge d’affaires at embassy in Havana
Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
7/10/17 Will Trump Open A Pandora’s Box of Litigation Over Cuban Property?
William M. LeoGrande, HuffPost
7/10/17 Norwegian Cruise Line adds Cuba cruises from Port Canaveral
Gene Sloan, USA Today
7/9/17 A Retreat on Cuba Policy
Vicki Huddleston, New York Times
7/9/17 Panama makes a final offer to Cuban migrants: $1,650, a plane ticket and permission to return
Mario J. Pentón, Miami Herald
7/9/17 Time to end agricultural trade restrictions with Cuba
Paul Johnson and Arturo Lopez-Levy, The Hill
7/5/17 Trump's Cuba Rollback is Bad for Cubans, Bad for Business
Roberta Braga, Newsweek
7/4/17 Cuban entrepreneurs brace for President Trump's new Cuba policy
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
7/4/17 Defections to U.S. rob Cuba of superpower baseball status
Dan McGrath, Chicago Tribune
June 2017
Date Title
6/30/17 Under Trump’s revised policy, black Cubans will get left behind, again
Alejandro de la Fuente, Miami Herald
6/29/17 First Tampa to Cuba Carnival cruise leaves today
Avery Cotton, WFLA
6/28/17 Southwest Airlines to Scale Down Cuba Flights
Reuters, New York Times
6/27/17 New Trump Rules on Cuba Travel Leaves Winners and Losers
Andrea Rodriguez and Beth J. Harpaz, U.S. News and World Report
6/27/17 Can Trump Compete With Obama on Cuba?
Jorge Dominguez, New York Times
6/27/17 US airlines plan next move after Trump announces new policy toward Cuba
Hatzel Vela, WLRN
6/26/17 Cuba debate has come too far to relapse now
Andrew Otazo, Sun Sentinel
6/25/17 Could 1 million more Cubans be deemed ineligible for remittances?
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
6/22/17 What President Trump’s new Cuba policy means for American business
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
6/22/17 Trump Panders on Cuba, Preferring Cold War Over Progress
Doug Bandow, The American Conservative
6/22/17 Minnesota Will Still Engage With Cuba Despite Trump Setback
Sarah Marsh, US News and World Report
6/21/17 Director of U.S. office that oversees Radio, TV Martí resigns
Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
6/21/17 New U.S. Cuba Policy is Unpopular, Just Like President Trump
Sofia Lotto Persia, Newsweek
6/21/17 Former CANF President Alberto Hernandez dies at 84
Mario J. Pentón, Miami Herald
6/21/17 Handing Cuba back to Russia is the wrong move for the US
Max Brooks, The Hill
6/20/17 Trump Policy Could Cut Remittances to a Million Cuban Families
William M. Leogrande and Marguerite Rose Jiménez, Huff Post
6/20/17 Capitalism Should Be Our Weapon of Choice in Cuba
Rand Paul, Reason
6/20/17 Trump's Rollback on Cuba: The Consequences of Undoing the Rapprochement
Michael J. Bustamante, Foreign Affairs
6/20/17 Trump's Cuba Travel Policy Leaves Heads Scratching
Andrew Bender, Forbes
6/19/17 Can Cuba count on America as a partner or an adversary?
Micho F. Spring, Boston Globe
6/19/17 Cubans seeking status stuck in legal limbo
Rick Jervis, USA Today
6/19/17 Cuba calls Trump speech on island 'grotesque spectacle'
Francois Murphy, Reuters
6/18/17 Cuba to President Trump: We need to continue to cooperate and coexist
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
6/18/17 Cuba's small businesses say they will suffer under Trump's policy changes
Alan Gomez, USA Today
6/18/17 Former Obama aide on Cuba: Trump, GOP lawmakers don’t believe in freedom
Max Greenwood, The Hill
6/15/17 Trump recasts Cuba policy, takes harder line than Obama on military, travel
Patricia Mazzei and Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
6/15/17 Prominent Free Market Proponents Discourage Trump From Cuba Policy Rollback
Alex Pfeiffer, The Daily Caller
6/15/17 Inside Oval Office, Rubio and Diaz-Balart pushed Trump to crack down on Cuba
Patricia Mazzei, Miami Herald
6/15/17 Trump to face protests over rollback of Obama's Cuba opening
Alan Gomez, USA Today
6/14/17 Putin’s stake in President Trump’s decision On Cuba policy
Patrick Leahy, The Hill
6/14/17 Trump’s Conflicts of Interest in Cuba
Carolyn Kenney and John Norris, Center for American Progress
6/14/17 5 Reasons Rolling Back Cuba Policies Is Bad For U.S. Business
Robert Donachie, The Daily Caller
6/14/17 Trump’s policy changes will give new ammunition to Cuba’s dictatorship
Andrés Oppenheimer, Miami Herald
6/13/17 U.S.-Cuba policy must now move forward, not back
Mike Fernandez, Miami Herald
6/13/17 Don’t Reverse Cuba Policy
Human Rights Watch
6/13/17 High on Cuba policy proposal: restricting U.S. business deals with Cuba’s military-run entities
Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
6/12/17 Drug smuggling a risk if US relations with Cuba shift, officials say
Patrick Oppmann, CNN
6/12/17 Poll: Most GOP Against Changing Cuba Policy
Curt Mills, US News
6/12/17 Your Trip to Havana Might Have to Wait. What Trump’s policies for Cuba will mean for human rights.
Marselha Gonçalves Margerin, Amnesty International
6/11/17 Congressional Republicans send letters to Trump and administration urging Cuba remain open
Serena Marshall, ABC News
6/11/17 Don’t the Cuban People Have it Tough Enough?
Jeff Flake, Medium
6/11/17 If Trump Reverses Course With Cuba, ‘It Would Be A Gift To Putin’
Robert Donachie, The Daily Caller
6/8/17 Did Rubio trade the integrity of U.S. for a Cuba-policy shift from Trump?
Fabiolo Santiago, Miami Herald
6/8/17 Trump might ditch the historic US-Cuba opening for slivers of support in Washington
Tim Fernholz, Quartz
6/7/17 U.S.-Cuba policy looms at aviation industry conference
Alana Wise and Brad Haynes, Reuters
6/5/17 Russia, Cuba, Comey, and Trump
William M. LeoGrande, Huffington Post
6/5/17 How Cuba policy, and its inevitable drama, ensnared Trump’s White House
Patricia Mazzei, Nora Gámez Torres, Anita Kumar, Franco Ordoñez, Miami Herald
6/5/17 Undoing All the Good Work on Cuba
The Editorial Board, New York Times
6/4/17 If Trump reverses the U.S. Cuba policy, airlines and cruise lines could lose $3.5 billion
Chabeli Herrera, Miami Herald
6/1/17 Curbelo supports tax on agricultural exports to Cuba
Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
May 2017
Date Title
5/31/17 Trump weighs shift on Cuba
Melanie Zanona, The Hill
5/30/17 Sources: Florida Rep. Leveraged Health Care Vote To Try To Get Concessions On Cuba Policy
Alex Pfeiffer, The Daily Caller
5/30/17 Cuba Rollback Could Cost Trump On Jobs Front
Jessica Holzer, Foreign Policy
5/29/17 Agricultural exports to Cuba would help compensate those whose properties were seized
Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
5/29/17 Donald Trump Set to Reverse Barack Obama's Policies on Cuba
Harriet Sinclair, Newsweek
5/25/17 U.S. lawmakers reintroduce bill to end restrictions on Cuba travel
5/25/17 40 travel companies ask Trump not to reinstate Cuba travel restrictions
Kari Paul, MarketWatch
5/24/17 No USAID funds for Cuba in Trump budget proposal
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
5/21/17 Cubans become the road warriors of D.C. diplomatic corps
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
5/18/17 Trump will not announce highly anticipated changes in Cuba policy
Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
5/17/17 Trump's critical Cuba policy
Paul D. Eaton and David L. McGinnis, Politico
5/14/17 No more Cuban rafters, Coast Guard says
Nora Gámez Torres, El Nuevo Herald
5/14/17 Royal Caribbean will be sailing year-round to Cuba in 2018
Chabeli Herrera, Miami Herald
5/11/17 Here's why Cuba should be on Francis' agenda when he meets Trump
William M. LeoGrande, National Catholic Reporter
5/10/17 Fears for Cuba as American Visitors Set to Rise Sevenfold by 2025
The Independent
5/2/17 CSG Partners with the Kellogg School of Management to Analyze the Cuban Coffee Sector Files
5/1/17 Push and Pull on Cuba
The Editorial Board, New York Times
5/1/17 Port Tampa Bay's first Tampa to Cuba cruise set sail on Sunday
April 2017
Date Title
4/30/17 U.S. airlines are not giving up on Cuba after all
Hugo Martin, Los Angeles Times
4/30/17 Ileana Ros-Lehtinen to retire from Congress
Patricia Mazzei, Miami Herald
4/27/17 Want to Improve Border Security? Seek Better Relations with Cuba
Ted Piccone, The National Interest
4/26/17 Google Global Cache is now available in Cuba
Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
4/24/17 Engagement with Cuba Is a Bipartisan Issue
William M. Leogrande, Huffington Post
4/24/17 JetBlue really, really wants to fly between Boston and Cuba
Adam Vaccaro, Boston Globe
4/20/17 Trump and Cuba should start dialogue: Mississippi governor says
Sarah Marsh, Reuters
4/20/17 Retired military leaders urge Trump to engage with Cuba
Ellen Mitchell, The Hill
4/19/17 Cuba and the Art of the Deal
William M. Leogrande and Marguerite Rose Jímenez, The American Conservative
4/16/17 Spirit becomes third U.S. airline to call it quits in Cuba
Ben Mutzabaugh , USA Today
4/4/17 Norwegian Cruise Line announces 33 Miami-to-Cuba trips for 2018 cruise season
Emon Reiser, South Florida Business Journal
4/4/17 Trump administration continues to issue OFAC licenses authorizing business with Cuba
Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
March 2017
February 2017
Date Title
2/26/17 Exile initiative aims to help hundreds of Cubans stranded in Mexico
Abel Fernández, Miami Herald
2/26/17 After frequent price hikes, cost of visiting Cuba coming down
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
2/22/17 U.S. senators say Cuba's Castro keen to continue detente
Sarah Marsh, Reuters
2/20/17 Now that Cuba is open, Americans aren't going
Justin Bachman, Chicago Tribune
2/20/17 Cuban Doctors Stranded: Can’t Travel to US, Cuba, or Stay in Colombia
Carmen Sesin, NBC News
2/19/17 Donald Trump Says Cuban Voters Love Him, but He's Wrong
Jerry Iannelli, Miami New Times
2/19/17 Florida commerce with Cuba totals $65 million even as governor tries to limit trade expansion
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
2/19/17 Hundreds of Cubans deported after US immigration status end: Cuba
2/16/17 Trump names Alexander Acosta as labor secretary nominee
Josh Dawsey and Marianne Levine, Politico
2/14/17 China piles into Cuba as Venezuela fades and Trump looms
Marc Frank, Reuters
2/14/17 JetBlue Follows American Airlines and Cuts Capacity in Cuba
Adam Levine-Weinberg, The Motley Fool
2/13/17 Anti-Castro Cuban-American Lawmakers See a Champion in Trump
Gisela Salomon, U.S. News
2/13/17 As wet foot/dry foot U.S. policy ends, Cuba ponders what Trump may do
Rick Jervis, USA Today
2/12/17 How does Cuba manage to achieve first-world health statistics?
Álvaro Fuente, El País
2/7/17 Clinic operator who fled to Cuba returns to face $130M healthcare fraud case
Jay Weaver, Miami Herald
2/7/17 Norwegian Cruise Line announces more Cuba voyages
Gene Sloan, USA Today
2/6/17 One of Obama’s parting acts: Suspending lawsuit provision of Helms-Burton
2/6/17 Cuban health professionals who had been stranded in Colombia are allowed U.S. entry at MIA
Mario J. Pentón, Miami Herald
2/5/17 In Cuba visit, Colorado governor sees government desire to work with Trump
Marc Frank, Reuters
2/5/17 Trump's warnings grow, but so are travelers and flights to Cuban soil
Harriet Baskas, CNBC
2/2/17 Trump to announce Sonny Perdue for Agriculture
Helena Bottemiller Evich, Ian Kullgren, Jenny Hopkinson, Catherine Boudreau, Josh Dawsey, and Alex Isenstadt, Politico
2/2/17 Heitkamp bill would remove credit restrictions on ag sales to Cuba
Jenny Schlecht, Inforum
2/1/17 Cubans stranded in Mexico due to 'Wet Foot' policy demise refuse to return
EFE, Fox News
January 2017
Date Title
1/31/17 Florida governor puts provision in proposed budget to block trade with Cuba
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
1/31/17 U.S. refugee program for citizens of all countries will be suspended for 120 days
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
1/31/17 Airlines gearing up to protect flights to Cuba
Melanie Zanona, The Hill
1/30/17 Trump's Cuba Opportunity
1/30/17 Waiting for change in Cuba
John Caulfield, The Hill
1/29/17 Dumping medicine, faking patients: Cuban doctors describe a system that breeds fraud
Jim Wyss, Miami Herald
1/26/17 Cuba in the Age of Trump
Lauren Steele, Rolling Stone
1/26/17 Florida company gets OK to ship electric cars to Cuba
Melanie Zanona, The Hill
1/26/17 Port cancels signing of pact with Cuba after Gov. Scott threatens to cut funding
Amy Sherman, Mimi Whitefield, and Patricia Mazzei
1/25/17 Cuba's Castro warns Trump to respect country's sovereignty
Nelson Acosta, Reuters
1/25/17 Governor wants funds cut for South Florida ports that ink Cuba deals
Patricia Mazzei, Miami Herald
1/24/17 Trump’s New Cuba Negotiator Fought For Stronger Cuba Ties
Hayes Brown, Buzzfeed
1/24/17 Charcoal — the first legal cargo from Cuba in more than 50 years — arrives at Port Everglades
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
1/24/17 Changes to immigration policy will not stem the Cuban exodus, those on the island say
Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
1/19/17 Hundreds of Cuban migrants seeking U.S. entry stranded across the Americas
Mario J. Pentón, Miami Herald
1/19/17 Cuban doctors get a new shot at emigration — if applications were submitted prior to cutoff
Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
1/18/17 U.S. provides some answers to lingering questions on new immigration policy for Cubans
Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
1/18/17 US, Mexico, Cuba ready to sign 'Doughnut Hole' deal in Gulf waters
Reuters, Fox News
1/17/17 Top diplomatic negotiator in Cuba warns Trump: 'aggression doesn't work'
Helen Yaffe, The Guardian
1/17/17 U.S.-Cuba detente supporters make last-ditch effort to sway Trump
Marc Frank, YAHOO
1/17/17 Treasury Department reaches settlement with pro-Cuba activist accused of violating embargo
Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
1/17/17 In final days, Obama administration signs law enforcement pact with Cuba
Gregory Korte, USA Today
1/16/17 Cuba’s Raul Castro Meets with U.S. Chamber of Commerce President
Reuters, Fortune
1/16/17 ‘Marielitos’ Face Long-Delayed Reckoning: Expulsion to Cuba
Frances Robles, New York Times
1/16/17 Don’t expect Trump to reinstate special immigration status for Cubans
Patricia Mazzei, Lesley Clark, and Nora Gámez Torres
1/12/17 U.S. and Cuba meet to discuss human trafficking and confiscated property claims
Abel Fernández, Miami Herald
1/12/17 US rescinds 'wet foot, dry foot' policy for Cubans
David Adams and Lorena Arroyo, Univision
1/12/17 As Cuban tourism booms, U.S. travel companies wonder: What will Trump do?
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
1/11/17 Tillerson says Trump is prepping to review Obama’s Cuba policy
Karoun Demirjian, Washington Post
1/10/17 Cuba’s Budding Private Sector Looks Nervously to Future
Juan Forero, Wall Street Journal
1/10/17 Miami’s Cuban Jews ponder the meaning of Trump’s pick for international negotiator
Franco Ordoñez, Miami Herald
1/9/17 Cuba, United States sign oil spill deal before Trump inauguration
Marc Frank, Reuters
1/9/17 Eight Myths About Obama’s Opening To Cuba
William M. LeoGrande, Huffington Post
1/8/17 Kerry’s ‘exit’ memo to Obama on Cuba, other countries sounds as if it’s aimed at Trump
Franco Ordoñez, Miami Herald
1/5/17 Artisanal charcoal to become 1st Cuban export to US
Associated Press, Chicago Tribune
1/5/17 Former diplomats urge Trump to undo ‘unlawful’ Obama Cuba policy
Patricia Mazzei and Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
1/5/17 U.S. trade with Cuba figures don’t add up
Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
December 2016
Date Title
12/26/16 Cuban President Raul Castro Faces Deep Problems in 2017
Andrew Rodriguez, ABC News
12/21/16 Scott urges Castro to bring freedom, democracy to Cuba
Peter Burke, WPLG
12/21/16 An opportunity for Donald Trump in Cuba
Carlos Gutierrez, The Hill
12/19/16 The Cuban rum industry is booming
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
12/19/16 Doing Business in a Post-Fidel Cuba
Pablo González AlonsoAlec Lee, Harvard Business Review
12/18/16 Was vote by Miami’s Cuban community a referendum on Obama’s policy?
Mary Ellen Klas and Patricia Mazzei, Miami Herald
12/18/16 Reversing Cuba policy seen as a punch in the gut to Latin America
Franco Ordoñez, Miami Herald
12/15/16 U.S., Cuba explore renewable energy options
Daniel J. Graeber, UPI
12/15/16 On 2nd anniversary, Cubans race to sign U.S. contracts to secure opening
Alan Gomez, USA Today
12/15/16 Trump a big question mark for people in Cuba
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
12/14/16 White House hopes Cuba policy too 'irreversible' for Trump to turn back
Reuters, CBC
12/14/16 Cuba Gets Back in Action as Big Film Shoots Return
Elaine Diaz, Variety
12/13/16 Cuba: Island of Baseball: Documentary focuses on risk, reward of Cuban defectors
Jorge L. Ortiz, USA Today
12/13/16 Cuba, in Clothes
Chavie Lieber, Racked
12/12/16 Google, Cuba Sign Allowing Faster Access to Company's Data
Michael Weissenstein, ABC News
12/12/16 Trump Presidency ‘Will Not Affect in Any Way’ Relations Between EU and Cuba
Lawrence Norman, Wall Street Journal
12/8/16 Cuba’s Surge in Tourism Keeps Food Off Residents’ Plates
Azam Ahmed, New York Times
12/8/16 Make space at Havana Harbor: Pearl Seas Cruises joins the cruise frenzy to Cuba
Chabeli Herrera, Miami Herald
12/7/16 Businessman Trump urged to keep U.S.-Cuba detente going
Matt Spetalnick and Patricia Zengerle, Reuters
12/7/16 Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Lines Launch Cuba Service
Justin Bachman and Christopher Palmeri, Bloomberg
12/7/16 Will doors close on travel to Cuba?
Christopher Muther, Boston Globe
12/6/16 Cuba, U.S. to discuss detente in wake of Trump election
Sarah Marsh and Matt Spetalnick, Reuters
12/4/16 Cuba tries to figure out political standing in Trump era
Patricia Mazzei and Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
12/1/16 The case for continued US-Cuba engagement
Alana Tummino, CNN
November 2016
Date Title
11/30/16 White House Pushing Cuba on Deals for GE, Google
Carol E. Lee and Felicia Schwartz
11/29/16 U.S. to send 2 representatives to Castro’s memorial
Patricia Mazzei and Vera Bergengruen
11/29/16 Threatening Cuba Will Backfire
The Editorial Board, The New York Times
11/28/16 CUBA stock fund surges after Fidel Castro's death
Paul R. La Monica, CNN Money
11/28/16 Trump threatens to terminate US-Cuba thaw
11/28/16 It’s another milestone with flight from Miami to Havana
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
11/28/16 US companies positioning for Cuba's rising fortunes after Fidel Castro
Heesun Wee, CNBC
11/27/16 Fidel Castro's death could ensure Obama's opening to Cuba survives
Tracy Wilkinson, Los Angeles Times
11/27/16 Cuba after Castro: How much change, and how quickly?
Carmen Sesin, CNBC
11/20/16 Cuban human rights activist urges U.S. to suspend trade and investment in Cuba until regime stops oppression
Elizabeth Llorente, Fox News Latino
11/20/16 Another sign of change in Cuba: Delta Air Lines selling tickets from Havana office
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
11/20/16 U.S. businesses to pressure Trump to keep ties to Cuba
Alan Gómez, USA Today
11/15/16 Business or Politics? Examining Donald Trump’s Record for Clues to Cuba Policy
Frances Robles, New York Times
11/15/16 The number of U.S. trademark registrations in Cuba is multiplying — fast
Abel Fernández, Miami Herald
11/13/16 What does a Trump presidency mean for US-Cuba relations?
Will Grant, BBC
11/13/16 A Trump attempt to reverse Obama’s Cuba policies could be complicated and costly
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
11/7/16 Richard Feinberg analyzes a Cuban economy in transition
Mimi Whitefield
11/6/16 Cuba Rejects Ballyhooed Plan For A U.S. Factory On The Island
Tim Padgett, WLRN
11/3/16 JetBlue launches Fort Lauderdale-to-Camaguey, Cuba route Thursday
Arlene Satchell, Sun Sentinel
11/3/16 Editorial: The Cuba conundrum: Engagement vs. embargo
Editorial Board, Chicago Tribune
11/2/16 How Cuba Plans to Speed Up Its Lagging Foreign Investment Drive
Reuters, Fortune
11/1/16 Shore Up Security at Sea
Scott Savitz and Paul DeLuca, US News
11/1/16 Cuba opens to world at Havana trade fair but few U.S. companies are present
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herlad
11/1/16 The missing business boom for U.S. companies in Cuba
AP, CBS News
October 2016
Date Title
10/30/16 site for sale for $4.5 million
Abel Fernández, Miami Herald
10/30/16 TripAdvisor to Start Booking Travel to Cuba
Justin Sablich, New York Times
10/27/16 In a first, U.S. trial to test Cuban lung-cancer vaccine
Laurie McGinley, Washington Post
10/27/16 More oil likely in Cuba
Daniel J. Graeber, UPI
10/26/16 U.S. Abstains in U.N. Vote Condemning Cuba Embargo
Somini Sengupta and Rick Gladstone, New York Times
10/25/16 How Our New Relationship With Cuba Will Improve Americans’ Health
Erin Schumaker, Huffington Post
10/25/16 Is the U.S. trade embargo risking lives in Cuba?
Franco Ordoñez, Miami Herald
10/24/16 Trump threatens to reverse diplomatic relations with Cuba
David Wright, CNN
10/24/16 Improved U.S.-Cuba Relations Are Creating A Surge Of Cuban Migrants
Melissa Block, NPR
10/23/16 Kaine says progress made with Cuba 'will go forward, never backwards'
EFE, Fox News Latino
10/23/16 New trade-regulation debate: Should the U.S. share intelligence with Cuba?
Franco Ordoñez, In Cuba Today
10/23/16 Deciphering new Cuba regulations: 5 changes that could prove significant
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
10/20/16 American bullish on Cuba despite demand uncertainty
Bart Jansen and Ben Mutzabaugh, USA Today
10/20/16 Normalization of Relations With Cuba Is All But Irreversible Now
Pete Kornbluh, The Nation
10/19/16 Havana lashes out against Obama directive on friendlier Cuba policy
Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald
10/18/16 Can a challenge to Obama’s Cuba policies succeed?
Franco Ordoñez, Miami Herald
10/18/16 Illinois business: Let's make a Cuba trade deal
Robert Reed, Chicago Tribune
10/18/16 Can a challenge to Obama’s Cuba policies succeed?
Franco Ordoñez, Miami Herald
10/18/16 Top Republican pledges to maintain Cuba trade embargo
Patricia Zengerle, Reuters
10/17/16 It’s Congress’s Turn to Act on Cuba
David Shipley, Bloomberg
10/16/16 Obama eases restrictions on Cuba, lifts limits on rum and cigars
Matt Spetalnick and Sarah Marsh, Reuters
10/16/16 JetBlue tries to take Alaska Airlines' daily route to Cuba
Hugo Martin, Los Angeles Times
10/16/16 American Airlines soars into the Cuban market but most flights are half empty
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
10/13/16 The Long Way to America
Karl Vick, Time Magazine
10/13/16 Southwest unveils Cuba flights
Bart Janson, USA Today
10/12/16 Thousands of documents show FBI kept close eye on Miami exiles and ‘Batista crowd’
Franco Ordoñez, In Cuba Today
10/11/16 Port of New Orleans Signs MOU with Cuba
Cruise Industry News
10/10/16 Juan Williams: Cuba connection will cost Trump dear
Juan Williams, The Hill
10/9/16 US embargo leaves Cuban farmers waiting for modernity
Will Grant, BBC
10/4/16 With Cuban exile leaders mum, Clinton launches Miami radio attack ad over Trump's embargo-breaking
Marc Caputo, Politico
10/4/16 Democratic challenger hits Ros-Lehtinen on her signature issue: Cuba
Patricia Mazzei, Miami Herald
10/2/16 Cuba approves U.S. air marshals on commercial flights
Nora Gámez Torres, In Cuba Today
September 2016
Date Title
9/29/16 How Donald Trump's Company Violated the United States Embargo Against Cuba
Kurt Eichenwald
9/29/16 Obama's pick as ambassador to Cuba has '0% chance' of approval, union says
The Guardian, David Smith
9/28/16 How Shimon Peres Helped Bring Peace Between Cuba and the U.S.
Matt Vasilogambros, The Atlantic
9/28/16 Cuba rejects Trump’s call for negotiations on human rights
Michael Weissenstein, Washington Post
9/27/16 Obama nominates ambassador to Cuba
Jordan Fabian, The Hill
9/26/16 A New Cuba
Jon Lee Anderson, The New Yorker
9/21/16 Trump's new Cuba position provokes anxiety on the island
Michael Weissenstein and Andrea Rodriguez, Fox News
9/20/16 Rubio wants answers from White House on security of Cuba flights
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
9/19/16 In Florida, a shifting Cuban vote could be the difference
Bill Barrow, PBS Newshour
9/19/16 FL Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart commends Trump for hard-line stance on Cuba
Andrew O'Reilly, Fox News Latino
9/18/16 In Miami, Trump morphs back into a Cuba hardliner
Marc Caputo, Politico
9/18/16 Cienfuegos entrepreneurs hope U.S. tourists will boost scant business
Mimi Whitefield, In Cuba Today
9/15/16 Rubio Calls For Suspension of Cuba Flights After TSA Admits No Agreement on Air Marshals
J.J. Gallagher, ABC News
9/15/16 Is it time for U.S. to ease restrictions on farm trade with Cuba?
Sophie Ota, In Cuba Today
9/14/16 FIU poll: Majority of Miami-Dade Cubans support Obama policy
Patricia Mazzei, Miami Herald
9/14/16 Cuba Confounds the Online Travel Agents
Justin Bachman, Bloomberg
9/13/16 House panel advances bill to halt Cuba flights
Melanie Zonona, The Hill
9/11/16 Ex-jailed American subcontractor: Cuba needs to join the 21st Century
Nora Gámez Torres, El Nuevo Herald
9/11/16 OFAC issues stiff fines against pro-Cuba activist
Nora Gámez Torres, El Nuevo Herald
9/8/16 Many migrants die in the Darien jungle trying to reach the U.S.
Alina Dieste, In Cuba Today
9/7/16 U.S. lawmakers want moratorium on commercial flights to Cuba
Patricia Zengerle, Reuters
9/7/16 Cuba Beckons, but U.S. Airlines and Passengers Face Hurdles
Scott McCartney, Wall Street Journal
9/6/16 Cuba’s Hotel Challenges: A Guide to All the Projects in Process
Claire Boobbyear,Skift
9/5/16 Air travel to Cuba divides Congress
Melanie Zanona, The Hill
9/5/16 Mariel port head outlines Cuba’s long-term shipping prospects
Greg Miller, JOC
9/1/16 Cuba's Move Towards Organic Production, A Lesson to be Learned?
Rose Hayden-Smith, KCET
9/1/16 Brace yourself, Cuba, the Americans are coming
CBS News
August 2016
July 2016
Date Title
7/29/16 U.S. and Cuba Take Steps to Expedite Claims Process
Jay Solomon, Wall Street Journal
7/28/16 JetBlue will be the first commercial airline to fly to Cuba — so far
Chabeli Herrera, Miami Herald
7/28/16 Venezuela cuts oil shipments to Cuba forcing Castro to consider veering to U.S.
Franz von Bergen, Fox News Latino
7/26/16 Cuba: Open for Business?
Enrique J. Rueda-Sabater, Huffington Post
7/23/16 America’s Conflicted Cuba Policy
The Editorial Board, New York Times
7/21/16 Cuba objects to U.S. lawmakers' attempts to stop flights
Sarah Marsh, Reuters
7/20/16 Rubio vows to keep up fight against U.S. ambassador in Cuba
Nahal Toosi, Politico
7/20/16 Cuban ambassador: Destroying revolution still U.S. goal
Franco Ordoñez, Miami Herald
7/19/16 FedEx first U.S. cargo carrier to service Cuba
Lewis King, Air Cargo World
7/18/16 GOP warming up to Cuba travel
Tim Devaney, The Hill
7/14/16 TSA says Cuba must meet security standards for flights
Bart Jansen, USA Today
7/12/16 Cuba flights spark security concerns
Bart Jansen, USA Today
7/11/16 Remittances support budding Cuban economy
Jack Evans, In Cuba Today
June 2016
Date Title
6/30/16 State leaders join advocacy group in seeking to end Cuba trade embargo
Dale Liesch, Weekly Lagniappe
6/29/16 American Airlines will offer Cuban travelers help with visas
Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
6/28/16 After 39 days at sea, lighthouse Cubans have wet feet, judge rules
Alex Harris and David Goodhue, Miami Herald
6/23/16 Democratic sit-in postpones House vote on Cuba measures
Nora Gámez Torres, In Cuba Today
6/16/16 Texans Enlisting With Pro-Cuba Trade Group
Julián Aguilar, The Texas Tribune
6/16/16 Senate panel approves lifting Cuba travel ban
Melanie Zanona, The Hill
6/15/16 Cuba Hopes Detente Will Finally Break Curse on Investment
Michael Wessenstein, Associated Press
6/12/16 Cuba Watch: Six Airlines To Soon Fly There From U.S.; New Survey Shows Surprising Trends
Lee Lane, Forbes
6/9/16 Opening to Cuba is ‘irreversible,’ senior Obama aide says
Karen DeYoung, Washington Post
6/7/16 You Can’t Promote Freedom In Cuba By Denying It To Americans
Ricardo Herrero, The Huffington Post
April 2016
March 2016
Date Title
3/30/16 Obama's words may foster change among Cuba's youth
Mario Cartaya, Sun Sentinel
3/30/16 End the U.S. trade embargo with Cuba
Editorial Opinion, Star Tribune
3/29/16 Cuba's Fidel Castro knocks sweet-talking Obama after 'honey-coated' visit
3/28/16 Obama’s visit stirs call for change in Cuba — but will it last?
3/28/16 A momentous week in Cuba: From Barack Obama to Mick Jagger
Michael Weissenstein, AP
3/26/16 With Obama Visit to Cuba, Old Battle Lines Fade
Damien Cave, The New York Times
3/25/16 Hotels and Wi-Fi in Cuba Now, Human Rights, Eventually
William LeoGrande, Foreign Policy
3/25/16 U.S. companies line up to do business in Cuba
L.A. Times
3/24/16 Google and Obama Administration Connect Over Cuba
The Wall Street Journal
3/24/16 What Obama’s Historic Visit to Cuba Really Means for U.S. Businesses
3/24/16 Obama Cuba visit sets new tone
3/23/16 Obama leaves Cuba, but Obama effect remains
3/23/16 Mr. Obama’s Honest Message in Cuba
Editorial Opinion, The New York Times
3/22/16 Obama takes message of democracy to the people of Cuba
CSM, Yahoo
3/22/16 Obama: Reconciliation is critical to Cuba's future
CNBC, Yahoo
3/22/16 Obama invokes 'future of hope' for Cuban people
BBC Mundo
3/22/16 Full Transcript: US President Obama's Speech to People of Cuba
Voice of America
3/22/16 Obama offers support to Cuban entrepreneurs
USA Today
3/22/16 Obama appeals for political freedoms in speech to Cubans
3/21/16 Cubans Pack the Streets for a Glimpse of President Obama
Julie Hirschfeld Davis & Damien Cave, The New York Times
3/21/16 The U.S. & Cuba: Obstacles to Full Normalization
Tomas Bilbao, The Huffington Post
3/21/16 Obama in Cuba: 'Change is gonna happen here'
Nick Gass, Politico
3/21/16 Google to expand Wi-Fi and broadband access in Cuba, Obama reveals
Andrew Buncombe, The Independent
3/21/16 Obama's Cuba policy gains new fans
Edward-Isaac Dovere, Politico
3/19/16 Influential Cuban-Americans Changed Stance on Embargo
Jose de Cordoba, The Wall Street Journal
3/18/16 1st direct mail to Cuba in five decades includes Obama note to Cuban pen pal
Miami Herald
3/18/16 Where Obama Sees Opportunity in Cuba, U.S. Companies See Hurdles
3/18/16 Obama’s trip to Cuba provokes strong emotions
Mimi Whitefield, The Miami Herald
3/18/16 The Republican Who Wants to Open Up Cuba
Nick Gillespie, The Republic
3/18/16 What Obama's Cuba visit must accomplish
The Hill
3/18/16 Embracing Cuba
Editorial Opinion, The Houston Chronicle
3/18/16 U.S. Competes With China for Influence in Cuba
Wall Street Journal
3/17/16 Obama Hopes Cuba Trip Will Make Normalization 'Irreversible'
3/17/16 Cuba changing, but only slowly, since Obama's policy shift
3/17/16 With Historic Trip to Cuba, Obama Aims to Accelerate a Policy Shift
The Wall Street Journal
3/17/16 Castro, speech, dissidents, baseball and business to highlight Obama’s Cuba trip
Nora Gamez Torres, The Miami Herald
3/17/16 Obama’s goal for Cuba trip: Become a source of support
The Washington Post
3/17/16 MLB makes move in Cuba
The Hill
3/16/16 Bacardi files complaint over Cuba’s registration of Havana Club rum trademark
Mimi Whitefield, The Miami Herad
3/16/16 The Opening to Cuba Widens
Editorial Opinion, The New York Times
3/15/16 Young Cuban-Americans Think Marco Rubio Is Stuck In The Past
Scott Conroy, The Huffington Post
3/15/16 With Havana trip, Obama seeks to make history, lock in Cuba opening
3/15/16 Airfares, convenience emerge as fault line in Cuba flight applications
3/15/16 A Rubio loss in Florida clears path for closer ties to Cuba
Franco Ordoñez, McClatchy
3/15/16 White House Eases More Restrictions on Travel to Cuba
Julie Hirschfeld Davis, The New York Times
3/13/16 Obama tells Cuban dissidents he will discuss rights with Castro
3/12/16 Obama to chop down more Cuba barriers, but is Havana ready?
Associated Press
3/11/16 Obama trip to Cuba shows move away from focus on dissidents
Associated Press
3/10/16 Publishers Petition White House to End Cuba Book Embargo
The Wall Street Journal
3/10/16 Does Obama's Opening to Cuba Help Donald Trump in Florida?
William LeoGrande, The Huffington Post
3/9/16 U.S. to announce further easing of Cuba restrictions on March 17 - sources
3/9/16 Senator Urges Rule Changes So US Hotels Can Operate in Cuba
Associated Press
3/8/16 Lawmakers to go to Cuba with Obama, who mulls more trade moves
3/8/16 Lawmakers Split Regarding Obama’s Upcoming Trip to Cuba
Warren Rojas, Roll Call
3/7/16 With Obama visit, Cubans hope for home run in baseball diplomacy
Aaron Davis, The Washington Post
3/7/16 White House and Cuba Maneuver Over Obama’s Visit
Julia Hirschfeld Davis, The New York Times
3/4/16 Obama will push human rights agenda on Cuba trip
Mimi Whitefield, The Miami Herad
3/4/16 Kerry cancels trip to Cuba amid haggling on human rights
Tracy Wilkinson and Christi Parsons, LA Times
3/3/16 Obama’s Long Game for Cubans’ Rights
William LeoGrande, NYT
3/3/16 The race is on for commercial air service to Cuba
Mimi Whitefield, The Miami Herad
3/2/16 Obama and Cuba: Should he stay or should he go?
Christopher Sabatini, Latin America Goes Global
3/2/16 Obama will take in a baseball game during his visit to Cuba
Greg Jaffe, The Washington Post
3/1/16 A Miami congressional candidate and the evolution of U.S.-Cuba policy
Naked Politics, The Miami Herald
February 2016
Date Title
2/25/16 Senate chairman: End of Cuban embargo 'possible'
Julian Hattem, The Hill
2/24/16 Kerry may visit Cuba soon for human rights dialogue
2/23/16 Obama's Cuba trip shows policy's successes and limits
2/22/16 How the U.S. and Cuba Benefit from Getting Along
MSN Money
2/22/16 Tom Friedman on opening up to Cuba
2/22/16 Emmer lobbies U.S. Cuban community in effort to end embargo
2/18/16 U.S. sanctions 3 countries for trading with Cuba, Feb. 18, 1964
2/18/16 Amid U.S.-Cuba talks, Cuban trade minister lunches at White House
Mimi Whitefield, The Miami Herald
2/18/16 Obama Said to Plan Historic Trip to Cuba Next Month
2/18/16 D.C., Maryland and Virginia officials are headed to Cuba — together
Washington Post
2/17/16 U.S. Chamber of Commerce gives Cuban trade minister a standing ovation
James Rosen, The Miami Herald
2/17/16 Cuba and the U.S.: An Ongoing Thaw
The Atlantic
2/17/16 The Unlikely Entrepreneurs Behind Cuba's First U.S. Factory Since The Revolution
Susan Adams, Forbes
2/17/16 New Talks Begin With Cuba on Expanding Business Ties
New York Times
2/17/16 Pact on U.S.-Cuba Flights Reopens Battle for Seized Property
Frances Robles, The New York Times
2/17/16 U.S. air carriers plan applications for commercial service to Cuba
2/16/16 Feds approve first U.S. factory in Cuba
Alan Gomez, USA Today
2/16/16 From aviation to trade, a busy week ahead for U.S.-Cuba relations
Mimi Whitefield, The Miami Herald
2/13/16 U.S. missile inadvertently shipped to Cuba has been returned
2/12/16 The Havana primaries
The Economist
2/10/16 Cuban colonel meets in Miami with U.S. officials
Nora Gamez Torres, El Nuevo Herald
2/2/16 Bacardi demands U.S. explain giving Havana Club brand to Cuba
2/2/16 Inconsistent Impatience on Cuba
Paul Pilar, National Interest
2/2/16 Obama Needs to Stop Playing Small Ball With Cuba
William LeoGrande, Foreign Policy
January 2016
Date Title
1/29/16 PAC Favoring Ties With Cuba Raised $350,000 in Past Six Months, Will Spend on House, Senate Races
Byron Tau, WSJ
1/29/16 The American Invasion of Cuba
Ellen Garmerman and Kelly Crow, WSJ
1/29/16 Peeling the Onion: U.S.-Cuba Economic Normalization
Margaret Crahan, The Huffington Post
1/28/16 New Cuba regulations provide more ‘wiggle room’ for U.S. businesses
Mimi Whitefield, The Miami Herald
1/27/16 New U.S. rules allow infrastructure projects, movie shoots in Cuba
1/26/16 Surge of Americans tests limits of Cuba's tourism industry
Jaime Hamre, Reuters
1/26/16 Why the U.S. Should Embrace the Rise of Cuba's Entrepreneurs
Ted Henken, The Huffington Post
1/25/16 Marco Rubio's Cold War
Mary Jordan, The Washington Post
1/22/16 Marco Rubio: Obama not doing enough to stop Cuba migrant crisis
Tal Kopan, CNN
1/21/16 Coast Guard: Migrants Fleeing Cuba Increasingly Violent
1/17/16 U.S.-Cuba commercial flights on the horizon
Mimi Whitefield, The Miami Herald
1/17/16 In GOP, Emmer takes the lead on Cuba
Allison Sherry, Star Tribune
1/15/16 Cuba prevails in Havana Club rum dispute with Bacardi
Mimi Whitefield, The Miami Herald
1/15/16 FCC to allow U.S. telecom services to Cuba
Roger Yu, USA Today
1/15/16 Lift Cuba embargo while the window remains open
Star Tribune, Editorial Board
1/14/16 Cruise lines still awaiting OK from Cuba to begin trips with U.S. departures
Mimi Whitefield, The Miami Herald
1/13/16 President Obama calls for lifting Cuban embargo in State of the Union
Carlos Barria, Reuters
1/12/16 Miami Medicare fraud fugitive returns from Cuba — voluntarily
Jay Weaver, The Miami Herald
1/11/16 In Cuba, Cash Trickles In for Budding Capitalists
Dudley Althaus and Jose de Cordoba, The Wall Street Journal
1/11/16 U.S. mulls ending program that urges Cuban doctors to defect
1/11/16 U.S.-Cuba relations: Plenty to work on in 2016
Mimi Whitefield, The Miami Herald
1/8/16 Dummy Hellfire missile mistakenly shipped to Cuba
1/6/16 McAuliffe, in Havana, says Obama ‘should come and will come visit Cuba’
Laura Vozzella, The Washington Post
1/2/16 White House: decision on Obama Cuba trip in next couple months
Jeff Mason, Reuters
December 2015
Date Title
12/31/15 Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, Obama administration demand release of Cuban prisoner
James Rosen, The Miami Herald
12/31/15 Traveling to Cuba is easier than ever. Will that change if a Republican becomes president?
Michelle Hackman, Vox
12/30/15 U.S. urges Cuba to release ailing prisoner Vladimir Morera Bacallao
12/26/15 Our lifelong gift: Share our knowledge and time with those in Cuba
Mike Fernandez, The Miami Herald
12/24/15 Watchdog says secret US, Cuba programs pose plenty of problems
12/24/15 As MLB seeks legal entry to Cuba, Obama considers playing ball
Daniel Trotta, Reuters
12/24/15 Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz won’t be able to reverse U.S. overture to Cuba
Mary Sanchez, The Kansas City Star
12/23/15 End embargo against Cuba
Editorial, Houston Chronicle
12/21/15 Business leaders pen ‘open letter’ urging fellow Cuban Americans to embrace U.S. policy changes
Patricia Mazzei, The Miami Herald
12/18/15 Poll: Cuban-Americans warming to Obama’s policies toward the island
Glenn Garvin, The Miami Herald
12/16/15 Miami Republican files legislation in Congress to end automatic benefits for Cuban immigrants
Patricia Mazzei, The Miami Herald
12/16/15 US, Cuba near deal on direct commercial flights; American travel to island up 50 percent
12/15/15 How Cuba is, and isn’t, changing, one year after the thaw with the U.S.
Nick Miroff, The Washington Post
12/14/15 Obama wants to meet with dissidents in Cuba
Olivier Know, Yahoo
12/13/15 As U.S. and Cuba Dispute Compensation for Seized Property, Those Who Lost Look to Future
Taylor Wofford, Newsweek
12/11/15 Cuba, U.S. to Re-Establish Direct Mail Service
12/10/15 Family of late U.S. gangster wants compensation for Cuba hotel
AP, Sun Sentinel
12/9/15 US brings fugitive from Cuba after stolen boat journey
12/9/15 A Year in, Detente With US Reshapes Cuba's Psychic Landscape
12/9/15 Cuba, US begins talks on confiscated property, damages
12/8/15 Tenn. council joins effort to end US-Cuba trade embargo
12/8/15 U.S., Cuba to negotiate billions in claims against each other
Daniel Trotta, Reuters
12/7/15 What's a President to Do? Option for Further Easing U.S. Sanctions against Cuba Files
Stephen Propst, Hogan Lovells
12/1/15 U.S.-Cuba talks on migration at impasse
Mimi Whitefield, The Miami Herald
November 2015
Date Title
11/30/15 Keep the Cuban Adjustment Act, but clamp down on its abusers
Carlos Curbelo, The Miami Herald
11/24/15 A clash between U.S./Cuban migration laws contributes to Central America refugee crisis
Mimi Whitefield, The Miami Herald
11/20/15 US travelers in Cuba can now use Stonegate Bank debit cards
Nicholas Nehamas, The Miami Herald
11/20/15 Marco Rubio on his Cuban roots, island's future
Julie Pace, AP
11/18/15 Voters in four 'heartland' states favor Obama policy on Cuba: poll Read
Daniel Trotta, Reuters
11/18/15 Cuba blames US for instigating surge of migrants from island
Javier Cordoba and Christine Armario, AP
11/12/15 US agriculture chief in Cuba as ties warm
11/12/15 Sending money to Cuba proving troublesome despite political rhetoric
Amid a new era of diplomatic and commercial relations with Cuba has come reports of problems with payments between U.S. and Cuban businesses.
11/11/15 Cuba, US could soon sign renew flights, mail: Havana
11/9/15 Banking woes ground some charter flights to Cuba
Mimi Whitefield, The Miami Herald
11/9/15 American Airlines exec: ‘We’re very bullish on future scheduled service with Cuba’
Tom Hudson, WLRN
11/9/15 Target law that leads to abuse of our charity
Editorial Board, The Miami Herald
11/4/15 US might take more steps to relax Cuba embargo
11/3/15 Cuba, US hold business council meeting in Havana
Yahoo News
11/3/15 US investors trail rivals as Cuba opens up to trade and commerce
Sam Fleming and Demetri Sevastopulo, Financial Times
11/3/15 Sprint to begin roaming service in Cuba
Mimi Whitefield, El Nuevo Herald
October 2015
Date Title
10/31/15 The Cuba Study Group, the White House, and U.S. policy toward Cuba
Nora Gamez Torres, El Nuevo Herald
10/30/15 Cuba’s semi-untouched markets offer rare opportunity for U.S. businesses
Vikram Mansharamani, PBS
10/27/15 U.S.-Cuba Relations: Pop Culture vs. Deep Culture
Ted Piccone, Georgetown Journal of International Affairs
10/27/15 Cuban cancer kids on 'do-or-die' side of US sanctions
10/27/15 UN overwhelmingly condemns US embargo on Cuba; US votes 'No'
10/27/15 U.S.-Cuba thaw lets a top Homeland Security official return to his birthplace
Brian Bennett, L.A. Times
10/27/15 The Cuban-Americans behind the change in policy toward Cuba
Nora Gamez Torres, El Nuevo Herald
10/22/15 Donald Trump: Concept of U.S.-Cuba normalization ‘not a bad thing’
David Sherfinski, The Washington Times
10/22/15 Obama administration to oppose UN resolution criticising Cuba embargo
10/21/15 Mexican post held hostage over Cuba
10/21/15 New Jersey governor: No Cuba flights until fugitive returned
Jill Colvin, AP
10/13/15 Land-rush revolution: U.S.-Cuba talks rile island’s real-estate market
Jim Wyss and Mimi Whitefield, The Miami Herald
10/13/15 What pigs protest says about Cuba
Will Grant, BBC
10/12/15 Florida survey finds support for Cuba ties
William Gibson, Sun Sentinel
10/8/15 Top Obama administration official wraps up Cuba trip
Patrick Oppmann, CNN
10/8/15 US commerce secretary urges Cuba to develop private sector
10/8/15 US commerce secretary: Ending embargo of Cuba will take time
10/5/15 Cuba and U.S. Agree to Work Together to Protect Marine Life
Victoria Burnett, The New York Times
September 2015
Date Title
9/26/15 Chamber of Commerce Starts Group to Boost Cuba Business Opportunities
9/26/15 I choose to help rebuild my old Cuba
Mike Fernandez, The Miami Herald
9/24/15 New U.S.-Cuba relationship frequent theme during pope’s visit
Mimi Whitefield, The Miami Herald
9/21/15 US reportedly may abstain from UN vote condemning Cuba embargo
9/19/15 Obama y Raúl Castro hablan en vísperas de la visita del papa Francisco
Silvia Ayuso, El Pais
9/19/15 Pope Francis arrives in Cuba; praises normalization with U.S.
The Miami Herald
9/18/15 CSG Praises Executive Action Expanding Support for the Cuban People
Cuba Study Group
9/18/15 U.S. Is Set to Allow More Business Activity in Cuba
Felicia Schwartz, The Wall Street Journal
9/16/15 Obama urges U.S. businessmen to exert pressure for lifting Cuba embargo
9/16/15 Pope to discuss Cuba embargo on trip but not dwell on issue
9/16/15 Black Cuba Declares, ‘Obama Brought Us Internet!’
Aisha M. Beliso-De Jesus, PH.D., The Root
9/16/15 Cuba seeks U.N. vote to end U.S. embargo; pope and Obama may help
Daniel Trotta, Reuters
9/11/15 U.S. and Cuban delegations to meet in Havana
Mimi Whitefield, The Miami Herald
9/8/15 Donald Trump says it’s ‘fine’ for U.S. to pursue closer Cuba ties
Patricia Mazzei, The Miami Herald
9/2/15 After 24 years, a return to Cuba for a historic moment
Marifeli Perez-Stable, The Miami Herald
9/2/15 Now That Diplomats Can Freely Travel in Cuba, It's Time to Free the American People Too
James Williams, The Huffington Post
August 2015
July 2015
Date Title
7/30/15 Rep. Tom Emmer leads GOP effort in House to lift Cuba trade embargo
7/30/15 U.S. democratic presidential hopeful Clinton to call for lifting Cuban embargo
7/29/15 Cuban-American lawmakers alarmed at Cuba’s upgrade on trafficking report
Chris Adams, The Miami Herald
7/29/15 Lung cancer vaccine CimaVax could be first of many medical advances made possible by U.S.-Cuba thaw
Dr. David Samadi, New York Daily News
7/29/15 Bill to boost trade with Cuba faces long odds, despite win
Chris Adams, Tribune News Service
7/29/15 US upgrades Malaysia and Cuba in annual trafficking report
Rachel Middleton, International Business Times
7/27/15 Republicans Stand Against Cuba Change Despite Public Opinion Shift
7/26/15 Resumption of U.S.-Cuba relations isn’t expected to set off a business stampede
Miami Whitefield, The Miami Herald
7/24/15 GOP-controlled Senate panel votes to lift Cuba travel ban
Andrew Taylor, AP
7/23/15 Florida’s Stonegate Bank makes breakthrough in Cuba
Miami Whitefield, The Miami Herald
7/23/15 How to Build a Relationship With Havana
James Stavridis, Foreign Policy
7/23/15 U.S.-Cuba thaw provides new hope for a niche sport in Havana
Reena Flores, CBS
7/21/15 Americans Seek Compensation For Assets Lost In Cuban Revolution
7/21/15 Cuban-American resistance to diplomatic thaw proves tepid
David Adams, Reuters
7/21/15 Poll: Majority of Americans Favor Diplomatic Ties With Cuba
Deb Rieghmann and Emily Swanson, AP
7/21/15 Visitors to Havana can find US-Cuban connections everywhere
Beth Harpaz, The Miami Herald
7/21/15 U.S. Has Made an 'Irreversible Step' With Cuba, Kerry Says
Jon Schuppe, NBC News
7/20/15 Statement Regarding Today’s Reopening of Embassies in Havana and Washington, DC Files
Cuba Study Group
7/20/15 CBS News poll: Resuming relations with Cuba
Sarah Dutton, Jennifer De Pinto, Anthony Salvanto, and Fred Backus, CBS News
7/20/15 US and Cuba reopen embassies after 54 years with no diplomatic ties
Silvia Ayuso, El Pais
7/19/15 Jeffery DeLaurentis: The US State Department's 'Man in Havana'
Katy Watson, BBC
7/19/15 Hope takes over Havana
James Williams and Ricardo Herrero, The Miami Herald
7/12/15 Mitch McConnell Thinks Congress Will Block Obama's Efforts To Engage With Cuba
7/7/15 Cuba doesn’t love Marco Rubio. Why is that relevant?
Janell Ross, The Washington Post
7/6/15 U.S. Cuba Policy: Where Things Stand Now
Felicia Schwartz, The Wall Street Journal
7/6/15 Fight avoided over U.S. ambassador to Cuba, for now
Elise Viebeck, The Washington Post
7/6/15 Restoring U.S.-Cuba diplomatic ties long overdue
Editorial Opinion, The Dallas Morning News
7/4/15 A Reopened Embassy In Havana Could Be A Boon For U.S. Businesses
Michele Peleman, NPR
7/3/15 Obama's Cuba Policy Deserves a Cigar
Editorial Opinion, Bloomberg
7/2/15 Poll: Do you agree with U.S., Cuba opening embassies in each other's capitals?
The New Jersey Journal
7/2/15 How the Presidential Field Responded to Obama's Cuba Announcement
7/2/15 Trade with Cuba? We already do $300 million worth
7/2/15 The U.S. and Cuba: A reality check
7/2/15 Time to accept change in relations
Mike Fernandez, The Miami Herald
7/1/15 U.S. and Cuba to Announce Plan to Reopen Embassies
Peter Baker and Julie Hirchfeld Davis, The New York Times
7/1/15 In ‘historic step,’ Obama announces full diplomatic relations with Cuba
Mimi Whitefield, The Miami Herald
June 2015
Date Title
6/30/15 Discovery’s ‘Cuban Chrome’ Marks First U.S. TV Series Shot Entirely in Cuba
Seth Kelley, Variety
6/30/15 Cuba-U.S. Detente Needs Exile Land Claim Fix to Lure Developers
Andrew Willis, Bloomberg
6/28/15 How The Battle Over Elián González Helped Change U.S. Cuba Policy
Tim Padgett, WLRN
6/27/15 US Sen. Leahy Sees 'Positive Change,' Work to Do in Cuba
AP, The New York Times
6/25/15 Colleges see opportunity in U.S.-Cuba opening, but treading carefully
Emma Baccellieri, The Miami Herald
6/25/15 Airbnb Looks to Expand Cuba Listings to Non-Americans
Michael Weissenstein, AP
6/23/15 A Republican Case for Obama’s Cuba Policy
Carlos Gutierrez, The New York Times
6/20/15 Still many hurdles for a Keys ferry to Cuba
Anthony Cave, The Miami Herald
6/20/15 Lift the Cuba Travel Ban
The New York Times, Editorial Opinion
6/5/15 Declassified document says Posada Carriles likely planned 1976 bombing of Cuban plane
Nora Gamez Torres and Alfonso Chardy, El Nuevo Herald
6/5/15 US Republicans vote to keep Cuba travel curbs
6/4/15 How Rubio Can Fix His Cuba Double Standard: Tell U.S. To Break China Ties
Tim Padgett, WLRN
6/4/15 U.S.-Cuba Thaw Reverberating Through Nonprofits
Megan O’Neil, The Chronicle of Philanthropy
6/3/15 US Journalism Courses Rile Cuba Amid Effort to Heal Rift
Ben Fox, AP
6/2/15 How Congress is trying to block Obama's shift in Cuba policy
Patricia Zengerle and Susan Cornwell, Reuters
6/1/15 At Cuban festival in North Hudson, Jersey City revelers welcome new U.S. policy
Matthew Speiser, The Jersey Journal
6/1/15 Obama Vows to Defend Human Rights in Talks With Cuba's Raul Castro as He Prays at National Shrine of Our Lady of Charity in Miami
Stoyan Zaimov, Christian Post
6/1/15 The Surprising Reaction to Obama's Cuba Experiment in Miami's Little Havana
Melinda Henneberger, Bloomberg
May 2015
Date Title
5/29/15 U.S. Takes Cuba off Terror List, Paving the Way for Normal Ties
Indira Lakshmanan, Bloomberg
5/29/15 Stage set for Cuba’s removal from U.S. terrorism list
Mimi Whitefield, The Miami Herald
5/29/15 Cuba's removal from terror list could ease trade and travel
William Gibson, The Sun Sentinel
5/29/15 Statement on Cuba’s Removal from the list of State Sponsors of Terrorism Files
Cuba Study Group
5/28/15 US lawmakers in Havana hopeful on lifting Cuba sanctions
5/28/15 Obama visits shrine to honor Cuban Americans
5/27/15 Time to Tear Down Barriers to Progress for Every Cuban Files
Miriam Leiva, From the Island
5/25/15 Eyeing the next frontier, Miami law firms ramp up Cuba strategy
David Adams, Reuters
5/22/15 Carlos Gutierrez: "I never expected to get this far"
5/21/15 Senators question wisdom of Obama's Cuba policy
Alan Gomez, USA Today
5/21/15 Ex-Bush aide: Cuba could be another Singapore if …
Matthew J. Belvedere, CNBC
5/21/15 U.S. embassy in Cuba likely to operate in restrictive environment
5/21/15 U.S., Cuba to focus on reopening embassies in Washington talks
5/21/15 Obama wants to visit Cuba, spokesman says
Jesse Byrnes, The Hill
5/21/15 Barack Obama could duck fight over U.S. ambassador to Cuba
Nahal Toosi, Politico
5/21/15 U.S.-Cuba Talks To Resume On Re-Establishing Diplomatic Relations Files
Morning Edition, NPR
5/21/15 As diplomacy with Cuba advances, Rubio clings to past
Steve Benen, MSNBC
5/20/15 Radio Martí Turns 30 – But Is Anyone In Cuba Listening?
Wilson Sayre, WLRN
5/19/15 U.S. officials hopeful ahead of talks with Cuba on reestablishing relations
Karen DeYoung, The Washington Post
5/19/15 U.S. and Cuba close to reopening embassies
Alan Gomez, USA Today
5/19/15 Cuba establishes banking relationship in US, furthering ties
5/19/15 Cuba says conditions 'favorable' for restoring ties with U.S.
Daniel Trotta, Reuters
5/14/15 US, Cuba to meet next week on reopening embassies: minister
5/14/15 Cuba negociating with Florida bank to open account in U.S.
EFE, Fox Latino
5/13/15 JetBlue wants to take you to Cuba
Schuyler Velasco, Christian Science Monitor
5/13/15 USA about to get Cuba's lung cancer vaccine
Rob Quinn, USA Today
5/12/15 French president calls for end to US embargo on Cuba during historic visit to communist island
Anne-Marie Garcia, AP
5/4/15 American Released by Cuba Plays Role as U.S. Relations With Havana Thaw
Randal Archibold, The New York Times
5/3/15 After Jail in Cuba, Alan Gross to Work for U.S.-Cuba Opening
Felicia Schwartz, The Wall Street Journal
April 2015
Date Title
4/28/15 U.S. lawmakers seek to bar new travel to Cuba
4/27/15 Cuba’s removal from terrorism list may prove more symbolic than business-friendly
Mimi Whitefield, The Miami Herald
4/27/15 Texans hoping to turn U.S.-Cuba thaw into cold cash
Alfredo Corchado, The Dallas Morning News
4/24/15 Look inside Airbnb’s listings in Cuba
Carolyn Said, SF Gate
4/23/15 Republicans won’t challenge Cuba’s removal from terrorism list
Mimi Whitefield, The Miami Herald
4/23/15 Farm-state senators introduce bill to ease ag sales to Cuba
Naked Politics, The Miami Herald
4/21/15 New York's Andrew Cuomo become 1st US governor to visit Cuba post-detente
4/20/15 Cuomo leaving for Cuba on Monday in trade mission with reps from JetBlue, MasterCard, Pfizer, Chobani
Glenn Blain, NY Daily News
4/20/15 U.S. cancer institute, software firm reach deals in Cuba
Daniel Trotta, Reuters
4/20/15 These 5 Facts Explain the Economic Upsides of an Opened Cuba
Ian Bremmer, Time
4/17/15 No Cigar: Obama's Cuba Critics Are Dead Wrong
Ted Galen Carpenter, The National Interest
4/16/15 Top GOP, Democratic Consultants to Push Congress to End Cuba Embargo
Byron Tau, The Wall Street Journal
4/14/15 Statement on Cuba’s Removal from the list of State Sponsors of Terrorism Files
Cuba Study Group
4/13/15 After Historic Cuba Meeting, Obama Has Hurdle of Delivering
The Washington Post
4/10/15 US and Cuba just held the highest-level meeting in more than 50 years
Reuters, Business Insider
4/10/15 Obama, Castro shake hands as U.S., Cuba seek better ties
Matt Spetalnick and Dave Graham, Reuters
4/10/15 Removal of Cuba from Terrorism List Will Result in Modest Easing of Trade Sanctions Files
Stephen Propst, Hogan Lovells LLP
4/10/15 Delisted in Havana: Taking Cuba Off the State Sponsors of Terrorism List
William LeoGrande, Foreign Affairs
4/9/15 U.S. business leader optimistic on lifting Cuban embargo
Daniel Trotta, Reuters
4/9/15 Obama set to test engagement doctrine with Cuba in Panama
Kevin Liptak, CNN
4/9/15 Amid Cuba thaw, Americans flock to 'forbidden island'
4/8/15 Uncle Sam Just Wants to Make Friends
Christopher Sabatini, Foreign Policy
4/8/15 State Dept. recommends removing Cuba from terrorism list
Elise Labott, CNN
4/8/15 Cubans Eager for More Clarity on Doing Business With U.S.
Randal Archibold, The New York Times
4/8/15 Poll shows vast majority of Cubans welcome closer ties with U.S. Files
Joshua Partlow and Peyton M. Craighill, The Washington Post
4/8/15 Lengthy to-do list for US, Cuba to re-establish full diplomatic ties
4/7/15 U.S. Sec. of State Kerry to Meet With Cuban Counterpart at Summit
NBC News
4/7/15 Obama says would move fast to take Cuba off terrorism sponsor list
4/6/15 Cuba-US Warming Held Up by Listing of Cuba as Terror Sponsor
4/1/15 Cuba delegate reports 'civilized' talks on rights with US
4/1/15 Poll of Cuban-Americans shows support for new Cuba policies growing
Mimi Whitefield, The Miami Herald
March 2015
Date Title
3/31/15 U.S. and Cuba to face off on human rights in Tuesday Washington meeting
Mimi Whitefield, The Miami Herald
3/31/15 Pritzker: U.S. business can be at the forefront of change in Cuba
Mimi Whitefield, The Miami Herald
3/30/15 Who claims what property seized in Cuba? Facts and figures
Adam Geller, AP
3/23/15 Obama Outmaneuvered Hardliners to Cut a Cuba Deal
Reuters, Newsmax
3/23/15 Giving Cubans a chance
Parris N. Glendening, Baltimore Sun
3/19/15 Questions Over US-Cuba Talks Amid Venezuela Dispute
Peter Orsi and Andrea Rodriguez, AP
3/19/15 Can the US-Cuba honeymoon last?
Howard LaFranchi, Christian Science Monitor
3/18/15 3 months out of a Cuban prison, Alan Gross savors his freedom
Patrick Oppmann, CNN
3/17/15 Row between US and Venezuela sees Cuba caught in the middle
Nick Miroff, The Washington Post
3/16/15 Cuba, U.S. Renew Talks On Restoring Diplomatic Ties
Daniel Trotta, Reuters
3/13/15 Third round of U.S.-Cuba talks set in Havana
Mimi Whitefield, The Miami Herald
3/13/15 New York Flights Bound for Cuba Offer Glimpse of Growing Market
Katherine Chiglinsky, Bloomberg
3/13/15 Lessons from Eastern Europe for Cuba hardliners in Congress
Georgeta Dragoiu, The Hill
3/13/15 New Poll Shows Most Republicans Favor Lifting Embargo On Cuba
Pablo Manriquez, The Huffington Post
3/13/15 Three reasons why U.S. banks aren’t entering Cuba – yet
Nina Lincoff, South Florida Business Journal
3/12/15 New poll shows bipartisan support for Obama's Cuba policy
David Adams, Reuters
3/12/15 US and Cuba re-establish direct phone link
3/11/15 U.S. Tourism to Cuba in the New Scenario of Bilateral Relations Files
Dr. José Luis Perelló Cabrera, From the Island
3/3/15 Why Midwestern farmers want to break the Cuba embargo
Nick Miroff, The Washington Post
3/3/15 'Ship to Cuba' option shows up on amid diplomatic talks
3/2/15 Obama hopes for U.S. embassy in Cuba before April summit in Panama
Jeff Mason, Reuters
3/2/15 How Better Relations With Cuba Might Affect American Baseball
Matt Schiavenza, The Atlantic
3/2/15 Cuba signals readiness to fast-track U.S. diplomatic ties
David Adams and Daniel Trotta, Reuters
3/1/15 Red flags in Cuba slow investment
Alan Gomez and Rick Jervis, USA TODAY
February 2015
Date Title
2/28/15 U.S., Cuban officials pleased with 'cooperative' talks
Alan Gomez, USA Today
2/27/15 US, Cuba cite progress on restoring diplomatic ties
Bradley Klapper, AP
2/24/15 Cuban entrepreneurs can sell everything from shoes to soap in the United States
Mimi Whitefield, The Miami Herald
2/24/15 US supreme court sides with Cuba over cigar company standoff with US rival
AFP, Telegraph
2/24/15 McCaskill returns from Cuba, calls for end to trade embargo
St. Lous Business Journal
2/21/15 Cuban, US telecom firms to tie up
2/20/15 Cuba: 5 Clear Signs Change Is Already Coming
Kevin Joyce, ABC
2/19/15 Americans' Opinion of Cuba Highest in Nearly 20 Years
Art Swift, Gallup
2/18/15 U.S. And Cuba Will Hold Second Round Of Normalization Talks In Washington
Eyder Peralta, NPR
2/18/15 Return visit to Communist Cuba finds new hope amid change
Anita Snow, AP
2/16/15 Conan O'Brien takes show to Cuba
Lisa Respers France, CNN
2/13/15 Senators introduce bill to lift embargo, open trade with Cuba
Chris Adams, The Miami Herald
2/13/15 U.S. eases restrictions on imports from private Cubans
David Adams, Arshad Mohammed and Lesley Wroughton, Reuters
2/13/15 As Cuba policy moves forward, chief critic Rubio faces stiff odds reversing it
Chris Adams, McClatchy
2/12/15 JetBlue Adds Additional Cuba Charter Flight
Yahoo Finance
2/11/15 Netflix launches service in Cuba, but will anyone be watching?
Pablo Ximenez de Sandoval, AP
2/10/15 Major Dissident Party in Cuba, UNPACU, Reveals Reasons to Support Obama's Initiatives
Jose Daniel Garcia Ferrer, UNPACU
2/9/15 President Obama made the right call on Cuba
Editorial Board, NJ Star-Ledger
2/9/15 Banking issues must be ironed out as U.S., Cuba repair relations
Mimi Whitefield, The Miami Herald
2/6/15 End the Cuban travel ban
Editorial Board, NJ Star Ledger
2/6/15 New Cuba Policy Faces Attacks On Capitol Hill But Still Moving Ahead
Tim Padgett, WRLN
2/5/15 Travel Insurance Already Available for Travel to Cuba, says Squaremouth
2/5/15 Several congressional trips to Cuba in doubt as Cubans struggle with surge of US interest
Bradley Klapper, AP
2/4/15 US will back dissidents in Cuba; poll shows support for thaw
Bradley Klapper and Emily Swanson, AP
2/4/15 Lift the Cuba Travel Ban Already
Editorial Opinion, Bloomberg
January 2015
Date Title
1/31/15 Free American travel puts the burden of opening up on the Cuban government
Fabiola Santiago, The Miami Herald
1/30/15 White House: No, Castro, you can't have Guantanamo back
Jim Acosta, CNN
1/30/15 U.S.-Cuba Travel Could Happen 'Within the Year'
Gabrielle Levy, U.S. News & World Report
1/28/15 Roberta Jacobson On MSNBC: 'It's About Empowering Cuban People'
1/28/15 Marco Rubio schedules Senate hearing on U.S.-Cuba policy
Patricia Mazzei, The Miami Herald
1/28/15 Outside Havana, a less sunny view of new U.S.-Cuba ties
Rick Jervis, USA Today
1/28/15 Cuba's Castro warns U.S. against meddling in internal affairs
Enrique Pretel, Reuters
1/26/15 The agenda in Cuba
Editorial Opinion, The Miami Herald
1/24/15 As normalization talks begin, Cubans begin anticipating changes to come
Karen DeYoung, Washington Post
1/24/15 Jacobson: Much riding on efforts to restore relations with Cuba
Mimi Whitefield, The Miami Herald
1/23/15 U.S. presses Cuba on human rights in talks on restoring ties
Daniel Trotta and Lesley Wroughton, Reuters
1/23/15 U.S. says mistrust must be overcome to restore Cuba ties
Lesley Wroughton and Daniel Trotta, Reuters
1/22/15 U.S. and Cuba Set to Discuss Diplomatic Ties
Randal Archibold, The New York Times
1/22/15 Miami-Dade commission asks Congress to revise Cuban Adjustment Act
Patricia Mazzei, Miami Herald Blog
1/22/15 A Better Cuba is More Possible Than Ever
Pedro Campos, 14yMedio
1/21/15 Cuba embargo was ‘long past expiration date,’ president tells Congress
Tim Devaney, The Hill
1/21/15 U.S. Sets a Priority in Cuba: Open Internet
Kejal Vyas, WSJ
1/20/15 60% of Americans Approve of Diplomatic Recognition of Cuba
Carrie Dann, NBC News
1/20/15 Obama to Tell Congress Lifting Cuba Embargo Is the Right Thing to Do
Jim Avila and Serena Marshall, ABC News
1/20/15 US delegation meets with Cuban officials, not Castro
Michael Weissenstein, AP
1/20/15 Politicians, businessmen urge Obama to move forward on normalization with Cuba
EFE, Fox News Latino
1/20/15 Lawmakers tout 'historic' new relationship with Cuba
Patrick Oppmann, CNN
1/19/15 US delegation to Cuba may meet with Raul Castro in highest-level meeting since detente
Michael Weissenstein and Anne-Marie Garcia, AP
1/19/15 CSG Members Among 78 Leaders Urging President Obama to Work with Congress to Update U.S. Policy Toward Cuba Files
Cuba Study Group
1/19/15 U.S. Envoy Heads to Cuba for First Time Since Carter Amid Reset
Eric Martin and Indira A.R. Lakshmanan, Bloomberg
1/19/15 Obama must work with Congress to reform Cuba embargo: policy experts Files
1/16/15 Moving Swiftly, US Eases Travel and Trade Rules on Cuba
Bradley Klapper and Michael Weissenstein, AP
1/16/15 US-Cuba: 'Failed policy of isolation and confrontation'
1/16/15 U.S. airlines eager to fly to Cuba
Katie Lobosco and Rene Marsh, CNN Money
1/15/15 US loosens embargo on Cuba, making trade and travel easier
Bradley Klapper, AP
1/15/15 Starting Friday, U.S. Will Ease Restrictions on Travel to Cuba
Peter Baker, The New York Times
1/15/15 FACT SHEET: Treasury and Commerce Announce Regulatory Amendments to the Cuba Sanctions
U.S. Treasury Department
1/15/15 Statement on the Publication of Regulatory Changes to Cuba Sanctions
Cuba Study Group
1/15/15 U.S. easing trade, travel rules on Cuba
Alan Gomez, USA Today
1/14/15 Give U.S. and Cuba space to negotiate: OAS chief
Lesley Wroughton, Reuters
1/14/15 Miami entrepreneurs to host Cuban counterparts as part of cultural exchange
Tomas Bilbao, Knight Blog
1/14/15 Why It's Time For A Reality Check On Normalizing Relations With Cuba
Tim Padgett, WLRN
1/14/15 What If Cuba Isn't Really What It's All About?
Carl Meacham, The Huffington Post
1/14/15 Business Group: Cuba Deal Opens Prospects for US Companies
Matthew Daly, AP
1/14/15 Freed Cuba dissidents say detente will help push for change
AP, The Washington Post
1/13/15 How prisoner names were drawn up in U.S.-Cuba secret talks
David Adams, Matt Spetalnick and Lesley Wroughton, Reuters
1/13/15 US businesses eye new opportunities in Cuba
Rick Jervis, USA Today
1/12/15 US: Cuba Completes Release of 53 Political Prisoners
1/12/15 Changing From Within
Eduardo Mestre, The Huffington Post
1/11/15 Despite changes, U.S. businesses still face a minefield of sanctions in Cuba
Joshua Partlow and Nick Miroff, The Washington Post
1/10/15 The End of Policy
Carlos Saladrigas, The Huffington Post
1/9/15 Why It Doesn't Really Matter If Republicans Defund A U.S. Embassy In Cuba
Roque Planas, The Huffington Post
1/9/15 End to Cuba Embargo Urged by New Agriculture Lobby Coalition
Carter Dougherty, Bloomberg
1/8/15 McCaskill's trip to Cuba will focus on agriculture
Jacob Kirn, St. Louis Business Journal
1/8/15 Ending Cuba Embargo Urged by New Agriculture Industry Coalition
Carter Dougherty, Bloomberg
1/8/15 A View From Havana on Cuban-U.S. Relations
Miriam Lieva, The Huffington Post
1/8/15 Is Cuba ready for life without US trade embargo?
Carlos Batista, AFP
1/8/15 Sen. Corker calls Cuba embargo ineffective
Mary Troyan, USA Today
1/7/15 The End of the Resource-Denial Policy Myth?
Tomas Bilbao, The Huffington Post
1/7/15 Obama says he’ll press Cuba on human rights
Lesley Clark, Sun Herald
1/6/15 Obama seeks help of Mexico’s Pena Nieto on Cuba, immigration
AP, The Washington Post
1/6/15 Helms-Burton Helps Castro Hurt Cuban Civil Society
Ricardo Herrero, The Huffington Post
1/2/15 Air of non-hostile hostilities in Cuba may be changing for U.S. diplomats
Joshua Partlow, The Washington Post
1/2/15 The Breakthrough With Cuba: How It Happened and What Happens Next
William LeoGrande, The Huffington Post
1/2/15 Cuba, What's Next: It's All About the Regs
Christopher Sabatini, The Huffington Post
December 2014
Date Title
12/31/14 President Right to Normalize Relations With Cuba: Best Hope for Ending Repressive Regime
Doug Bandow, The Huffington Post
12/31/14 U.S. condemns Cuba's 'practice of repressing' after activists detained
Daniel Trotta, Reuters
12/31/14 Cuba’s Frustrated Engineers Hold Key to Fast-Track GDP Growth
Anatoly Kurmanaev, Eric Martin and Sabrina Valle, Bloomberg News
12/30/14 Dec. 17 a day of triumph for Cuban Americans
Ricardo Herrero, The Miami Herald
12/30/14 Cuba’s Young Cheer Investors as the Rest Greet ‘Hero’ Spies
Anatoly Kurmanaev and Eric Martin, Washington Post-Bloomberg
12/30/14 After the thaw: Re-imagining Cuba in 2015
Mimi Whitefield, The Miami Herald
12/30/14 Low-Profile US Diplomat Helped Negotiate With Cuba
Nedra Pickler, AP
12/30/14 Cuba-US detente upends life for Cuban dissidents
Michael Weissenstein, AP
12/29/14 In U.S.-Cuba Prisoner Swap, Mystery Surrounds The Unnamed 53
12/26/14 Move Forward With Cuba
Vicki Huddleston, The New York Times
12/24/14 CNN/ORC Poll: Americans side with Obama on Cuba
Jeremy Diamond, CNN
12/24/14 As Cuban American demographics change, so do views of Cuba
Mark Hugo Lopez and Jens Manuel Krogstad, Pew
12/23/14 Poll: Support increases for lifting Cuba embargo, travel restrictions
Scott Clement, The Washington Post
12/22/14 Opponents formulate a strategy to derail Obama’s new Cuba policy
Paul Kane, The Washington Post
12/22/14 The Conservative Case For A New Cuba Policy
Sen. Jeff Flake, The Daily Caller
12/22/14 Why Cuba move will help America
Fareed Zakaria, CNN
12/22/14 Canada's Foreign Minister: American Influence Will Make Cuba a Better Place
Jeffery Goldberg, The Atlantic
12/19/14 Lifting the Embargo Means Cuba Can No Longer Play Victim
Jose Miguel Vivanco, Time
12/17/14 Cuba Study Group Applauds Historic Steps Taken by the U.S. and Cuba
Cuba Study Group
12/15/14 Cuban Scholars in U.S. Can’t Get Bank Accounts
Ernesto Lodoño, The New York Times
12/12/14 Cuban rapper denies receiving money from USAID
Nora Gamez Torres, El Nuevo Herald
12/12/14 Why USAID Got Into Bed With Cuban Rappers
Elias Groll, Foreign Policy
12/12/14 Why I changed my mind about Cuba
Carmen Cusido, CNN
12/11/14 Timeline of US involvement in Cuban hip-hop
12/11/14 U.S. Secretly Infiltrated Cuba's Hip-Hop Scene To Spark Anti-Government Movement: Report
Desmond Butler, Michael Weissenstein, Laura Wides-Munoz and Andrea Rodriguez, AP
November 2014
Date Title
11/19/14 Top Obama aide won’t rule out unilateral easing of Cuba policy
Oliver Knox, Yahoo News
11/17/14 A Cuban Brain Drain, Courtesy of the U.S.
Editorial Opinion, The New York Times
11/12/14 Senators: We're Optimistic Cuba to Free Contractor
AP, ABC News
11/11/14 New York Times goes on a Cuban crusade
Thomas Sparrow, BBC
11/10/14 Aid agency rules would ban risky undercover work
Desmond Butler and Jack Gillum, AP
11/10/14 In Cuba, Misadventures in Regime Change
Editorial Opinion, The New York Times
11/4/14 Cuban Government and USAID, a Fraught Relationship
Yoani Sanchez, The Huffington Post
11/3/14 A Prisoner Swap With Cuba
Editorial Opinion, The New York Times
October 2014
Date Title
10/30/14 U.S. attends Ebola meeting in Cuba called by leftist bloc
10/27/14 The Shifting Politics of Cuba Policy
Editorial Opinion, The New York Times
10/21/14 From Havana, a Prominent Voice for Change
Miriam Leiva, The New York Times
10/20/14 Calling time on America's blockade of Cuba
Will Grant, BBC
10/20/14 Cuba’s Impressive Role on Ebola
Editorial, The New York Times
10/17/14 How Business Can Change Cuba
Tim Padgett, Businessweek
10/15/14 Still Pondering U.S.-Cuba Relations, Fidel Castro Responds
Ernesto Lodoño, The New York Times
10/15/14 Fidel Castro reprints NY Times embargo editorial
AP, The Washington Post
10/14/14 The Castros Are Responsible for Cuba’s Failures, Not the U.S.
Jorge Benitez, The New York Times
10/14/14 Democracy Can’t Take Root in Isolation
Chris Sabatini, The New York Times
10/14/14 U.S. Engagement With Cuba Is Worth the Risk
Ted Henken, The New York Times
10/14/14 Obama Should End the Embargo on Cuba
Editorial, The New York Times
10/14/14 Cuba Doesn’t Deserve Normal Diplomatic Relations
Carlos Alberto Montaner, The New York Times
10/14/14 Cuban-Americans Want More Engagement
Ric Herrero, The New York Times
10/14/14 No Legitimacy for Cuba’s Dictators
Frank Calzon, The New York Times
10/14/14 Time to Restore the Rich Cultural Ties Between the U.S. and Cuba
Catherine Murphy, The New York Times
10/10/14 Changes in Cuban laws lead to a surge of migrants arriving in U.S. by land, sea and air
AP, Fox News Latino
10/8/14 Miami congressional candidates differ on U.S.-Cuba policy
Patricia Mazzei, The Miami Herald
10/8/14 Summit missing a strong agenda
Dan Restrepo, Miami Herald
10/8/14 US Official Downplays Cuba's Invitation to Summit
10/7/14 New book unveils diplomatic exchange between Castro and Obama
Nora Gamez Torres, El Nuevo Herald
10/7/14 Pro-Cuba travel TV ad airing in Miami
Tampa Bay Tribune
10/3/14 Records: Kissinger made plans to attack Cuba
Alexandra Olsen, AP
September 2014
August 2014
Date Title
8/22/14 Google Opens Chrome to Cuba — for Those Who Can Get Online
8/21/14 Google brings its Chrome browser to Cuba as US trade restrictions ‘evolve’
Emil Protalinski, NextWeb
8/21/14 Beyonce and Jay Z trip to Cuba was legal, say feds
Maria Puente, USA Today
8/19/14 Damn Yanquis
Fulton Armstrong, Foriegn Policy
July 2014
Date Title
7/22/14 Cuba, the United States and Human Trafficking
Salim Lamrani, The Huffington Post
7/18/14 Inspector general probing US ‘Cuban Twitter’ plan
7/16/14 President Obama could use a win
Richard Feinberg, The Hill
7/16/14 Putin in Havana, America at the Movies
Sarah Stephens, The Huffington Post
7/15/14 US slams Cuba dissident arrests as 'intimidation tactic'
7/14/14 Clash intensifies over travel to Cuba
William E. Gibson, Sun Sentinel
7/11/14 US, Cuba hold migration talks in Washington
AP, Miami Herald
7/8/14 Sen. Robert Menendez seeks probe of alleged Cuban plot to smear him
Carol D. Leonnig and Manuel Roig-Franzia, The Washington Post
7/8/14 U.S. in sanctions talks with Commerzbank and Deutsche-source
Thomas Atkins and Alexander Hübner, Reuters
7/8/14 Audit finds low morale at Office of Cuba Broadcasting
Michael Doyle, The Miami Herald
7/7/14 Democrats' Florida push calls for US shift on Cuba
Michael Mishak, The Miami Herald
June 2014
Date Title
6/30/14 BNP Paribas braces for $9 billion fine: reports
CNN Money
6/30/14 Google Boss Eric Schmidt Leads a Visit to Cuba
Stephanie Burnett, TIME
6/30/14 Republican Party No Longer Has Tight Grip On Cuban-American Vote
Serafin Gomez, Fox News Latino
6/27/14 Travel Freedom Raises Questions About U.S. Policies Toward Cuba
Greg Allen, NPR
6/26/14 Cuban-Americans Are Getting Over Republicans
Ana Benedetti & Roque Planas, The Huffington Post
6/26/14 U.S.-Cuba policies are wasted on the old
Julia Cooke, Al Jazeera
6/25/14 Alan Gross' Wife Visits, Fears He Will 'Do Something Drastic'
Elizabeth Chuck, NBC News
6/24/14 With Cash And Fat Fryers, Americans Feed Cuba's Growing Free Market
6/23/14 Growing numbers of influential voices are calling for the Obama administration to lift the longstanding U.S. embargo of Cuba
New York Daily News
6/17/14 Miami exiles pressure U.S. to loosen policy on Cuba
David Adams, Chicago Tribune
6/17/14 Can the U.S. Force Cuba to Reform? Not a Chance.
Jose Cardenas, Foreign Policy
6/13/14 The Anti-Cuba Lobby Has Jumped the Shark
Chris Sabatini, Foreign Policy
6/13/14 Time to rethink 'concession' mentality on Cuba
Ric Herrero,
6/11/14 U.S. policy toward Cuba is frozen in the past
Katrina Vanden Heuvel, The Washington Post
6/10/14 Clinton Position On Cuba Signals New Political Era
NPR Blogs
6/9/14 Not Against All Cuba Sanctions, Just Dumb Cuba Sanctions
Ricardo Herrero, Huffington Post
6/9/14 Venezuela gives US foreign policy makers a headache
John Paul Rathbone, Financial Times
6/6/14 Clinton says she urged to end Cuba embargo
Mathew Lee, AP
6/5/14 BNP Paribas Fine Seen Eclipsing Past U.S. Sanctions Cases
6/4/14 Despite administration denials, U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen thinks Obama wants Cuba spy-swap
6/2/14 Cuba agent: Guantánamo prisoner swap a precedent
6/1/14 Cuban high schoolers may come to U.S.
May 2014
April 2014
March 2014
February 2014
Date Title
2/21/14 Time for US to change Cuba policy
Financial Times Editorial Board
2/14/14 Time to lift Cuba trade embargo
Sun Sentinel Editorial Board
2/14/14 Cuba: Wait, Wait, Let Me Guess What Comes Next
Christopher Sabatini, Americas Quarterly
2/14/14 Next Steps: How President Obama Should Advance U.S.-Cuba Relations
Ted Piccone, Brookings
2/13/14 USAID cut out of Cuba programs
The Miami Herald
2/13/14 Time to hug a Cuban
The Economist
2/13/14 Prospects of Relationship between Cuba and the United States
Miriam Leiva, Atlantic Council
2/13/14 America, Florida Want Cuba Policy Change Because They Want Change In Cuba
2/12/14 Cuba poll reflects changing political landscape in Florida
The Miami Herald
2/11/14 Majority of Americans Favor Ties With Cuba, Poll Finds
The New York Times
2/11/14 Time for a new policy on Cuba
Sen. Jeff Flake and Sen. Patrick Leahy, The Miami Herald
2/8/14 Crist: End the Cuba embargo
2/6/14 U.S. policy change on Cuba stalled - by Obama
Chicago Tribune
January 2014
December 2013
November 2013
October 2013
September 2013
August 2013
July 2013
June 2013
May 2013
April 2013
March 2013
February 2013
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December 2012
November 2012
October 2012
September 2012
August 2012
July 2012
June 2012
May 2012
Date Title
5/31/12 Statement by the Cuba Study Group on Efforts in Congress to Criminalize travel to Cuba and Weaken Benefits Under the Cuban Adjustment Act
Cuba Study Group
5/31/12 Prepared Testimony by Tomas Bilbao Before the House Subcommittee on Immigration Policy and Enforcement on H.R. 2831 Files
Tomas Bilbao, Cuba Study Group
5/29/12 Sen. Marco Rubio makes first visit to Cuba - touring Guantánamo campl
5/25/12 Diplomat with Cuba experience to handle WH Latam policy
5/22/12 Visa for Castro's niece turns into political tempest in Florida
5/22/12 Scientists work to bridge political gap between Cuba, US
5/15/12 US changes requirements for some Cuba trips
5/11/12 Judge rejects effort to open CIA volume on Cuba
Associated Press
5/11/12 Judge rules CIA volume on Cuban invasion can remain under wraps
The Washington Post
5/10/12 Cuba embargo could threaten oil-drilling safety, expert says
5/8/12 Cuban Americans in Congress want meeting with IKEA over Cuban prisoners
5/7/12 Cuban cardinal an apologist for Cuba, Radio and TV Martí says in strong editorial
5/4/12 American jailed in Cuba says he feels like a hostage International
5/4/12 Jailed U.S. citizen Alan Gross: I would return to Cuba if they let me visit my mother before she dies.
CNN Press Room - CNN Blogs
5/2/12 Florida law against Cuba may help Cuba
5/2/12 Gov. Scott retreats from statement calling anti-Cuba law unenforceable
5/1/12 Washington espera que Cuba avance en reforma migratoria
El Universal
5/1/12 Fla. Gov. Rick Scott signs Cuba-related bill that conflicts with federal law
5/1/12 Gov. to sign bill on Cuba-Syria trade restrictions
April 2012
March 2012
February 2012
January 2012
Date Title
1/30/12 The hypocrisy of America's Cuba policy
Roland Martin, CNN
1/30/12 US has tied own hands as Cuba drills
Juliette Kayyem, Boston Globe
1/30/12 Experts, Officials to Testify on Cuba Oil Drilling
Laura Wides-Muñoz, AP
1/18/12 Don’t Lump Cuba With Iran on U.S. Terror List
Jeffrey Goldberg, Bloomberg
1/9/12 US: Repsol's Cuba Drilling Rig Complies With Safety Standards
The Wall Street Journal
December 2011
Date Title
12/28/11 Cuban Jewish leaders meet with jailed American
The Huffington Post
12/25/11 Cuban-American lawmakers punish families
Javier Mora, The Miami Herald
12/25/11 Time to clean up U.S. regime-change programs in Cuba
Fulton Armstron, The Miami Herald
12/24/11 US regrets Cuba's decision not to release Alan Gross
12/23/11 Alan Gross not part of Cuban prisoner amnesty
The Associated Press
12/16/11 Measure to roll back Obama rules on Cuba travel, sending money is dropped from spending bill
AP, The Washington Post
12/16/11 Bid to tighten up Cuba travel dropped from budget bill
Juan Tamayo, The Miami Herald
12/16/11 Marco Rubio: Cuba tourism like "indoctrination of Americans by Castro"
Naked Politics, The Miami Herald
12/15/11 Mario Diaz-Balart Wants to Limit Travel To Cuba
The Huffington Post
12/15/11 Supporters rally for U.S. travel to Cuba
Juan Tamayo, El Nuevo Herald
12/15/11 Cuba restrictions: bad on policy, bad on tactics
Editorial Opinion, St. Petersburg Times
12/14/11 U.S. government agency says Radio/TV Marti’s bosses failed to properly inform Congress
Juan Tamayo, El Nuevo Herlad
12/14/11 Statement by the Cuba Study Group in reaction to Congressional efforts to reverse Cuban-American travel and remittance rules
Cuba Study Group
12/13/11 Cuban Americans could travel only once every three years if measure is approved
Juan Tamayo, Miami Herald
12/3/11 Cuba: US man held for 2 years was conducting 'undercover activities'
The Washington Post
12/2/11 White House calls for Cuba to release American
USA Today
12/1/11 Senators, members of Congress seek release of American held in Cuba
The Washington Post
November 2011
October 2011
September 2011
Date Title
9/30/11 Cuban Jewish leaders meet with Gross
9/30/11 Florida musicians play Cuba in cultural exchange
9/30/11 US-Cuba policy, and the race for oil drilling
Sarah Stephens & Jake Colvin, The Hill
9/29/11 U.S. lawmakers urge Spanish oil company to leave Cuba
Erika Bolstad, El Nuevo Herald
9/28/11 Cuba must reform before U.S. eases stance: Obama
9/28/11 Cuba drilling next hurdle for U.S.
Dareen Goode, Politico
9/26/11 Cuban Minister Leaves a Door Open to American’s Release
Randal C. Archibold, The New York Times
9/23/11 Drill, Cuba, Drill
Editorial Opinion, Investors Business Daily
9/20/11 Is the White House Ready for a Cuban Deep Water Drilling Disaster?
Anya Landau, The Huffington Post
9/19/11 Why our Cuba embargo could lead to another gulf oil disaster
Fareed Zakaria, CNN
9/16/11 Richardson aide says Cuba sent him clear message on jailed American, then backtracked
Associated Press
9/16/11 Americans and Cubans Still Mired in Distrust
Damien Cave, New York Times
9/16/11 Cuba accuses Bill Richardson over Alan Gross visit
BBC News
9/15/11 In Havana, appeals for release of Alan Gross are drowned out by calls to free the ‘Cuban Five’
By Karen DeYoung, Washington Post
9/15/11 Cuba Blames Failed Richardson Trip on His Actions
By Jeff Franks, Reuters
9/14/11 New charter flights from U.S. to Cuba announced
By Mimi Whitefield, The Miami Herald
9/14/11 US envoy Richardson to leave Cuba without seeing Gross
BBC News
9/14/11 US diplomat arrives in Havana to take up sensitive job as head of Interests Section
Associated Press
9/13/11 Spy Wants Return to Cuba After Prison, US Objects
Associated Press
9/13/11 Barack Obama says Cuba's reforms not aggressive enough
BBC News
9/12/11 US Cuba envoy Richardson in standoff over prisoner
BBC News
9/12/11 Tampa-Cuba Flights Resume After Nearly 50 Years
Associated Press
9/9/11 U.S. Is Urged to Plan to Aid Cuba in Case of an Oil Spill
By Victoria Burnett, New York Times
9/9/11 Hopes Cool for Freedom of American Jailed in Cuba
Associated Press
9/8/11 U.S. Urged to Cooperate With Cuba on Offshore Oil
9/8/11 Hopes rise for release of American jailed in Cuba
Associated Press
9/7/11 US experts eye Cuba oil plans after BP spill
By Jordi Zamora, AFP
9/2/11 First flights from Tampa to Cuba sold out
By Ted Jackovics, Tampa Bay Online
9/2/11 Franks to lead a 6-day trip to Cuba
By Joseph Bustos, Northwest Herald
9/2/11 Belen, Columbus alumni look to send baseball equipment to Cuban youth
By Julio Menache, Miami Herald
9/2/11 Cable Recounts American's 1st Contact in Cuba Jail
Associated Press
August 2011
Date Title
8/30/11 A&K scraps Cuba tours after reviewing new U.S. regulations
By Gay Myers, Travel Weekly
8/29/11 Cuban singer Milanes’ first Miami concert marked with emotion
By Jordan Levin, The Miami Herald
8/29/11 Cubans may finally get to buy new cars
By Chris Woodyard, USA Today
8/29/11 Puerto Rico-Cuba Flights Resume After Decades
Associated Press
8/26/11 NY Bank to pay $88 million for Cuba transfers
By Juan Tamayo, The Miami Herald
8/26/11 Cuba condemns U.S. court ruling on exile's compensation claim
Xinhua English
8/25/11 Get Cuba off the List of State Sponsors of Terror
Sarah Stephens, Huffington Post
8/24/11 Florida Court Awards $2.8 Bln to Anti-Castro Agent
8/24/11 We Now Know: The Real Enemies of the 1966 Cuban Adjustment Act.
Arturo Lopez-Levy, The Havana Note
8/23/11 Cuba Still On U.S. Terrorism List, but Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Wonders Where the Evidence Went
By Anya Landau French, The Havana Note
8/23/11 Controversy over Milanés concert is déjà vu with a few fresh twists
By Jordan Levin, The Miami Herald
8/22/11 Cuba rejects continued inclusion on US terror list
Associated Press
8/22/11 The Stomachs of Strongmen
Ann Louise Bardach, The New York Times
8/18/11 Pablo Milanes' Miami Concert Plan Drums Up Discord
8/17/11 Rivera seeks to restrict some Cubans from returning to Cuba
By Juan Tamayo, The Miami Herald
8/17/11 First Americans in Cuba under easier travel rules
By Jeff Franks, Reuters
8/16/11 Hemingway Bar: Cuba's Clever Daiquiri Diplomacy
By Steve Clemons, The Atlantic
8/8/11 Cuba travel suspended by U.S. tour company
Juan Tamayo, Miami Herald
8/8/11 Engagement With Cuba Is Way to Undermine Communist Rule
Editorial Opinion, Bloomberg
8/7/11 WikiLeaks: Coast Guard officer is key U.S. man in Havana
Juan Tamayo, Miami Herald
8/4/11 US Releases More Classified Bay of Pigs Documents
Associated Press
8/3/11 Leahy lifts hold on democracy funds for Cuba
By Juan Tamayo, The Miami Herald
8/1/11 Newly authorized Cuba trips sell out fast, run into controversy
By Kitty Yancey, USA Today
July 2011
Date Title
7/29/11 U.S. should not retreat from the hemisphere
By Bill Richardson, The Miami Herald
7/28/11 Tampa airport to begin weekly charters to Cuba
By Mimi Whitefield, The Miami Herald
7/28/11 Dutch bank ING may face U.S. sanctions
By Juan Tamayo, The Miami Herald
7/27/11 A Breath of Freedom Suffocated
Christopher Sabatini, The Huffington Post
7/27/11 The door opens for more Cuba travel
By Mimi Whitefield, The Miami Herald
7/25/11 Jailed American makes final court appeal in Cuba
By Paul Haven, Associated Press
7/22/11 Ros-Lehtinen urges constituents to post photos of Cuban human rights abuses
By Juan Tamayo, The Miami Herald
7/22/11 Mixed messages as Cuban high court hears imprisoned American’s final appeal
Associated Press
7/22/11 Diaz-Balart seeks to revive Bush-era Cuba travel
Associated Press
7/21/11 Congresswoman says curbs on travel to Cuba ignored
By Stephen Levy, The Washington Times
7/21/11 Ping Pong Diplomacy: Will Cuba Catch Up?
By Christopher Sabatini, The Miami Herald
7/15/11 Time for Reflection and Prudence
Oscar Espinosa Chepe, Reconciliacion Cubana
7/15/11 Dems, State Dept near resolution on Cuba money
By Donna Cassata and Desmond Butler, Associated Press
7/14/11 Congressional Amendment Threatens Cuban Families
Yoani Sanchez, Huffington Post
7/13/11 Obama Administration threatens veto over Diaz-Balart Ammendment
Executive Office of the President
7/13/11 My Reasons for the Bridge
Yoani Sanchez, Generación Y
7/13/11 Mother of Cuban dissident tells US lawmakers about son's death
By James Rosen, The Miami Herald
7/11/11 Life at GTMO after fleeing Castro's Cuba
By Anthony Welsch, WBIR News
7/7/11 DNC boss, president at odds on Cuba policy
By Mike Lillis, The HIll
7/6/11 Cuba Travel Restrictions in the Spotlight in Brooklyn and Beyond
By Matthew Aho, Americas Quarterly
7/6/11 Our secret deportation list: It may be legal, but is it right?
By Jackie Bueno Sousa, The Miami Herald
7/5/11 Former US presidential candidate McGovern leaving Cuba without meeting friend Fidel Castro
Associated Press
7/4/11 Ballet Points to U.S.-Cuba: Friendship Is Not an "Impossible Dream!"
By Noel Erwin Hentschel, The Huffington Post
7/1/11 US must step up Cuba oil spill readiness - experts
By Jeff Franks, Reuters
7/1/11 New Ways to Visit Cuba — Legally
By Michelle Higgis, The New York Times
June 2011
Date Title
6/29/11 How Undoing Obama’s Cuba Policy Would Harm Entrepreneurs and Civil Society Empowerment
By Tomas Bilbao, Center For Financial Inclusion Blog
6/28/11 Cuba’s oil, our potential mess
By Cammy Clark, The Miami Herald
6/27/11 Despite Mariel agreement, U.S. deports man to Cuba after almost 30 years
By Alfonso Chardy, The Miami Herald
6/27/11 Diaz-Balart seeks to limit family travel to Cuba
Associated Press
6/24/11 Measure seeks to limit travel to Cuba
By Isabel Morales, The Miami Herald
6/23/11 Cuba reports more Americans visit forbidden island
Marc Frank, Reuters
6/21/11 Mother of late Cuban dissident invited to Congress
Associated Press
6/17/11 Release democracy funding for Cuba
Editorial Opinion, Miami Herald
6/16/11 USAID requests proposals for Cuba programs
Juan Tamayo, Miami Herald
6/13/11 You can visit Cuba this summer legally
Ellen Creager, Chicago Tribune
6/3/11 Florida Orchestra cleared to perform in Cuba
John Fleming, St. Petersburg Times
May 2011
Date Title
5/25/11 U.S. Broadcasts to Cuba Updated with Social Networks
EFE, Fox News Latino
5/18/11 Cuban oil rig set to cause waves in Washington
Daniel Wallis, Reuters
5/17/11 High court may review Florida academic travel ban law
Lesley Clark, Miami Herald
5/17/11 Oil Spill Panel's Chairman Says His Push for Cuba Talks Irked Obama Admin
Katie Howell, The New York Times
5/13/11 John Kerry Should Support "Regime Choice" for Cuba
Mauricio Claver-Carone, The Huffington Post
5/12/11 U.S. Cuba programs: the stuff of spies?
Frances Robles, Miami Herald
5/6/11 Cuban artists descend on NYC for three-month festival
Frances Robles, Miami Herald
5/3/11 Foggy Forecast for Cuba-US Relations
Ted Piccone, The Huffington Post
April 2011
Date Title
4/27/11 Senior official at U.S. Embassy in Caracas to lead U.S. mission in Cuba
Juan Tamayo, Miami Herald
4/25/11 Newly arrived Cuban doctors face immigration delays
Alfonso Chardy, El Nuevo Herald
4/22/11 New guidelines issued for travel to Cuba
Jaen Engle, Los Angeles Times
4/11/11 US-Cuba anniversary shows how stuck ties are
Lachlan Carmichael, AP
4/7/11 For Cuba policy, new ally at the DNC
Frank Calzon, Miami Herald
March 2011
Date Title
3/31/11 Carter aide: Gross didn’t know he was taking US-financed equipment to Cuba
Frances Robles and Juan Tamayo, Miami Herald
3/31/11 Carter meets with Fidel Castro and dissidents in Cuba
Juan Tamayo, El Nuevo Herald
3/30/11 Carter to meet with dissidents while in Cuba
Juan Tamayo, El Nuevo Herald
3/29/11 Carter to meet with dissidents while in Cuba
Juan Tamayo, Miami Herald
3/28/11 Carter visits Cuba amid dispute over contractor
Peter Orsi, Miami Herald
3/28/11 Carter in Cuba for meetings with Raúl, Ortega
Juan Tamayo, El Nuevo Herald
3/28/11 Carter in Cuba for meetings with Raúl, Ortega
Juan Tamayo, El Nuevo Herald
3/26/11 Jimmy Carter to visit Jewish community in Cuba
Andrea Rodriguez, Miami Herald
3/23/11 Obama unlikely to make new gestures to Cuba without action from Havana
Andres Oppenheimer, Miami Herald
3/16/11 Bob Graham: U.S. needs pact to protect shores if Cuba drills for oil
William Gibson, Orlando Sentinel
3/14/11 White House demands that Cuba free U.S. worker
AP, L.A. Times
3/1/11 A Middle East-Like Revolution in Cuba? Don't Hold Your Breath
Chris Sabatini, The Huffington Post
February 2011
Date Title
2/24/11 US denounces Cuba's treatment of dissidents
Paul Haven, AP
2/20/11 Uncomfortable Freedoms
Ernesto Morales Licea, Little Brother
2/18/11 Rubio to press for flight restrictions to Cuba
Miami Herald
2/17/11 Rubio's attempt to block new flights to Cuba is rejected
Steve Huettel, St. Petersburg Times
2/17/11 A true terrorism list
Editorial Opinion, Los Angeles Times
2/16/11 Sen. Marco Rubio amendment would bar all flights to Cuba from U.S. airports
Juan Tamayo, El Nuevo Herald
2/16/11 Report: Obama Has Authority to Ease Cuba Embargo
Latin American Herald Tribune
2/16/11 Rubio's ill-considered action on Cuba travel
Editorial Opinion, St. Petersburg Times
2/4/11 U.S. Must Share Lessons
Jorge Piñon, Miami Herald
2/4/11 Florida lawmakers look to halt Cuba's offshore oil drilling
Lesley Clark, Miami Herald
2/3/11 U.S. Policy Pushes Cuba into the Arms of our Adversaries
Tomas Bilbao, The Havana Note
2/1/11 Strait Talk
Arturo Lopez-Levy, Foreign Policy
2/1/11 Cuba isolationists lose their hold
Sarah Stephens, Politico
2/1/11 Ted Piccone: To effect change in Havana, support the Cuban people
Ted Piccone, Sun Sentinel
January 2011
Date Title
1/31/11 It's time for Florida to repeal limits on travel to Cuba
Editorial, St. Petersburg Times
1/28/11 New OFAC 2011 Cuba travel regulations
Havana Journal
1/27/11 Cuba-U.S. Drilling Pact Should Follow BP Gulf Spill, Panel Says
Jim Efstathiou and Katarzya Klimasinska, Bloomberg
1/26/11 Chavez Beats AT&T to Cuba Telecom Market as Price Dispute Bites
Carlie Devereux, Bloomberg
1/25/11 Florida lawmaker seeks to block Cuba oil drilling
1/21/11 Good for the Cuban people
Carlos Saladrigas, Miami Herald
1/18/11 Cuba Isn't Happy With Obama's New Travel Edict
Paul Haven, The Huffington Post
1/17/11 Obama administration relaxes Cuba restrictions
Andres Schipani, The Financial Times
1/17/11 Cuba says travel changes not enough
Paul Haven, Miami Herald
1/14/11 CSG Statement in Reaction to White House Announcement on Changes in Cuba Regulations
Cuba Study Group
1/14/11 Reaching out to the Cuban People
The White House
1/12/11 Cuban exile on trial
Peter Kirnbluh and Julia Sweig, The L.A. Times
1/11/11 U.S. religious leaders to appeal to Cuba to free Potomac contractor Alan Gross
Mary Beth Sheridan and Tara Behrampour, The Washington Post
1/10/11 A New Beginning with Cuba or a Missed Opportunity?
Tomas Bilbao, The Havana Note
1/7/11 US, Cuba set new round of immigration talks
Matthew Lee, Miami Herald
1/6/11 American brings skateboarding diplomacy to Cuba
December 2010
Date Title
12/16/10 Alan Gross: a victim of U.S. policy on Cuba
Anya Landau French and Arturo Lopez-Levy, Baltimore Sun
12/16/10 US doesn't expect Cuba upheaval with Castro death
12/16/10 Cuba bars Fariñas from getting award
Juan Tamayo, El Nuevo Herald
12/13/10 WikiLeaks 2009 Cuba Cable Predicts Broke State In '2-3 Years'
Paul Haven, Huffington Post
12/8/10 Holy smokes, what a cache of Cuban cigars at O'Hare
Andrew Wang and Serena Maria Daniels, Chicago Tribune
12/6/10 US says Cuba detention of contractor hurts ties
Peter Orsi, Miami Herald
12/3/10 USAID Cuba programs still controversial
Tracey Eaton, Miami Herald
12/2/10 Los Van Van's visit signals thaw in U.S.-Cuba cultural relations
Reed Johnson, Los Angeles Times
12/1/10 Leaked cables rattle the Americas
Jim Wysn and Tim Johnson, Miami Herald
November 2010
Date Title
11/11/10 US-Cuba relations face setback after midterms
11/11/10 Cuba Symbolizes Failure of Obama Administration
John McAuliff, Huffington Post
11/9/10 Wife of US Contractor Jailed in Cuba Waits for Action, While Obama Sweetens a Deal for Sudan
Anya Landau French, Huffington Post
11/8/10 Jailed husband a pawn in U.S.-Cuba standoff
Judith Gross, Miami Herald
11/8/10 A Cuban-American Cultural Exchange Comes Full Circle
Victoria Burnett, New York Times
11/5/10 For Obama, Foreign Policy May Offer Avenues for Success
Helene Cooper, New York Times
11/4/10 What Do the Mid-terms Election Results Mean for U.S. Cuba Policy?
Anya Landau French, Huffington Post
11/3/10 A Cultural Leap Across a Political Divide
Victoria Burnett, New York Times
11/1/10 Wife of Cuban spy visits husband in U.S. prison
Juan Tamayo, Miami Herald
October 2010
Date Title
10/26/10 Obama Is Urged to End Cuba Trade Embargo in 187-2 UN General Assembly Vote
10/20/10 Stiffing Havana
Anya Landau French, Foreign Policy
10/19/10 Cuba, U.S. talk on jailed American
Juan Tamayo, Miami Herald
10/14/10 Top Five Reasons to End U.S.'s Cuba Travel Ban
Eason Jordan, Huffington Post
10/7/10 No talk of US-Cuba prisoner swap: US senator
10/5/10 Change Cuba trade policy
Editorial Opinion, Orlando Sentinel
10/4/10 Absent at the Creation
Julia Sweig, New York Times
10/1/10 U.S. wary of Cuba's drilling plans
Lesley Clark, Miami Herald
10/1/10 Search for oil won't cure the economy
Frank Calzon, Miami Herald
September 2010
Date Title
9/30/10 Cuba ready to drill for oil deeper than BP
Lesley Clark and Sarah Kennedy, Miami Herald
9/29/10 A helping U.S. hand to Cuba’s market reform?
Susan Ekstein, Reuters
9/28/10 US lawmakers puts off action on Cuba travel ban
9/28/10 Ease travel to Cuba, help spur reform
Carlos Saladrigas, Sun Sentinel
9/24/10 House panel to move forward on easing Cuba policy
9/23/10 Cuba offers 19 ways Obama can loosen US embargo
Andrea Rodriguez, AP
9/22/10 Lawyer in line to head Martí stations
Juan Tamayo, Miami Herald
9/21/10 New weapon against regime: Immediacy
Yoani Sanchez, Miami Herald
9/21/10 Why Reconciliation Succeeded With Vietnam, but Is Failing With Cuba
John McAuliff, Huffington Post
9/20/10 Changes in Cuba Challenge Obama's Will to Respond and Change Course
Sarah Stephens, Huffington Post
9/20/10 Layoffs in Cuba
Editorial Opinion, Washington Post
9/17/10 Oil slicks don't respect political boundaries. Neither should cleanups
Editorial Opinion, Houston Chronicle
9/17/10 No word on easing travel
Lesley Clark and Juan Tamayo, Miami Herald
9/17/10 We must stanch Cuba's coming crisis
Edward Schumacher-Matos
9/17/10 Senate confirms Tampa native to oversee Voice of America, Radio Marti
Alex Leary, St. Pete Times
9/17/10 Cuba offers 19 ways Obama can loosen US embargo
Andrea Rodriguez, Miami Herald
9/16/10 Lift the hurdles for travel to Cuba
Doug Jaraczewski, Chicago Tribune
9/15/10 Cuba says U.S. embargo has toughened under Obama
Nelson Acosta, Reuters
9/15/10 Capitalizing on Cuba
Editorial Opinion, Los Angeles Times
9/15/10 U.S. post-election vote seen best chance for Cuba bill
Doug Palmer, Reuters
9/11/10 U.S. and Cuba discuss alliance to save sharks
Jeff Franks, Reuters
9/9/10 Case of detained American hampers U.S. effort to ease Cuba ties
Bob Drogin, Los Angeles Times
9/4/10 Cuba drilling poses spill issue
Monica Hatcher, Houston Chronicle
9/3/10 Cuba: No lifeline to a dying regime
Stephen Johnson, Foreign Policy
9/3/10 Obama Renews Cuba Embargo for Another Year
Anya Landau French, Huffington Post
9/3/10 U.S. denies `Cuban Five' prisoner swap
Juan Tamayo, Miami Herald
9/2/10 Despite embargo, Cuba a haven for pirated U.S. goods
Esteban Israel, Reuters
9/2/10 No travel to 'terrorist' countries for Florida state universities: court
Warren Richey, Christian Science Monitor
9/1/10 Time to press on with our plan in Havana
Christopher Sabatini, Financial Times
9/1/10 Has the time come for travel to Cuba?
Bill McGee, USA Today
August 2010
July 2010
June 2010
May 2010
April 2010
March 2010
February 2010
January 2010
December 2009
November 2009
October 2009
September 2009
August 2009
July 2009
June 2009
May 2009
Date Title
5/29/09 Analysis: Will Cuba return to OAS next week?
5/29/09 U.S. urged to relax Cuba policy to boost regional relations
5/28/09 U.S. gives Cuba plan to OAS
5/28/09 No freedom in Cuba, no OAS membership
5/27/09 U.S. changes stance on Cuba's inclusion in OAS
5/27/09 No progress? No relief
5/27/09 Lift ban; let's visit, trade
5/26/09 Letting Cuba in would be `perversion of principle'
5/25/09 US-Cuba thaw may mean compensation for lost assets
5/24/09 U.S. should help end Cuba ban -- with a twist
5/22/09 U.S. Signals Willingness to Reopen Talks With Cuba
5/22/09 Baucus Introduces Bill Easing Trade and Travel Restrictions With Cuba
5/21/09 Moving beyond Fidel
5/20/09 Clinton says Cuba not ready for OAS
5/20/09 An independence day with nothing to cheer
5/20/09 How life really is in Cuba
5/19/09 Many Cuban Americans mellowing to new Cuba policy
5/17/09 Coming and Going: Orbitz Urges Unrestricted Travel to Cuba
5/15/09 Despite embargo, Cuba imports daiquiris from US
5/14/09 US eager for Cuba's return to diplomatic fold
5/13/09 US wins first seat on UN rights council
5/13/09 Radio, TV Martí to retool, downsize
5/9/09 Reopening Channels of Communication With Cuba
5/8/09 U.S. lawmaker sees Cuba embargo gone by late 2010
5/8/09 Sister of Cuban dissident 'Antunez' looks to sway lawmakers
5/7/09 Gently does it
5/6/09 Baucus bill portends Dem fight over Cuba
5/5/09 Is trade embargo with Cuba hurting U.S. interests?
5/5/09 Cuba farm export bill being readied
5/4/09 Should the Cuban Embargo be Lifted?
5/4/09 Don't Just Close Gitmo. Give It Back.
5/4/09 Baucus bill portends Dem fight over Cuba
5/1/09 US Lawmakers Hear Opposing Views on Obama Approach to Cuba
5/1/09 Cuba on terror list, with twist
April 2009
Date Title
4/30/09 Bill seeks to open agricultural trade between U.S., Cuba
4/28/09 US farmers, ranchers push for greater Cuba access
4/28/09 As trade push mounts, diplomats are talking
4/27/09 US groups hope Obama to allow more travel to Cuba
4/26/09 U.S. Plans Informal Meetings With Cuba
4/26/09 Cuba: Can Fidel stop a changing relationship with U.S.?
4/23/09 My Father's Stand on Cuba Travel
4/22/09 Obama's first step puts Castro on the defensive
4/21/09 Empower democracy, rein in tyrants
4/21/09 The Right Deal on Cuba
4/20/09 President Barack Obama tells Cuba's Raúl Castro: It's your move now
4/19/09 Obama sees positive signs from Venezuela, Cuba
4/19/09 Rising Expectations on Cuba Follow Obama
4/18/09 Flirting With Cuba, Courting a Hemisphere
4/18/09 Obama seeks to avoid Cuba embargo rift at summit
4/18/09 Obama Calls for Thaw in U.S. Relations With Cuba
4/17/09 Relations between US, Cuba seem within reach
4/17/09 Now Open Cuba's Prisons
4/16/09 It takes two to rumba
4/16/09 Obama calls for 'signal' from Cuba
4/16/09 We can work as partners
4/16/09 Hillary Clinton: Haiti, Cuba policy still evolving
4/15/09 Mayoría de estadounidenses quiere viajar libremente a Cuba, según sondeo
4/15/09 Obama's Revamp of Cuba Travel Policy Is Overdue, But the Embargo Should Come Next
4/15/09 Time for a bold move
4/15/09 Cuba travel policy splits old guard, newer exiles
4/15/09 President Barack Obama catches heat from all sides for easing travel limits to Cuba
4/15/09 After Bush's tough love, it's time to give Obama's Cuba policy a try
4/15/09 U.S. Telecoms Eager to Get Cuba on the Line
4/14/09 Judge rules Florida law on Cuba travel is unconstitutional
4/14/09 New U.S. rules aim to open lines of communication in Cuba
4/13/09 After Obama olive branch, next move is Cuba's
4/13/09 US looking at possible commercial flights with Cuba
4/13/09 White House Fact Sheet: Cuba Policy
4/13/09 Obama to Lift Some Restrictions on Cuba
4/10/09 Time to lift travel bans
4/10/09 U.S. lawmakers back from Cuba slammed as ignoring dissidents
4/10/09 Debate over U.S.-Cuba policy is at fever pitch
4/9/09 Group: US should spend pro-democracy funds in Cuba
4/9/09 Coddling Cuba
4/9/09 Exiles Want to Expand U.S.-Cuba Relations
4/8/09 Lawmakers' Cuba concerns are misplaced
4/7/09 Fidel Castro meets with 3 visiting US lawmakers
4/7/09 U.S.-Cuba policy takes center stage at Americas summit
4/7/09 US policy on Cuba evolving under Obama
4/7/09 Lawmakers could ban university trips to Cuba
4/6/09 Lifting ban on travel to Cuba protects our rights
4/6/09 Obama set to ease Cuban ban on travel, money
4/6/09 The Embargo After the Castros
4/3/09 Obama Set to Lift Ban on Family Travel to Cuba
4/3/09 Congressional delegation visiting Cuba
4/3/09 Calls to Havana enliven U.S. debate of Cuba travel
4/2/09 No discussion on Cuba trade, says Obama
4/2/09 Sen. Mel Martinez delivers Cuban dissident's letter to White House
4/2/09 Lugar Urges Obama to Open Talks With Cuba, Ease Restrictions
4/1/09 Bill to repeal Cuba travel ban gains support
March 2009
February 2009
January 2009
December 2008
November 2008
Date Title
11/28/08 About Latin America