Unleashing Microeconomic Reforms: Investing in Cubans

papers small unleashing1The Cuba Study Group's September 2006 White Paper outlining its initiative to unleash micro-economic reforms in Cuba and offer millions  in micro-loans to entrepreneurs in Cuba. The purpose of the initiative is to empower Cubans on the island by providing them with the resources and the knowhow to start and operate their own, independent businesses.

Main Recommendations

Realizing that Cuba’s success as a democratic and free state will depend heavily on its people’s ability to build a better life for themselves and their families as well as the important role that privately-owned small businesses will play in Cuba’s future economy, the Cuba Study Group will provide financial and academic assistance to Cuban entrepreneurs, thus contributing to the emergence of a vibrant entrepreneurial class in Cuba. 

Our multifaceted plan includes the following initiatives:

In collaboration with Banco Compartamos, S.A. (Mexico), we will establish a micro-lending capability for Cuba to be immediately available as soon as permitted by Cuban law. The intention is to syndicate and fund an initial capitalization tranche of approximately $10 million, with a plan to obtain significant additional commitments. We intend to make these micro-loans available throughout all provinces. 

The Cuba Study Group has formed the Cuba Executive Corps, into which we intend to recruit talented Cuban-American executives and entrepreneurs (including our own members) who are willing to lend their time to provide training and development to our Cuban brethren on micro and small enterprise formation and development. 

In collaboration with the University of Miami’s Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies, we intend to provide the seed funding and assistance to launch a web-based facility to provide Cubans on the Island with education, training, and information on small enterprise formation and operation.
  • Unleashing Microeconomic Reforms: Investing in Cubans A Cuba Study Group whitepaper released in September 2006 proposing the creation of a national microloan program in Cuba to provide independent Cuban entrepreneurs with the resources and knowledge necessary to start and operate their own businesses. (159.6 KBs)