Washington, DC- The Cuba Study Group released the following statement today on news of Cuba’s removal from the list of State Sponsors of Terrorism:

“We are pleased that following the review ordered by President Obama, the U.S. State Department today has lifted Cuba’s designation as a State Sponsor of Terrorism as recommended in our February 2013 whitepaper.

“For years, the arguments justifying Cuba’s continued inclusion have gradually vanished, becoming more political than factual, thus undermining the list’s credibility and diverting important government resources away from real terrorist threats, while impacting American’s ability to help Cuban’s civil society.

“While today’s announcement is important and symbolic, the U.S.’s complex web of codified sanctions still create significant obstacles which hinder our ability to assist Cuba’s civil society and thus facilitate peaceful change on the island. Thus, we urge Congress to move quickly to de-codify U.S. sanctions toward Cuba.” 

A copy of the Group’s February 2013 whitepaper can be found at the following link:



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